“Knights of the Zodiac” Movie Drops Behind-The-Scenes Look

The 80s manga & anime series centers on five saint heroes who are sworn to protect the reincarnation of the goddess Athena.

Leading the live action adaptation of ‘Saint Seiya’ in upcoming Hollywood film Knights of the Zodiac, Japanese-American actor Mackenyu Arata is getting fans excited about his striking depiction of its title hero!

Confirmed Cast and Plot
Set for a 2023 release, the movie’s production team has dropped behind-the-scenes footage and stills! Seen without the armor of Pegasus, Mackenyu is already reeling in compliments from netizens, who thinks he both resembles and is pulling off the aura of street orphan and main hero Seiya perfectly. Responses to the other characters were more mixed, with fans pointing out the lack of strong resemblance with the original manga.

The son of the late martial arts legend Sonny Chiba, Mackenyu will be starring alongside a cast that includes Madison Iseman (Sienna/ Greek Goddess), English actor Sean Bean (Alman Kiddo, who founded the Order of Knights and recruits Seiya), Diego Tinoco (Nero, a role assassin after Sienna’s life), Caitlin Hudson and others.

The film is helmed by “The Witcher” executive director and special effects genius Tomasz Bagińsk, written by Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken of 10 Cloverfield Lane, with action prowess from stunt director Andy Cheng, who choreographed scenes in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Behind-the-scenes peek at “Knights of the Zodiac”:

Source: HK01



  1. Zomg I love Saint Seiya – talk about childhood memories! I’m excited! Maybe I’m too biased, but I feel “Sa Dik” should be played by a hapa and not a full on white girl. But I guess that’s standard since it is a Hollywood production, after all.

    Edit: just looked up Madison Iseman… she’s not what I envision as Sa Dik

  2. I have watched Mackenyu Arata’s shows when he was in his teens… he looks good… recently there are some bad press report about his vices..but his management company in Japan is quick to deal with those negative news…

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