Standout Candidates in Miss Hong Kong 2023 Auditions

With the 5th June deadline over, applications for Miss Hong Kong 2023 pageant have concluded! The first round of auditions were held at TVB city, and while this year’s top 3 is anyone’s guess, here are a few of the standout candidates who have successfully captured the media’s attention so far:

1.Lovelle Huang (黃敏慈)

Already dubbed Fan Bingbing-lookalike (范冰冰,) by the media for her glowing porcelain skin and also described as a taller version of actress Angelababy, the 21-year-old long-haired student is swiftly being labeled as one of this year’s hot favourites. While she turned up in a white top, denim shorts and thick make-up during the interviews, she actually looks better with lighter make-up on her social media posts. Talented in music, she will likely breeze through the talent performance component!




2.Lynne Wong (王怡然)

Hailing from Jiangsu, 21-year-old Lynne is a student at Hong Kong Baptist University’s School of Communication. Impressing everyone with her composure during the press interviews, she has a good chance of being one of the finalists.





3. Hilary Chong
With sweet girl-next-door looks and pure-girl image, Hilary stood out with her resemblance to K-pop singer IU and Taiwanese actress Vivian Sung (宋芸樺). Currently doing her undergraduate studies in Food and Nutrition at the University of Hong Kong – the same faculty as 2016 Miss Hong Kong Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), Hilary stands a good chance too!




4. Juliana

The 22-year-old who was dressed conservatively for interview session might not have stopped to pose for pictures outside TVB city, but still attracted attention with her cool dyed hair and cool charisma. Thought to bear a slight resemblance to Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Juliana shared that she runs her own online store selling accessories.




5. Angela
(left) and Michelle Poa (right)

Nominated by Hong Kong’s ‘Queen of Charity’ Alice Chiu (趙曾學韞) who is her aunt, 22-year-old Angela has just graduated with a law degree from University of London; while 24-year-old Michelle Poa, who previously participated in Miss Singapore Universe and Miss Chinatown Singapore Pageant, has been nominated by 2017 Miss HK winner Juliette Louie.





Other candidates:









(Left) Surine, younger lookalike of 2015 winner Louisa Mak (麥明詩)?
(Right) Joey Wong (王祖賢)-lookalike, Lea (賀儀雯)

Source: HK01 , Singtao USA

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  1. I do love the look on Juliana! Dumb how they keep trying to compare them to previous actresses. They are they’re own unique self!

  2. There is a couple that seem to use PS to enter the audition…. Looks very odd. I guess there is no rules that states PS is not allowed.

    1. Lovelle Huang looks plastic to me, the other ones seem natural. My personal opinion is that good PS isn’t supposed to be easily spotted but I guess, other people don’t agree.

  3. None of them look particularly “standout” in my opinion. Maybe just bad pictures. Agree that a couple look like they have the standard plastic features… sigh.

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