TVB Continues Ratings Decline With “Childhood in a Capsule”

Premiering on June 27, Childhood in a Capsule <童時愛上你> is making a slight impression on viewers despite a commendable cast starring Samantha Ko (高海寧), Owen Cheung (張振朗), and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬). In its first week of broadcast, the drama received 14.5 points which has dropped 1.5 points in comparison to Brutally Young 2.0’s <十八年後的終極告白2.0> finale week.

Weather conditions did help turn the tide temporarily on the station’s ratings. On July 1, Hong Kong issued a typhoon signal 8, and many were forced to stay home. TVB aired the 25th Gala Anniversary of the Handover <慶祝香港回歸祖國二十五周年文藝晚會>, which received 24.5 points. ViuTV and Hong Kong Open TV also broadcast the same show, and received 1.6 and 1.2 points respectively.

ViuTV’s highest ratings this week came from the movie As the Light Goes Out <救火英雄>, which received 4.9 points in viewership on Saturday night. The Popcorn Show <爆谷一周> followed closely with 3.7 points. Hong Kong Open TV’s highest rated show for the week was Changing Spaces <空間改造王> with 5 points. Movies, In the Storm <黑金風暴> and Stories of Lion Rock Spirit <獅子山下的故事>, both received 2.1 points.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I wonder when will TVB realize that 2nd tier artists like Samantha and Owen usually drag down ratings unless the main key 1st tier ones are Hot!………….Someday!

  2. To be honest, with so many of their skilled and experienced producers/directors/scriptwriters etc all moving over the mainland, they really dont have much to work with…so the artistes alone are not fully responsible for bad ratings..

    1. And there is where it is puzzling. If those experienced crew are in Mainland, why are good productions rare and we see IP adaptions after adaptions or remakes of Jinyong’s novels.

      1. I believe most of the better skilled experts are filming movies… or working under the top Chinese directors. But, there are really not many of them.

      2. @Hohliu sad to see tvb declining. I grow up watching and loving their productions. It seems that the whole HK entertainment it is on a decline from TV, movies to music.

  3. TVB script writers are crap, which is why their dramas suck in the ratings.

    Big White Duel 2 is going to broadcast soon , I think this will rate pretty well, although it’s already released online in China

    1. I’m on ep 14, I think it’s as good as Big White Duel 1. Ali’s not in it, but Moses is.

      1. I’m on episode 10, binge watch 10 episodes and I agree it’s just as good as original,
        I think Nancy Wu has a good chance as best actress this year,
        Her character arc is quite interesting, still not sure if she is good or bad ? Which makes it interesting…

  4. It is taking me months to finish one TVB series. I put it on when I need to fold laundry. I have a lot of laundry too, but still can’t get through a show.

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