Philip Ng Has Many Shirtless Scenes in “Heroes of the Walled City”

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Philip Ng Has Many Shirtless Scenes in “Heroes of the Walled City”

Since Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) reported breakup with Philip Ng (伍允龍), he has been romantically linked with Moon Lau (劉佩玥). Currently filming TVB action drama Heroes of the Walled City <城寨英雄>, Philip and Moon have good chemistry together and became good friends.

In fact, Philip and Moon were said to have been cozying up to each other even before the filming of Hero Within The City began. When asked if filming intimate scenes were awkward for them, Moon replied, “They’re just rumors, nothing special. They’re not real – there’s absolutely no need to avoid each other and take it to heart.”

Moon added, “Not only are Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Philip trained in marital arts, but I’m a pretty good fighter too! There will be a lot of strange but interesting things about my character – it’ll be different than typical wealthy girl roles.” Asked if she prefers men who are skilled fighters, Moon said, “Good fighting skills are not the only thing that attracts a girl – making a girl feel safe is more attractive in comparison.”

Known for his action and martial arts films, Philip revealed that he went through an extreme diet for his role. Although he has always been very fit, Philip explained why he underwent a harsh fitness routine. “I have to take my shirt off. Because I have to do that many times in the series, I have to maintain my figure and can’t eat that much. It was hard work – I had to train hard and eat little. For now, I still have my six-pack abs.”

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  1. akinu says:

    i know Philip Ng doesnt have too many fans (hence people kept saying that Linda Chung could do better) but honestly, I liked him since I saw him in his cameo in House of Fury because I am a big fan of his kung-fu skills. His looks are decent but I have to yet see him actually act

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    • replied:

      I think he’s good looking in a manly way too. I never watch anything of him but he seems alright. As for who can do better than who, who are we to say. They like whoever they like, all those fans shipping is so pointless. They look compatible from the physical side, both looking tall and looks cute together or IMO. Linda Chung is Linda Chung, never particularly like her or dislike but most of her roles are very unlikable. LOL….Not much change even thou she’s been out for a while now.

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