Kenneth Ma Promises to Put Away Shocked Face at 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards

With the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony in December, momentum is building up regarding which artists will be the TV Queen and TV King this year. At the latest promotion for The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小时>, the cast made an appearance in a floating parade, and gave out presents to the large crowd in Tsim Sha Tsui. Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙) pulled votes for themselves for the Anniversary awards.

Kenneth was once again, teased by reporters for his five-second stunned look when it was announced that he was voted as Best Actor by his peers at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala last week. Kenneth also possessed the same shocked expression last year when Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) won TV King instead of Raymond Lam (林峯). Kenneth promised that he will remain more composed at the upcoming Anniversary awards.

Even though his confidence is given an extra boost from his colleague’s votes, Kenneth will not stress over the results at the official awards ceremony. To prove his point, he also did not prepare any speech. He added, “No need to prepare anything special because words from the heart just flow out naturally.”

With regards to complaints that his screen-time in The Hippocratic Crush 2 is too little, Kenneth assured his fans that he would be appearing more in future episodes.

During Meini Cheung’s (张美妮) wedding last week, good friend, Tavia and rumored boyfriend, Him, were teased on stage. Him magnanimously said, “Everyone is only joking. It’s okay. Can consider it as a gift for the newlyweds.” When the topic is veered towards the couple’s marriage, both were however evasive.

Friendly Competition

Because of the flu, Tavia was not able to attend the Anniversary Gala held last week. Tavia said that she was really happy when she saw Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) voted by everyone to be this year’s TV Queen. She added, “I also think Linda Chung (钟嘉欣) has a good chance. This year everyone has great potential. Healthy competition is good.”


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  1. Yes; he should put that facial expression away because it looks so faked.

    1. I believe that it’s genuine. One can easily tell by his body language.

      1. When he promises that he will put away that facial expression that means it is intended and not genuine.

      2. @hong duong, Not necessarily. It can be a genuine facial expression. He’s just saying he’ll be more aware of his face and will try to control it better.

      3. @hong duong: it just means that he will try to control his expressions at the actual ceremony, as Victoria said. He might still be shocked internally.

    2. Why would he need to fake it? From his interviews, you can tell he doesn’t deliberately generate rumours. He’s a honest, genuine guy and just because he shows emotions you call him fake. In that case, we can’t trust anyone’s facial expressions.

      1. Oh I think in interviews, he always deliberately generates rumours and sometimes intentionally aims someone to make him look good.

  2. He can’t help it he might have a different facial expressions this time

  3. If Linda wins TV Queen Award – its crazy. I know its not her fault that she ALWAYS plays the protagonist but her character is sooooooo BORING! – Dont mean to brag but its the truth. I can watch someone esle play all her roles and do a better job.

    Hope Tavia wins but I don’t mind if Krystal Tin wins the title 🙂

    1. Agree … it’s her personality.
      She’s too decent maybe & not expressive enough. So that comes off as boring 🙁

    2. I cant imagine her winning, because I cant think of how her role stood out from the rest to be titled BA…

    3. Linda and Tavia are both not appealing this year or in recent years overall. Out of the weak nomination this year, only Kristal is strong as an actress and comes close to a well deserved win, and she’s still behind Esther Kwan.

  4. Kenneth always has this expression seen in the above pic. He’s the most boring actor in his generation.

    1. Don’t like that expression. He looks silly that way. Too bad, he’s a really handsome guy- when he’s not smiling!

    2. He sometimes can be boring in dramas, but his adorable demeanor offscreen, like this frequent gaping mouth face during awards are enjoyable and make him fun.

    3. haha, whatever but still find him very boring, on and off screen. Maybe he’s just likeable but good actor, nah.

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  6. His face last year during Wayne’s win was freaking priceless. Nothing beats that face of his LOLOL

  7. Kenneth isn’t necessarily the better actor among his peers and sometimes is pretty much one note actor, but he gets a soft spot from most of audience and his peers because he struck people as an everyday man who’s just focused in being a hardworking artiste and a filial son and his YKT sweetness to Yu Jai in OC2 marked his top HK seun poon spot amongg media and audience.

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