Tamia Liu’s Husband is in Debt Again

After marrying rich second generation Wang Ke (王珂), Chinese actress Tamia Liu Tao’s (劉濤) married life has been filled with financial turbulence. When her husband went into debt for failed investments, Tamia returned to the entertainment industry and took on numerous filming projects. She was able to repay her husband’s debts of 320 Chinese yuan in four years and was crowned the “Nation’s Daughter-in-law.”

Recently, it was rumored that Wang Ke has made yet another failed investment and owed debtors CNY 1.2  billion. Tamia had always put on a brave front, but this time was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

She posted on social media late at night, “When you are feeling powerless, should you stop to think? Should you anchor or should you avoid? What should you do? If you can reveal your inner heart like peeling layers of an onion, you’ll realize even if you work hard until the end, the only thing that differentiates me from others is I’m brave.”

Tamia also entered the livestream selling business to earn money for her family. Many netizens felt sorry for the unfortunate turn of events facing Tamia’s family.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Tamia Liu Stands by Husband Through Financial Debts and Depression

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  1. Where did he get money to invest?? He must have taken huge loans…and Liu Tao is likely the guarantor used to secure a huge loan…thus she will be legally liable to make the repayments. Her popularity is no longer as high as before… and such debts will also reflect badly on her image. That could result in less CF sponsors and less earnings.
    After this debt is paid off, she really need to cut off supporting this useless husband who is all talk and no productive actions. I bet he keeps lying to her how his new venture is going well till she gets legal letter that demands repayments. She must be in so much shock…
    I know many second generation brat who are just not bright to be their own boss but too arrogant to get a day to day job. They just want to live in their rich lifestyle that their parents provided for them.

  2. I wonder about this debt issue. Will it really potentially result in bankruptcy and they will live in poor conditions. We heard Big S’ ex husband’s not doing well financially, Pace Wu’s partner in debts but their living conditions are so much better, in much more luxury than the rest of us.

    1. As in they continue to live in luxury despite those financial difficulties and debts situation.

    2. I think Pace Wu’s partner may have transferred his money to her before his debts came to light. Thus they are now living on “her money”…
      As for Liu Tao, her earning power is very high and she is very hardworking, thus her guarantor value is high and he can secure high loans thru her… She need to send out a firm statement legally and publicly to stop him using her name for future loans… That is the first thing she has to do…
      I bet he used her lack of business running knowledge to coverup his lack of sound business acumens and lied to her the last few years thus she is in shock when she learnt the truth of new debts…
      Loving him does not mean she needs to coverup and pick up his messes…

  3. It took her 4 years last time to pay back the 300m RMB, this time it’s 4x as much at 1.2B RMB… I don’t know when she made money, but isn’t there a cap on actor salary now too? Maybe her husband should just stop with these business endeavors and live off the money she makes…

  4. @Hohliu @lilseemonster there are speculations online if she is calling it quits while some wonder if it’s a tactic to reinforce her “national wife” image since her popularity is decreasing and she has joined the streaming sales.
    The latter reflects public faith on celebrities, thinking the worse of their actions.

    1. I wouldn’t blame her for calling it quits. The amount is so much bigger this time around! She sounds like she’d be better off without him. I like her as an actress, but it’s honestly hard to stay relevant in this industry.

      1. @lilseemonster I have to say, for myself, I dont warm up to her as a actress… I watched a number of her projects but I cannot connect with her characters…. I always wonder why. She is a good enough actress….

    2. @BearBear Her image may look good after helping her husband the first time…but to help the second time… I dont know if the public will still look at this favourably on her. And if this is another Image boosting Tactic, it may fall flat on her face. In fact, I bet her fans are happier and more supportive if she divorces her husband. I dont think China have much patience for any man who create huge debts for wife to clear.

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