ViuTV Releases Trailer for “Business Proposal” Remake

ViuTV’s remake of popular South Korean drama Business Proposal is scheduled to air on November 27. The drama will star MIRROR members Anson Lo (盧瀚霆) and Edan Lui (呂爵安).

In the Korean original comedy, Kim Se Jeong’s character goes on a blind date in place of her friend. Later, she finds out her date is her company’s CEO and goes to frantic lengths try cover up her lies. Released in 2022 on Netflix, it became an international hit due to its appealing cast.

Many feel ViuTV’s Hong Kong remake is too soon after the Korean original’s release, thus drawing criticism. Chinese netizens initially criticized the casting choices, declaring the Hong Kong actors’ looks were not on par with the original cast. After the 30-second trailer was released, netizens continue to criticize the acting and picture quality.

Many continue to harshly criticize the cast for their looks. “Have beauty standards lowered so much in Hong Kong?” However, some viewers express they are willing to give it a chance and see whether they will change their minds.

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  1. Yeah agreed. The looks are not up to par. The producers are hoping the cast’s star power is enough to attract interest. But it’s definitely the lesser version of the Korean version

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