Hilary Chong Wins 2023 Miss Hong Kong

The 2023 Miss Hong Kong was held on August 27th with Hilary Chong (莊子璇) being crowned the champion. Lynn Wong (王怡然) took home runner-up and Lovelle Huang (黃敏慈) won second runner-up.

Hilary is a 21-years-old student studying Food and Nutrition at University of Hong Kong. With a height of 168.5cm and weighing 51kg, many tabloid has nicknamed her as “Hong Kong’s IU.” In an interview, Hilary shares that she has been watching TVB since she was young and likes to dance and sing.

Q&A Highlights

In the swimsuit segment, Mayanne Mak (麥美恩) and Sze Kwan Chen (C君) took charge in asking the contestants their questions. Jessica Wong (黃泳嘉) who was voted “Most liked Contestant” was asked to give a short performance on a recorder. However, the performance was quickly interrupted after playing a few notes.

Hera who studied Philosophy was asked, “Why do pageants wear a swimsuit in the Q&A”. In response, Hera explained, “Wearing swimsuit shows the person’s most honest side so you can understand their inner heart.”

After the Q&A, it was announced that Lynn won the Most Photogenic Award and Jenny Liang (姜依宁) won Miss Friendship.

Use of A.I Technology

This year, the event heavily incorporated A.I in the show. In the second round, an A.I generated figures were created using the “aged image of the contestants”. However, not all netizens accepted the A.I as many criticized the A.I as terrifying for only moving the head and not the body.

In the pageantry’s final segment, the top five contestants – Hilary, Lynn, Lovell, Hera Chan (陳霈錤), and Juliana Kwok (郭珮文) were asked to give a 1-minute speech on topics such as artificial intelligence, environmental protection, women’s rights, animal rights and night markets. The top five contestants’ answer was then compared to the answers of another A.I generated contestant named Evelyn.




Source: Yahoo

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I actually see why she was the winner. I am not saying it was my first choice. It’s more like in the Q & A she maintained really calm and her overall performance was steady. Lovelle’s answer was cute and witty. Lynn is an edge case if you ask me. She has the height and the posture and it’s her grace IMHO that makes her standout. Julianna and Hera were so tough to eliminate but also tough to make champions. Like Julianna’s body stands out more than anything in her entire performance. Hera just got the short end of the stick and lacked a little bit of the calmness Hilary had. One thing to remember is that it’s a different race for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It’s not like if you don’t get 1st, you get 2nd. It’s more like here is a batch competing for 1st and a different batch competing for 2nd and another different batch competing for 3rd.

    1. Jesspepperwang that’s what I was going to say. I think a lot of people don’t realize a lot of it is based on Q&A. However, I do feel the contestants in the 90s seem to all be beautiful. Now it’s a lot of plain Jane’s mixed in.

  2. “Why do pageants wear a swimsuit in the Q&A”. In response, Hera explained, “Wearing swimsuit shows the person’s most honest side so you can understand their inner heart.”…I wonder if I can get my head round this reasoning…

    1. @Hohliu I think the answer was lost in translation. What she really meant was wearing a swim suit is akin to revealing your most bare side thus giving the most honest answer. If that makes sense. Anyway, I thought #10 did well overall and definitely should have placed. Many people felt the same and were surprised she didn’t make the top 3. She has the maturity, the elegance, well spoken, decent looks, and is a respectable school teacher. 1st runner up, I had a hard time understanding her the entire night because her Cantonese was horrible plus she wasn’t really eloquent. I also fail to see how she is the most photogenic. 2nd runner up is cute and her answers were decent. The champion has average looks and her answers didn’t stand out to deserve the title. In my opinion, it should have been #10 Champion, #15 first runner up, and #17 second runner up. Oh well. Nowadays TVB is so lacking in talent that almost everyone gets a contract after competing in the Miss HK pageant, regardless whether you place or not. So perhaps it is better to not place because then they can jump right into acting and hosting gigs.

      1. I see… I did not watch Miss Hongkong…thus did not listen to her reply in Cantonese. But I have to say, the melons I have recently read after this show is bigger then during the show…
        So much b*tching online. I am gathering, this winner is a hugely unpopular winner. There is a post I saw which look very clever… It is a image of a filled plastic bag on a hand…
        The caption was : 好能装 像你一样….ouch…painful.

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