[STYLE] 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards Red Carpet Fashions

While the 2014 Hong Kong Film Awards’ results were predictable in which The Grandmaster dominated the awards ceremony, the red carpet fashions were less predictable. Does of spring, in lace patterns and sweet pastels, dotted the ceremony.

Hong Kong actress Angelababy poses on red carpet at Hong Kong Film AwardsHong Kong Film Awards 2014 Angelababy 5

Jayne: Angelababy’s peach Zuhair Murad gown has a sweet innocence with a dose of sheer sexiness. The textural details are stunning upon closer inspection. Adding loose curls and a subtle diamond necklace would have increased the romance and glamour.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Carina Lau 2Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Carina Lau 4

Karen: What was Carina Lau thinking? While the Ralph and Russo Couture chopped-off gown with the sheer embellished pants might seem like a fashion do on the runway, it was definitely a faux pas on the 48-year-old actress.

Jayne: Cameras ended up focusing on Carina’s crotch all night! But the gown is more exciting than the white Ralph and Russo dress she wore during the awards presentation.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 PoyHong Kong Film Awards 2014 Sammi Cheng 2

Jayne: After The White Storm, Thai actress Poy became an instant sensation in Hong Kong. She looks beautiful in a simply cut Ralph Lauren red gown and glamorous makeup.

Karen: Do not be deceived by Sammi Cheng’s Roberto Cavalli black gown. The details are in the back. Hanging by gold chains across Sammi’s back is a gold serpent, which is the success behind Sammi’s dress.

Jayne: I also love the back view in Sammi’s dress!

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Denise HoHong Kong Film Awards 2014 Miriam Yeung 7

Jayne: Denise Ho looks hot in Givenchy; the allure lies in the layered wraps, which accentuate her figure. She has been sporting a much more feminine look at recent red carpet events, a big departure from her pantsuit past.

Jayne: Love Miriam Yeung’s sheer Gucci dress! The iridescent metallic trim, matching bra and lightness of the fabric meld together to create a gown that is especially beautiful when captured in movement.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Miriam YeungHong Kong Film Awards 2014 Miriam Yeung 5

Karen: Among the mass of dull-colored gowns, Miriam appeared bright and cheerful yet still sultry in a Vionnet keylime and white chiffon tulle halter gown. She finished off the look sublimely with the Bulgari Serpent necklace.

Jayne: The colors and draping detail in the back are gorgeous! The front is is a bit loose on Miriam and perhaps not the best gown for her body shape.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Cherry Ngan 2Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Cherry Ngan 5

Jayne: Cherry Ngan‘s Alice + Olivia × David Choe dress is moving art! A beautiful and refreshing look atypical at red carpet events, although the fabric appears to be very matte and doesn’t reflect light well. A subtle sheen would have increased the elegance of this creative piece.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Sandrine PinnaHong Kong Film Awards 2014 Ada Choi

Jayne: Sandrine Pinna‘s Blumarine gown reminds me of a furry throw. Love the texture and tiered skirt, although the flesh tone of the dress made Sandrine appear washed out.

Karen: Appearing as the woman behind her husband, Max Zhang, who won Best Supporting Actor, Ada Choi looked splendid in a hi-low silver dress which showed off her slim figure wonderfully.

Jayne: The gown was a good choice for Ada since it showed off her beautiful figure.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Kelly Chen 3Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Kelly Chen

Karen: Suited in a black silk gown with sleeves spun with gold embellished beads, Kelly Chen is a huge fashion win in the Emilio Pucci runway hit. It helps that the dress lets its wearer appear more voluptuous and sexy, hugging at all the right places and giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Jayne: I’m less excited about Kelly’s metallic knit dress, as it reminds me of club gear.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Zhang ZiyiHong Kong Film Awards Kara Hui

Karen: It comes as no surprise that Zhang Ziyi’s gown choice comes once again, from Armani Prive. With a beaded jacket and a silky midnight blue floor-sweeping skirt, Zhang Ziyi just managed to look like a prima donna without looking frumpy.

Jayne: Zhang Ziyi has been attracted to more mature designs at recent awards shows. This look is a more colorful version of her ensemble at the 8th Asian Film Awards, where she also wore Armani Prive.

Karen: Best Supporting Actress winner Kara Hui‘s black sparkly dress looked anything but ordinary with the tassles providing a fluid movement whenever she moves. It also shows off the 54-year-old actress’ figure beautifully.

Jayne: Kara knows how to dress at red carpet events! She is all understated-elegance and youthful vigor! Nina Paw looks beautiful as well in a well-chosen gown.

Hong Kong Film Awards 2014 Tang WeiHong Kong Film Awards 2014 Isabella Leong

Karen: While many may deem Tang Wei’s Escada dress as a boring piece, I actually love the simplicity of the design against the bold prints on the silk gown. I just wish she could have an up-do for her hair and put on more colorful makeup.

Jayne: Surprised by Tang Wei’s brown floral choice, as she is known for wearing strong monochrome gowns at red carpets.

Karen: Looking divine in a Valentino Spring 2014 number, Isabella Leong’s long sleeved, embroidered gown appeared colorful yet serious. Despite the boring design of the dress, it somehow suited the lithe singer/actress to perfection, with her impeccable hairstyle and minimal makeup.

Jayne: Isabella might be a mom of three boys, but she shouldn’t drown her youth in this outfit. She is a classic beauty though.

This review is written by Karen and Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Why oh why didn’t Tony stop Carina from leaving the house in that trainwreck of an outfit? Looked like a dog bit off the front portion. Tacky gross cheap trashy disastrous ridiculous, omigosh!!!

    1. Carina looks classy every time she stepped out. Only she could pull off with both dresses. Carina Lau is a strong and confident woman. Thumbs up!

      1. Carina look good and Tony just don’t like to smile.

  2. Angelababy and Sammi looked the best to me all night. ZZY looked like a middle aged mum in that jacket with the sleeves rolled up and Isabella’s dress was awful too. The rest were so so.

    1. I think Sammi and Angelababy’s dresses are the nicest among the lot.
      However, Angelababy’s boobs looked too fake (or is it because her body frame is too thin) – it’s like two blobs of globe instead of naturally rounded.

  3. Thanks Jayne.

    Sammi and Kara Hui look the best I think.

    Zhang ZiYi’s dress made her look frumpy, bad choice. Both of Carina’s dresses also very bad, not sure why she chose it as she usually do well on her outfit selection.

  4. What in the world was Carina thinking? Doesn’t she have a mirror at home?

    Poy and Sammi win the night imho… and I think Kelly Chen’s dress would have been better had the metallic accent remained on the shoulders and was not incorporated down the sides. Still, the black dress suited her well.

  5. 2 thumbs up for Sammi. Loveee the dress, simple yet elegant. Really have no idea what Carina was thinking when she picked out those trashes.

  6. Best dressed: Denise Ho , Sammy Cheng, Ada Choi, Kelly Chen, Miriam Yeung in yellow & white dress.

    Carina Lau looked beautiful and classy in the headline pic. Scrolling down and seeing the dress in full… You wonder if she purposely chopped off bottom half of dress just to make headlines. Sorry to say, beautiful and classy just turned into cheap and over-eager attention seeker.

    Angela what’s-her-name’s dress is quite pretty. I’ve seen foreign actresses rock that dress. But it does nothing for Angela. Was it the camera lighting? Angela’s make up and skin tone is the same color as the orange cream sickle color of the dress. Textured part of dress in such an unflattering color reminds me of puke.

  7. WAAAA, is that really him? His package looks a bit too much? haha LOL..
    The only pic that seems ok natural to me was the middle one and even that was extremely photoshopped but the left and right ones are just NOT real. Looks like his head should NOT belong to that body??? Weird.

  8. Ah HK awards shows, you are always good for a laugh. It never fails to cheer me up to know that some people are proud to look like clowns haha.

    I really hate to say this cause I hate her with a passion, but Kelly Chen’s dress is quite cool and, for me, the best of a bad bunch.
    I will admit that this year’s clown outfits are not quite as abrasive as last year’s. Some are even bordering on normal, but either the hairstyle or something else drags them down.

    – and My god, Kara Hui looks slightly anorexic, but amazing for someone her age. (20 years younger). Her dress isnt bad, but her hair drags it down for me. With something a bit more conservative, I would have given her the runaway best dressed.

  9. I think Sammi Cheng’s dress is the best. With simplicity and just the right fit for the occasion. Also, when she wears it, she kinda exuded a certain sexy but also cool aura. Angelababy one is ok. I think ZZY one is not suitable for red carpet. Carina’s is well…while Denise one is just like Dorian Ho said not suitable for her. The rest not that much to my liking.

  10. I like the gown by Carina but not the lace pants. Surprisingly Mirium Yeung looked stunning with her dresses.

  11. I like Angelababy & Tang Wei because they’re both beautiful at the award show.

  12. Loves Sammi’s dressing for that night most, Nina at second place and Kara third. I like Tang Wei’s dress but she should have styled her hair.

    Carina tries too hard again (like she did with the big red flower previously) and Zhang Ziyi looks matronly.

  13. Jayne, you are so kind with your fashion comment. ^_^ I watched the award night and some of these dresses are really not that flattering at all!

  14. i just really love those fashion clothing that those actors are wearing but sammi cheng’s outfit looks awesome
    i like the golden long thing of her back of her dress is that a snake or is just a fake one that is made exactly like it?????

  15. OMG, what was Carina thinking? She’s bold and beautiful, but i question her fashion choices, or lack of. Maybe she should fire her personal assistance or whoever dresses her in these hideous gowns

  16. Angelababy’s dress looks good but it needs a classy necklace and Sammi’s C-lie hair sucks, it ruined the whole look for me. Poi- I didn’t like how His shoulder looked so wide and the cut of that dress didn’t flatter a Real women’s feminine side. His white face and makeups made Him looked like a ghost. Kelly- the top metallic was not a good designed. Kelly’s hair and makeup was also too plain it needed some cheery blossom/ romantic colors with a white dress that shows off her tall yet nicely shaped figure.

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