[Breakup Files] William Chan and Charlene Choi Are Officially Over

William Chan (陳偉霆) and Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) have officially broken up. The couple of over four years officially announced their separation in a shared statement they released on their Weibo blogs on September 20.

“Every artiste would hope that they would get recognized for their own hard work, but no matter how hard you try, your relationship life would always end up taking the most focus,” the statement started. “You always tell yourself that ‘those who eat salted fish must put up with the thirst,’ but in the end, it becomes a kind of intangible pressure.”

In their statement, William and Charlene implied that pressure from the media and the public was what drove them apart. They expressed that they had received a lack of privacy and respect during their time together. Staying quiet only hurt them and created more misunderstandings in the end.

“Please stop with the hurt. Stop putting focus on things outside of our work. Stop the endless guessing and the smearing. Give us more space so we can do our jobs well, live well, and feel the beauty that this world has given us.”

Fans and netizens positively received the breakup news. Some netizens expressed that while they feel that their breakup was a pity, they wished for their individual happiness. Other netizens said that a breakup might a good thing, as they are both still young and still have bright futures ahead.

Other netizens did not leave such positive comments. Quite a few netizens expressed that a breakup was imminent, as William and Charlene do not seem to be very compatible. Others observed that William and Charlene were rarely seen together after confirming their relationship in 2010, and that long distance relationships hardly work well. Some fans scolded William for leaving Charlene after achieving fame in Mainland China.

William and Charlene began dating in late 2010. The pair allegedly grew close after collaborating in the 2010 Wong Jing (王晶) film Beauty on Duty! <美麗密令>, although at the time of filming, Charlene was still married to Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) and William was still dating Angelababy. Their relationship was never positively received by the Hong Kong public: William, who was still struggling for fame at the time, was criticized for not being good enough for Charlene.

After starring in the 2014 xianxia drama Swords of Legends <古劍奇譚>, William shot to fame in Mainland China, becoming one of the most anticipated rising pop idols in the country. This year, William made his debut in the Forbes China Celebrity list at number 70, succeeding Charlene who was at number 95. 

Since shifting his focus to Mainland China, William only returns to Hong Kong to do official events. In a long distance relationship with Charlene, rumors have been flying since earlier this year that the couple were breaking up. William also did not attend the Hong Kong Film Awards to support Charlene, who was nominated for Best Actress for her breakthrough performance in Sara <雛妓>.

Source: IHKTV

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @mike
      You really didn’t know that or you are just making fun now? haahha LOL….Hard to imagine yes but Ronald guy actually can be a great singer but just NEVER popular. lol…

      1. @kiki I heard before but forgot about it. Just weird when Ronald is so much older AND less than average look. Just naturally would assume Charlene would go for young good looking guys rather than someone like Ronald

      2. @mike
        Yeah, but perhaps I like his singing voice even thou he’s not a looker. I am still amaze at how ppl like Eason, average voice and looks and all but POPULAR everywhere and some are just not at all noticeable. I remember Ronald Cheng sang a theme song but it was a horrible song in general but he made it nicer. Hes got a voice but just not at all famous in the music scene and I heard he’s rich in general right? how come so unpopular then? LOL..Weird..

      1. @echung7589 Imagine, he was a rebound to (of all people) Ronald Cheng. That must have been a jolt to his self esteem. Hope he had a good therapist.

      2. @aiya
        Ronald was a career move for her. He’s got connections in showbiz. William was the ‘young’ stud rebound. When Char’s satisfied with her own fame/fortune then she’ll look for real love.

      3. @echung7589 Have you been to HK during the early 2000’s?! Twins was practically on almost every corner, there is no way Charlene dated Ronald for connections when she was much more popular than him. On top of that, EEG had more than enough connections. If anything, Charlene really did love Ronald, she married Ronald in secret during Twins’ prime years. She took a huge risk to be with him; imagine if her marriage was reveal when she first married Ronald it would had been a total suicide for her career.

      4. @vlol
        Famous doesnt mean they made money or had control over their careers. I’m sure they got only a tiny cut of the profits. Like everyone else in showbiz, its about moving up… And you’re right, lets not forget we’re talking about EEG with their “connections”. Heaven knows whatelse Twins had to do behind the scenes to survive…

  1. What a pity! I admired this couple for being low key but it seems that being low key these days even attractive more ‘break-up’ rumors. It’s pretty tiring to clear up ‘break-up’ rumors every few months but now that they decided to officially end their relationship, I hope the media gives them their space.

    Angelababy and William split in 2009 and she started dating HXM soon afterwards. As for Charlene, she started dating William in August 2010 after her divorce from Ronald. Ronald also announced his new relationship in October 2010 and married his current wife in 2011. Therefore, why is the media twisting so much crap?!

  2. I was on a blog reading after discovering a series called Cuo Dian Yuan Yang for reviews or some other news I don’t remember which site now..lol… but I remember there was a section that people there were talking about how this couple could have broken up. Man, some hardcore fans are right on target aren’t they? They were shipping a couple and somehow this dude got into their discussion and how he was never having much news w.this twins girl…haha LOL…Too bad, I think they are actually pretty cute together. After Ronald ex, people were actually rooting her w/this younger guy her in her age group. oh well..you just never know….I don’t see much of their news on here but i thought they are just low key… I guess when you have not much negative or positive news, something is up too as well? lol… lord…

    1. @kiki Charlene and William are just really low key, they refused to accept any couple work together. They could had earn millions by attending events together as a couple but they had agreed to keep their relationship away from the public eyes. The reporters only manage to catch them on dates in public a few times in the course of 4 years since they usually stay in whenever they’re together. A year ago, Charlene moved into the same apartment building as William so meeting each other was rather easy. This couple likely drift apart because of their schedule. While Charlene has a pretty successful career, William’s career was pale in comparison. He recently became popular last year so his workload increased tremendously which allow very little time for their relationship, plus, they’re living apart too. William spends majority of his time in Mainland while Charlene is working on HK.

      1. @vlol There is a lot of stress in celebrity relationship, especially when a male is less famous than the female. Some make it and some don’t. But break up now doesn’t mean that it is the end. Look at Sammi and Andy Hui. Look at Nic and Faye. If they are meant to be together, time is not a factor.

        Anyway, I wish both Ah Sa and William a lot of luck in their life and careers. They are both nice people.

      2. @vlol
        Honestly, I know nothing much about them aside from she got divorced, a very public divorced and then announcing she’s w/this younger guy. I don’t like/dislike either but just thou ohh she finally found someone in her age group, perhaps that will be better. hum…oh well, u just never know esp when you are young and anything can happen.

  3. He is in that zu mountain saga right? Oh dear Zhao liying is gonna get it! But that will deflect the attention away from you know who.

    1. @funnlim Yes, he is. But I think their breakup will actually help the series because there are quite a large group of fans shipping them. Just reading the comments on Weibo, it’s crazy how some fans are celebrating this breakup cause now William can be together with Zhao Li Ying.

      1. @nori hahaha, I must agree with you. I guessed William and Ah Sa will break up, just the guy didn’t want to have bad image for Liying, so he prolongs his relationship with Ah Sa. Liying is very active in relationship with men, can see lots of pictures she let her co-stars putting arms on her shoulder, waist without any hesitate or she herself touched them naturally many times BTS. Maybe I’m too harsh on this, is it normal for actors actresses hug closely BTS or in selfie, since I see other actresses less too close like her

      2. @cuckoo Agree! If you haveThe Journey of Flower’s Happy Camp. It was clearly that she was flirting with Wallace Huo on the show. I read that she was the 9ne who took initiative in her relationship with Chae Rim’s husband while they were filming HZGG. Then, she dumped him for Chen Xiao. I was once hoping that Qi Ji and Zhao Li Ying would date each other but Qi Ji made it clear that she is just quite the type of girl he likes but there is nothing b/w them. If she really dates William Chan, she is just another men eater.

      3. @nori Yes, I viewed TJOF Happy Camp. Later Wallace Huo also responded by touching her, both looked happy. In the 3 leg wood game, she wore the T-shirt and jean, and putting one side of T-shirt into her jean, so it would look like she had same style with him, unfortunately the jean had a hole so the audience can see her underwear, am I correct? In the Happy Camp with Chen Xiao, he fed her shrimp. But while filming with William (Nicky is the producer), got the picture of her bowl inside don’t have shrimp because she’s allergic with shrimp. And got the rumor that Nicky Wu said in an interview, someone requested him to take care extra her, supposed to be Wallace Huo whom asking Nicky not put shrimp for her meals since she’s allergic to shrimps? Does it mean she wanted to show that she doesn’t have relationship with Chen Xiao or she’s really allergic to shrimps?

      4. @nori
        hahaa LOL… me too, after watching Cuo Dian Yuan Yang I was really thinking Qi Ji and ZLY look super cute together even thou she’s so short and he’s so tall. lol…but I was never a shipper to any onscreen thou like hardcore fans. Probably b/c while I was watching kdrama City Hunter, I was so happy to hear LMH got together w/his costar after CH, but then they broke up so damn fast. haha lol…so I mean what’s the point? haha LOL…The series wasn’t real and continuing in real life might be completely different all together.
        I do know some hardcore fans are really crazy about shipping cuz I was reading that Cuo Dian blog and people were so hoping she got together w/Chen Xiao but their dreams were shattered when he got together w/the ugly Dragon Girl. lol…

      5. @kiki Back in the time when they were filming Cuo Dian, there were pictures of Qi Ji and ZLY holding each other’s hand to cut the birthday cake on her birthday. Therefore, the media suspected that they were dating at the time. However, it was clarified by Qi Ji that the rumor was false. He also publicly stated that ZLY was quite the type of girl he likes but at the time, I believe she was still together with Chae Rim’s husband (sorry can’t remember his name).

      6. @nori
        lol….oh that picture. lol…a sweet picture but i think it’s just good gesture? the media always makes alot of rumors base on stuff like that? I seriously think when they go on game shows or other variety shows, they are still sweet and intimate but sometimes most of the time i feel they are still doing their job and still not real? haha lol..so i never ship them period but i know lots of hardcore fans are insane whenever they like an onscreen couple, it’s just normal for them to ship after watching them. Like after City Hunter, never will I ship any of them. I mean Qi Ji is hot and all but he’s so unpopular I doubt this ZLY will pick him????? I mean you considering all these famous actresses pick someone who are equally famous or richer than they are? Sad I mean Qi Ji is hot and just so underrated.

      7. @nori
        If she really gets together w/this dude afterwards, then she’s really gonna get it? haha lol..Man eater, gosh that sounds quite harsh thou? Wow, I never know much of stars love life, I was really interested in seeing Qi Jis work after Cuo Dian, but he’s not at all popular so that was sad. ZLY got w/a married man? Whoooo……LOL..
        So she did get together w/that Chen Xiao? wow….So history she’s got. lol…

      8. @cuckoo harsh man very harsh. She was abt to fall down, naturally had to touch. I don’t see any flirtation. If any I see Li chun flirting. That’s all. Wallace doesn’t even conduct electricity. He’s wood.

      9. @funnlim LMAO! So true. Wallace is always so anti-relationships whenever he does dramas. He also mentioned ZLY is the same way. They have good chemistry with their partners but they care more about honing their craft.

        As for William and Ah Sa…haiz dunno. If there was more effort & time they can put in together, they might have worked out. But Ah Sa isnt getting any younger and she might want to settle down and have kids soon but seeing how William just got popular, he might not want that right now.

      10. @cuckoo
        I don’t know but speaking of ZLY, she recently kissed that older host on the LIPS right for whatever reason so I guess she’s always quite familiarly w/all a lot of men in general? Some ppl made a big deal on how Yang Mi was too intimate w/that costar forgot his name off screen too but then she went and married that HK dude and those hardcore fans were insane as well. lol…Come on, I still think whatever they are promoting a series together, they have to act nice/intimate in certain ways i/o of ppl reading too much into it? So I never think of them are REAL even on those shows?

      11. @kiki Yang Mi seemed pregnant before marriage, so have to marry (married on 01/2014, delivered baby on 06/2014)
        My feeling is ZLY gets close to male co-stars to generate noise to support her career (she’s become famous in only recent 2-3 years) while also enjoys all handsome guys, and she did things very naturally and innocently, but on purposes. For recent TJOF project, she’s worn the cap backwards since starting promoting TJOF, the style that Wallace Huo usually wears, which before she hasn’t done; she posted a pic of her & WH during HC with the word “we” on her weibo then deleted it (same style “we” from Fan Bing Bing & Li Chen); then she wears blue sunglasses, same as WH sunglasses; in recent interview WH said the hobby taking selfie is a sickness, then in her interview she also said same thing, etc. The remarkable similarity is HuaJae Studio posted an animation of WH rides a tricycle then in Idol Up show, she rides a same tricycle

        Later HuaJae Studio posted the pic of real bicycle next to the tricycle animation to show the real image, like this not like that

        That’s why ppl think they’re a couple

      12. @cuckoo this might sound lame but I’m glad that she didn’t hit on Ma Ke cuz I’m really really impressed with him and his performance in TJOF. Ok, I like the guy. I guess maybe cuz he’s not famous enoguh to help boost her popularity or it could be he’s younger than her hahahaha…

      13. @nori young or old, both can, she said in her interview. Ma Ke will be hit only if he plays male lead while she plays female lead in same project. No need to pay attention, he’s safe now hahaha.

      14. @kiki If you enlarge the kissing pic, you can see a clear square piece of something pushed between their lips so it seems like they are playing a game of transporting an object with their lips rather than kissing. Same with the sausage or whatever they were biting at opposite ends. TVB’s “Super Trio” used to play it all the time.

      15. @elizabeth
        Ohhh… I haven’t really watch the video clip it was just a picture I saw? Ohh so it wasn’t a real kiss then? ok good, I mean if she gives freely away then she can’t have a goody goody innocent image right or China actresses don’t care these days? hahah LOL…That guy is skinny and old right? he looks gay too. she’s not very picky is she? lol..

      16. @cuckoo I think Liying belongs to the more new, modern and open actress; like the ones around the world and not the conservative HK ones.

  4. Frankly speaking, the guy only possesses an average look, not even cute in my dictionary. Have got to know him through The Four w/o really impress on his performance. No idea how he becomes popular lately!?

    1. @nori
      I agree too but I guess if people are comparing him w/Ronald, this guy is a tad on the upgraded level? haha lol…She’s just cute as well nowhere near Wow… Twins is popular being cute not beautiful or that’s the way I see it.

  5. Charlene Choi had a good idea to break up. With those kinds of men, I would break up with them on the first day. Raymond Lam and Charlene Choi are an awesome pair, too bad Raymond already has a girlfriend…….

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