Thai Actor Nattapong Chartpong Accused of Drugging Female Trainee

By on November 22, 2019 in NEWS

Thai Actor Nattapong Chartpong Accused of Drugging Female Trainee

32-year-old Thai Actor Nattapong Chartpong has been accused of drugging a 22-year-old female trainee from his agency.

The accusation came in the form of a Facebook post, which was posted by the female trainee. The trainee said she had started talking with a relatively well-known actor from her agency, and because the two got along really well, she did not have second thoughts when the actor invited her to dinner. The trainee completely trusted the actor and initially did not find it suspicious when he told her to not bring anyone else.

Afterwards, the actor gave her “something good” to eat, which she realized later was marijuana. She felt her heart rate increase, became lightheaded, and had hazy vision. She attempted to call her father, but the actor prevented her from doing so. She managed to call an ambulance and was taken to the hospital. She ended her post with a warning, telling women to stay safe when they leave their homes.

In a statement, Chartpong – best known for his film Pee Mak – denied the accusations and exclaimed that the trainee’s claims had severely impacted his career. He has been cooperating with the police, but he was tested positive for marijuana in a recent urine test on November 19th. The police are currently investigating if the positive results are related to the trainee’s claims.


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  • 3 comments to Thai Actor Nattapong Chartpong Accused of Drugging Female Trainee

    1. foodie says:

      He is really nasty if it really happened. I sincerely hope she gets justice. But I suspect him and his agency will either threaten her now or buy her off to keep quiet.

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    2. hayden says:

      That is the problem with taking marijuana

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      • anon replied:


        Yeah you laugh and eat a lot.

        What a stupid article. They make it sound like weed is a date rape drug when the same circumstances can and do happen all of the time with alcohol users.

        The article also fails to mention that Thailand is probably the most Marijuana tolerant country in Asia. They’ve recently legalized weed for medicinal use.

        I don’t smoke weed personally but the constant scapegoating of Marijuana from the Chinese media like it’s as dangerous as opium, heroine and cocaine is just ignorant and ridiculous.

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