Nanako Matsushima Guest Stars in “GTO Revival“

Japanese entertainment’s “golden couple” Takashi Sorimachi and Nanako Matsushima are confirmed to be reuniting onscreen in GTO Revival after a long- awaited 26 years!

Fan Wishes Come True

Sorimachi recently confirmed his participation as former gang leader-turned teacher Onizuka in the “GTO” special, igniting a wave of nostalgia for fans of the live-action series, who are more than eager to see Nanako and Sorimachi share screens. The duo, whose romance started on the set of hit TV adaptation Great Teacher Onizuka, married in 2001 and have 2 daughters.

An acclaimed actress, 49-year-old Matsushima reportedly spent two days on the filming set of GTO Revival in mid-September as guest star, where she reprised her role as Azusa Fuyutsuki, one of the teachers of Holy Forest Academy. Reportedly resistant to the idea of working together with Matsushima after marriage – the two have never taken on any endorsement or commercial deals as a couple, Nanako’s attitude took a shift in 2020 after their two daughters left for overseas studies, leaving them with more time alone.

In year 2002, she played the lead actress in Toshiie and Matsu, where Sorimachi had a role as Oda Nobunaga, but the pair did not have any scenes together. Nanako will also be participating in a new Fuji TV drama starting January 2025.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. Wow!! This beautiful couple!! Really look forward to seeing them again… Sorimachi is one of the most dynamic Japanese actor for me… His screen presence is very strong.

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