Screenwriter Confirms the Making of “Signal 2”

Broadcast in 2016, Korean crime thriller Signal received widespread acclaim.  Many hoped there would be a sequel due to the open ending. Much to the excitement of fans, screenwriter Kim Eun Hee announced through her agency that Signal 2 is currently in the works.

Signal was inspired by real-life criminal incidents in South Korea. It tells the story of a signal being transmitted from the past through old walk-talkies, allowing detectives from the past and present to join forces in solving cold cases.

Despite earlier plans falling through and a delay in securing a second season, screenwriter Kim Eun Hee was adamant in filming a sequel. Feeling the drama is unfinished, she had once proclaimed in an interview, “No matter what, I want everyone to see the sequel to Signal before I retire. I will work hard to make this happen.”

At an event in Germany, Kim Eun Hee officially confirmed Signal 2 is now in the works. While the cast has not been confirmed yet, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hye Soo, and Cho Jin Woong from the original series expressed their willingness to take part in the sequel. Excited fans are hopeful the original cast can reprise their roles.

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  1. I have yet to check signal out because shows about crime reversal thru partnership in different times have all been pretty disappointing since Frequency. The only other good one was the one from tvb from years ago with frequency but that was because I enjoyed watching the actors and actresses in the show. Recently watched Kairos, got yo say it was pretty boring despite the high ratings.

    1. You should definitely watch Signal!! It was so good!! I rewatch it sometimes haha

  2. so this is similar to Roger Kwok and Flora Chan drama TVB To Get Unstuck in Time 隔世追兇 im gonna watch it the signal now lol

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