Zhang Linghe and Bai Lu Rumored to Be Dating

Rising to popularity with fantasy drama Love Between Fairy and Devil <蒼蘭訣>, 24-year-old Chinese actor Zhang Linghe (張凌赫) is rumored to be dating his Story of Kunning Palace <寧安如夢> co-star Bai Lu (白鹿)!

Bai Lu Spotted Staying Over at Zhang Linghe’s Place
Filming for costume drama Story of Kunning Palace wrapped recently on September 8, but the two leads, who have a four-year gap between them, already appear to be making quick progress in the romantic department!

Actress Bai Lu was spotted visiting Zhang Linghe’s home twice – the first time accompanied by her assistant, who left swiftly after Bai Lu dialed the passcode to his unit. The 28-year-old actress was even captured on camera making a heart gesture then, and only left the next morning. Aware of his daughter’s blossoming romance, Bai Lu’s father was even spotted picking her up from Zhang Linghe’s place the next day.

Hints of Brewing Romance
Playing detective, netizens dug out displays of affection as hints that the two’s close relationship had been brewing all along:
Bai Lu once addressed Zhang Linghe by his real name “Jia Wei” on a livestream while he called her “Lulu”; their co-star Wang Xingyue (王星越) posted his well wishes for Bai Lu’s birthday along with a photo of the three of them on set, in which Zhang Linghe could be seen resting his chin directly on her outstretched palms, whereas Wang’s face maintained a polite distance from her hands.

Zhang Linghe was also seen wiping cake cream off her face when the crew threw her a birthday celebration on set; and was also spotted gently sweeping stray hairs from the actress’s face during behind-the-scenes footage, in addition to their interactions on social media.

Zhang Linghe’s Fan Numbers Fall
Given that Zhang Linghe’s career is currently on the uprise, his agency is said to be vehemently opposed about the actor’s entanglement in the gossip mill, while Bai Lu’s studio is maintaining neutrality. Fans of the actor have reacted in the negative, even making their unhappiness heard by unfollowing the actor on social media — sending his fan numbers plummeting by tens of thousands within a day.

While taken by surprise, netizens mostly noted that both parties are unmarried adults, and that it was even the “perfect time to go official, given that they were pairing up as a couple in their new drama”, whereas those in opposition commented “…will stop following Zhang Linghe! Giving in to his romantic brain instead of focusing on work!” Shooting back, supportive netizens pointed out the “unreasonable” expectations of Zhang Linghe’s fans, in hoping their idol would never date.

Asked about the actress’s new romantic developments, Bai Lu’s manager Yu Zhen (于正) took an ambiguous stand in his Weibo responses, implying it was perfectly natural for A-list actresses to trend on searches and be the talk of town.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. I’m happy for them if they do date. ZLH got both the looks and the brain. He is young and hot and an aerospace engineer by education. Many fans were blindsided because most were shipping DiXin but CH got a girl instead….hahaha Jia you, LuLu and LingHe!!

      1. OK let me guess… DiXin may be the shipper name of the 2 leads in the drama, combining the names – Wang He Di and Yu Shu Xin? CH are the initials of Zhang Linghe’s character in the drama – Chang Heng? All info inferred from wikipedia haha..

        The only thing I am sure is Jia You is not a person’s name, it is Chinese for saying “All the Best” !

      2. I’m shocked at your Qs…..hahahahahahaha. I think I saw you lots of time here in CEnt showbiz news. I can understand you don’t know DiXin or CH but “jia you”? Anyway, @prettysup1 has answered all of your Qs.

      3. @prettysup1 thanks! Lol
        @NiangNiang lol, I know DiXin after thinking about it. Didn’t watch love between fairy and devil so don’t know about CH. I know people said it’s good, and WHD didn’t use his own voice, etc. but I still need time to give him another try lol, let’s just say his miss the dragon really scarred me lawl! I know I meant to leave that at the door but… also I’m not into body swap story lol.

        I can’t speak Chinese so Jia You could be anything 🙂

    1. @LittleFish Before LBFD I considered Dylan Wang as another talentless pretty face in the industry. His MG is meh and Miss The Dragon is a catastrophic fail. I tried LBFD on the a side while watching Love Like The Galaxy, Dylan was surprisingly good as Dong Fang Qing Cang. The body swapped is a minor part of the drama though.

  2. They can be really good friends instead of being a couple. Just leave them alone…time will tell. Their work takes up so much time…many romance dont have time to blossom due to so many distractions.
    I hope they are happy in each other’s company as couple or friends…

    1. @Hohliu I’m with you that they should be given time to get to build any friendship that is a potential or new romance. In this current time of so much anger, frustration, anxiety, sickness and hatred, romance, friendship and family are vital to sustain us all.
      I just wish that some people would wake up and live in the real world. I have to add the words toxic, delusional, backward and pathetic to the so called fans who are unfollowing these two people because they are close. I am not allowed to follow certain delulus on a social media platform because I said one man has a female partner, plus an extra older woman, and the other is gay and has a long term boyfriend, let’s make that a #girlfriend#, LOL. They would even badmouth and blacklist me to anyone who I come in contact with on social media. You see, I ruined their fantasy world of two male costars being in an offscreen relationship, which they believe to be the case. . That did not sit well with them. Their aim is to destroy me, but I’m cool with that. I can only imagine the wrath these so called fans have towards Zhang Linghe and Bai He. Hooe they are left in peace to develop a wonderful friendship, or a loving romantic relationship.

      1. I agree that the Cent is pretty toxic, they are condemning this relationship becoz they said ZLH is not treasuring his rising popularity and disappointing his fans just becoz he is in a relationship. So their idols are not allowed to date, cannot do this, cannot do that… pretty controlling eh?

      2. Yup, cent is toxic. Basically apart from weibo, which apparently this news blew up and trending, every other news outlet that serving international audiences basically didn’t bother reporting it in the first 24hrs lol. And basically everyone is like so what lawl. To me, they are both unmarried, unattached, and we don’t know whether this is just a friendship or actual dating, sooo who cares lol. I just hope LuLu didn’t get hurt like when she and Xu Kai was close. The fans went rabid to the point where they can’t be in the same drama anymore, and look at his dramas… sigh 🙁 her chemistry with xu Kai rival hers with LYX lol

      3. @LittleFish Oh, I was not aware Lulu was hurt by Xu Kai… I certainly wish Bai Lu does find a good partner…she is such a cool and humorous woman. I love her show chemistry with Zhou Shen in variety shows…both of them love to laugh and have fun…

    2. @Hohliu well, there was rumours of them dating: photographs of Xu Kai left her apartment and what’s not, plus they were extremely close onset, it’s like a whole new level than any of the one you see currently. They were rumour to be dating due to these photographs of them leaving each other’s apartment/residence. There was fan who argued with me that such photographs and those gossip rumours are all false, as it was never confirmed by either party. Anyway, due to these news and rumours, she got attacked by his fans, his ex – claiming LuLu was a third party, etc. so she took a pretty big negative press hit. She admitted in one of the interview that she was hurt (the fan argued it was not by Xu Kai and the crazy netizens, but who knows!) and LYX cheered her up quite a bit. My point is she was in that situation before, whether she was dating Xu Kai or not, it’s not important as I’m sure it is not a pleasant experience for anyone. (Same with it might not be the situation hurt her in the interview for love is sweet, but who knows, to these days, we don’t know what hurt her). But If you think about it, being friendly and hanging out is what young people do, and you get attacked from all sides to the point where you can’t even be friend is just sad. That’s also why she couldn’t even be in another drama with Xu Kai. She was supposed to be in the tang chef series instead of the female lead.

      1. @LittleFish I was wondering why I no long see Both of them in a drama recently…I too felt they were very close at one point….
        I really enjoy Lulu’s dramas and have a very soft spot for her… I really want her to be happy.. her laughter is infectious..
        I dont like Xu Kai very much.. He is a growing young man…dont think he will settle in a long time. Royal feast was just too boring for me..I dropped it after a few eps…

      2. The latest news is that the set of her latest keep running photos show she doesn’t seem to be affected by the news, so yup, another one of those rumours. And also after Xu Kai, I think she can deal with it a lot better.

        Regarding Xu Kai, I like his face, his acting is passable lol. But yea, it’s a pity that we all know he won’t settle for a long while lol. And yes, your reasons of liking LuLu is basically mine, too. In a sense, she has weird thinking which make her laugh easily or find things way too funny than they usually are lol

      3. @LittleFish Love this observation!!! In a sense, she has weird thinking which make her laugh easily or find things way too funny than they usually are lol… And her laughter is so hearty and spontaneous.. Nothing elegant about it but very warming.

  3. This entire not dating and focusing on your career is so ludicrous. Most people are perfectly capable of doing both. He’s 26 and she’s 28. They’re grown adults, and are at an age that many start or already have been dating seriously looking for life partners. Just because you spend time and money on their data or endorsements doesn’t give you the right to dictate their life.

  4. Y’know, something feels off. I don’t think they’re dating at all. It’s prob more for marketing and promotional purposes than actual dating. I frankly remember ZLH mention how he regards her as a strict teacher on set and doesn’t really flirt with her either. So, I just take it as promotional tactics.

    If they are dating though, good on them. They should make it official instead of being scared of losing fans.

    Personally Bai Lu’s voice scares me. It sounds so deep, kind of like a man’s. And I still haven’t found a series she’s in that I’ve managed to finish. So hopefully this drama will change my mind

    1. I remember when I first watched Lulu in her first drama…I did not warm to her at all.. I am trying to recall when that started changing… It may be due to watching her in variety shows or one drama, I do not recall. But I have since really enjoy watching her…she is definitely not soft voiced but her acting did grow on me… I personally wish to see her leave Yu Zheng’s wing to explore other options… I feel Yu Zheng gave her a amazing beginning and groom her well but now he is not a positive influence in her acting career.. Just like Chen Xiao, I believe she can do well away from Yu Zheng.

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