[Where Are They Now] Amy Chan Finds Success as an Aromatherapist

Where Are They Now? is an ongoing JayneStars feature, which spotlights former artistes and the current lives they lead away from the entertainment circle.

Popular 1980s actress Amy Chan (陳秀雯) largely disappeared from dramas in recent years.  Amy’s most recent role was ViuTV’s Limited Education <教束> in 2019. Netizens recently shared a clip of the former actress, who was seen visiting beauty shops in Huangpu and Macau. Now a licensed aromatherapist, Amy is doing well and happy in her new profession.

Debuting when she was only 16 years old, Amy starred in many classic TVB and ATV dramas such as Fate of the Clairvoyant <再見亦是老婆>, File of Justice <壹號皇庭>, The Good Old Days <再見艷陽天>, Days of Tomorrow <天長地久> and Heroine of the Yangs <穆桂英>.

In an old interview from ten years ago, Amy had already expressed her keen interest in aromatherapy. Although she spent one year to undergo training to obtain her aromatherapy license, Amy did not consider opening her own business until friends and family began asking for her expert advice.

Initially only starting an online shop, Amy recently was seen scouting for a physical location in Guangzhou and Macau. Evidently doing well with her new business, Amy appeared to be a radiant and confident businesswoman in photos.

While Amy still has an interest in acting, she is not in her prime physical health and would only consider making a comeback if there is a suitable role.  “Maybe it’s because I love acting too much – I don’t like to act rashly. Life is not just about singing or acting–there are so many different opportunities out there.”

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