Gigi Yim on Being Frozen with TVB

Allegedly frozen by TVB for two months with no event engagements, singer Gigi Yim (炎明熹) wrote a thousand-letter essay to express her “loyalty” to the company. Appearing at a publicity event for the first time, she thanked the company for nurturing her.

Gigi Says Desire to Explore New Horizons is “Inevitable” As One Grows Up

However, her future appears unfavorable, as she was suddenly removed from a program where singers from two seasons of Midlife, Sing & Shine! including Albert Chau (周吉佩) and Germano Guilherme (古淖文) would be performing instead.

Performing her new single at the event, Gigi shared that her slightly hoarse voice was due to the hot weather and her female bodily cycle, but also said she was touched beyond words by fans who sang along to her new song and created a new slogan for her.

“Some things aren’t so simple, while not all things need to be so complex, (gotta) use your thinking to analyze everything, I want to have new attempts,” – Gigi Yim, on her contractual uncertainties.

Asked if TVB executive Virginia Lok‘s (樂易玲) speech on “when you drink water, you must remember its source” was referring to her, Gigi agrees that one must be principled, but said that new experiences are part and parcel of growing up, and expressed her desire to attempt novel experiences. Thanking TVB for bringing her fans and public recognition, she most hopes that fans who are worried about her would not be unhappy.

Although she appeared at the public event, TVB had not sent any reporter to interview her, which Gigi attributed to lack of available staff. Asked if she would be appearing at an upcoming performance where her “After Class” mates are singing, she kept mum.

Hana Kuk and Ali Lee’s Updates

In other headlines, Stars Academy <星夢> alumnus Hana Kuk (菊梓喬), who used to be heavily promoted by TVB, and helmed many drama theme songs. However, the rise of new Stars Academy talents like Gigi, Chantel (姚焯菲) and Yumi (鍾柔美), and along with her boss Herman Ho Chit To‘s (何哲圖) departure from TVB, Hana’s star dimmed in recent few years. Finally ending her TVB contract and signed on with her ex-boss, Hana would be performing in Guangzhou on August 30 and meeting fans with her new songs in an upcoming Guangzhou show to “test the waters”, with tickets in the lowest-tier category costing just RMB180.

Meanwhile, actress Ali Lee (李佳芯), whose upcoming project Mahjong Orchestra <麻雀樂團> is said to be her last as she navigates contractual undertainties, continues to be active on social media, constantly sharing gorgeous snaps of herself. Attracting a compliment from fellow actor and good friend Brian Tse (謝東閔), Ali cheekily replied and called him “a real fan”!

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