Max Mok Arrested for Marijuana, Ketamine, and Ice Use

Max Mok Siu Chung was arrested for drug use in Beijing on Friday, April 15th. A 4-minute video clip of Max’s arrest by the police was broadcast by Beijing Television.  Traces of ice, ketamine, and marijuana were found in Max’s urine test. In the police’s initial investigation, Max denied drug use. After being repeatedly questioned while being handcuffed, Max finally admitted that he took several puffs of marijuana due to social pressure. Max insisted that he did not intentionally ingest ketamine and ice, speculating that someone may have mixed the drugs in his drinks to frame him. 

It was reported that Max will be detained by the police for fourteen days. The police seized a drug substance at Max’s apartment in Beijing. If the seized drug turns out to consist of a large quantity, Max will be arraigned in court and may face a longer detention period and possibly imprisonment.

Max Mok’s Arrest Captured in Video

Max’s 3-minute-26-second arrest video clip was broadcast in Beijing Television program, Rule of Law in Progress <法治進行時>at 12 noon yesterday. Max was arrested by the police in his 1,000 square feet apartment in Beijing’s Chaoyang District. The arrest took place on Friday, April 15th at 4 PM.  The police approved the Rule of Law in Progress staff to film the arrest, which was edited prior to its broadcast. In the video, Max wore a blue long-sleeved sweater, gray sweat pants, and slippers. His hands were handcuffed in the back while sitting in a chair near the door. Afterwards, Max was seen sitting on the sofa, holding a bottle of water without any handcuffs while responding to the police’s questions. In the last segment of the video, Max was again handcuffed.

Admitted to Smoking Marijuana

In the video clip, Max initially denied drug use and told the police, “I tell you, I really did not [take drugs]. They gave it to me and I did not want it.” He objected to the urine test results indicating presence of marijuana, ketamine, and ice. “Maybe someone put the drugs in my water or alcohol? I do not know.” After repeated questioning, Max admitted to smoking marijuana,” I am not like what you think. Smoking one puff or ten puffs is wrong in your eyes. I’m not interested in those things. I thought if I took one puff, then I can leave.”

Appearing helpless with roving eyes and dry lips, Max appeared afraid to face the police. He admitted that he knew marijuana was a drug. However, to save face at a social event two days prior to the arrest, he took several puffs of marijuana. “I went there to network. A large group of people were sitting there, how do you decline?” The police reprimanded Max that there were many artists in the entertainment industry who were arrested for drug possession and why he still committed the act. Max knitted his brows and locked his lips, nodding all the way without answering.

Suen Hing Also Arrested for Drug Use 

The police also arrested two of Max’s roommates, including his manager who was tested positive for ice and ketamine. The other person arrested worked in Taiwanese television production and was tested positive for marijuana and ketamine. The police also arrested five people for drug use at another location and did not mention whether former ATV Mr. Television, Suen Hing, was caught from this incident.

Police Tipped for Drug Bust 

Currently, Max Mok and Suen Hing were at the detention center. In the past, the Beijing police rarely took the initiative to investigate drug possession in private homes; they will only do so if they received a tip. It was speculated that someone tipped the police regarding Max’s drug use. 

Due to Max’s 14-day detention period, the earliest timeframe he will be released will be on April 28th. Although the police did not find drugs on Max’s body, they seized marijuana and ketamine in his apartment. The police was investigating who brought the narcotics to the apartment. If the drug quantity seized were a large amount, Max may face a longer period of detention and may be sent to the court and face imprisonment.

Source: the Sun



Jayne: Sounds like Max Mok has an enemy who wants him to be publicly humiliated. Whether he took the drugs willingly or not, someone tipped off the police AND called the local television station to capture the humiliating incident on video.

There is not too much information on Suen Hing’s arrest in contrast.

Drinking and drug use are heavily used in the entertainment industry. You need to have good alcohol tolerance to keep a clear head at these networking parties.

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  1. Sorry but I doubt the story he was framed. He is no longer of any value to be framed. It is always that way; the only defence, is to say he didn’t know, he was framed, etc.

    1. Funn, you’re right, Max probably admiitted to marijuana use because it is the” lighter” drug. He seemed humbled in the arrest and complied with police’s request. Wonder how this incident will pan out.

  2. I feel bad for him. Arrested in China. China has very strict drugs rule, right? Don’t know if he will have to face long jail term or not.

    1. Malaysia too.

      There is a simple way to avoid arrest anywhere in the world; don’t take drugs. Period.

      1. @Funn

        There’s another way too, since we’re in the business of stating the obvious, and that’s don’t get arrested.

    2. I also feel bad for him since being caught in China is not a good thing at all since they are strict on drug use. In some cases, you can even get killed.

      I read about this at Asianfanatics already and couldn’t believe it. Some say that they already dislike Max after the incident with Catherine Hung. However, not sure if it is all true or not. Anyways, hope that Max can get through this and learn from his mistakes. Others have been arrested but have gotten through it and can move on in the industry. It is hard to avoid drug use in the circle so you have to have a strong will and desire to stay off of drugs.

      1. Heum, I kinda believe the Catherine incident because I remember he kept pushing away the DNA test and what not. If he is SURE that is not his kid then he could’ve have just taken the test to prove his innocence. Also They dated for a long time, I really think she loved him.

    3. China or not, its the same in SE Asia.. Hardly feel bad for him or anyone who are caught in such circumstances with the exception of those who have been duped into it. People shd have know better to stay away from it.

  3. Who? No idea who this guy is, too lazy to do a human flesh search.

    Lucky he wasn’t dealing or his family would have a bill for the bullet. Still an idiot either way.

    1. @Private Joker, Max Mok played quite a few title roles in HK films in the 80s and 90s. He played Wong Fei Hung’s (Jet Li’s) disciple, Leung Foon, in Once Upon a China 2 and sequels.

      Max also made headlines in the past by dating Pauline Chan Bo Lin (former Category III actress) who later committed suicide in 2002 due to mental illness. Max had also dated Catherine Hung and may have fathered their teenage son, although the pair never got married.

      1. Thanks for filling me in. Hope he likes prison food, expecting him to be made an example of.

  4. He is old now, he should know better not to deal with it. I doubt it is because of saving face or being pressured. you are already a mature man, grow up and stand your ground.

  5. for 18 years old taking drug because of social pressure can understand. For some one nearly 50 years old? i think he’s mature enough to know the consequences. He probably has taken drugs all this while and probably just this time got busted.

    1. That is true but you know, age does NOT always imply how mature you are. Your personality, character, experiences in life,etc.. and many other things in life shape the kind of person that you become as well. My mom’s friend is in his 70s and acts like a little kid and no, it’s not that he is sick or ill in anyway. That is just how his character and personality is. Maybe Max has a weak character and is easily pursuaded and influenced to do things that he would normally not do… You really don’t know..

  6. for 18 years old taking drug because of social pressure can understand. For some one nearly 50 years old? i think he’s mature enough to know the consequences. He probably has taken drugs all this while and probably just this time got busted.

  7. From the pics above, he still looks young for his age. I thought he was so cute in the 80’s when he was on my big-screen. Does anyone know what he has been doing as I haven’t hear any news of him until this drug scandal?

  8. I remember Max Mok and thought he was so cute back in the day haha. I’m not so sure about this whole social pressure issue here, since I have faced this myself and successfully turned away alcohol and drug use as a teenager and in my early 20s. Max should know better than that. Perhaps his character is still weak? Some people never grow out of “jumping on the band wagon” if they want to fit in enough. Maybe the people he was with were a gateway into a career revival?

    You know, he could still be framed if someone hated him personally and not because he’s an actor. I have been framed before and I’m nobody special. He is for sure not the only celebrity who’s done drugs or is currently doing drugs. It’s probably well hidden and dealt out towards small social circles for privacy reasons.

  9. If he wants to ruin his life in drugs, then he can’t be helped. Lay your life on halluciation is never smart.

    Ice use? Well, this one will kill you faster than you expect.

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