Fala Chen To Become Maggie Cheung 2.0

After leaving TVB in May, Fala Chen (陳法拉) has set her ambitions on the film industry and entering Hollywood. While Eric Tsang (曾志偉) openly admitted that he hopes to sign Fala, Kelly Chen’s (陳慧琳) manager  Chung Chun (鍾珍) is also in the fight for the 31-year-old actress.

Eric, who has had his eyes set on Fala from the beginning, praised her beauty and work attitude. It is speculated that Eric offered Fala a whopping $10 million HKD contract in order to promote her in becoming the second Maggie Cheung (張曼玉) and enter international markets under his new company.

Maggie is known for drawing in big dollars at box offices, and Eric sees similarities between the two actresses. He even boldly aims to have Fala surpass Maggie’s footsteps. In response to these rumors, Eric avoided commenting on the negotiation price but stated, “I’ve talked to Fala a couple of times and I know she’s very close with Chung Chun and chances of Fala signing with her is high. Perhaps because they’re both females and it’s easier for them to communicate with each other, but no matter who Fala chooses, I think she has a high chance for success. She’s willing to learn, is well behaved, and has potential.”

With management companies eager to sign her, Fala decided not to return to TVB. She will consider the offers carefully, to find a management company that fits her needs. Fala revealed that Chung Chun is helping her temporarily, “Miss Chun is really nice. She currently helps me oversee work matters because I’ve received a lot of job offers lately and I’m unable to handle them all. Good thing she’s here to help me out!”

Fala’s Increase In Status

At a recent brand launching function with Tony Leung Chiu Wai (梁朝偉), her salary increased 3 percent from the original price of $100,000 HKD. In mainland China, Fala’s compensation is roughly $250,000 HKD per promotional appearance.

In the short month that Fala returned to Hong Kong after studying in New York for the summer, she has already pocketed $1.65 million HKD from seven functions and for her role in Tales from the Dark 2 <奇幻夜>.  The film’s director, Gordon Chan (陳嘉上) saw a bright film future ahead for Fala, “The film industry rarely sees Fala’s type of woman. There’s a scarcity in leading ladies, and A-class actresses have become very selective in the movies they film.”

Source: ihktv.com


This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. All of a sudden she’s in high film demand? What happened? What connections? haha LOL…

    1. uh…um…..fala? the next maggie cheung?? yeah give me a break

      1. yeah seriously. I love Maggie Cheung. Fala needs 30 more years to be as 1/2 good as Maggie Cheung.

    2. Talk is cheap. Some people would be glad to sell you “snake oil” if you’re foolish enough to buy it.

      No thanks to “anything” with Fala as lead.

  2. Everytime I read Maggie Cheung I wonder which one. But of course it is Cheung Man Yoke. Well, perhaps. I do not have high opinion of Maggie’s acting. And was she ever a box office draw? And suddenly Fala is? How the PR spins. Either her critics did her injustice or her admirers overblown her worth. I really am not sure which. But the photo above is nice. And movies do need some “new” faces.

    I AM still waiting for her breakthrough role which is Da Mo Yao. I am convinced she will do well. Except when is the series gonna be released? Or is it out already?

    1. Da Mo Yao has finally gotten approval so I think it’s airing this fall. They had to change all the names and everything though, not sure how that will impact the show over all. But as far as I know, Fala’s role isn’t that big so not sure how it will be a breakthrough role no matter how well she performs.

      Not sure where in the article it says Fala is boxoffice draw? It just says Maggie is and that Eric Tsang sees similarities but not necessarily that specific trait. And I have to agree on never knowing Maggie was boxoffice draw. Though, I believe she’s known worldwide and gets the big brand endorsements which are extremely valuable. I’m guessing Eric Tsang thinks Fala has a very markable face too and since TITS2 has been so popular then her popularity rose with it. When will people realise just because netizens complain that doesn’t mean the general public feels the same way? As long as if she can sell, she’s good enough.

      1. This silly. Why do they have to change all the names? What’s the reason the PRC government gave? Historical events must follow history book 100% or you cannot use their name?

        I’m annoyed with the PRC’s government meddling in the movie/series industry in China. It’s getting overboard. No adaptation of the 4 Great Classics, no time travel, no ghost and now no messing around with history?

        Let your industry grow naturally! Sheesh.

      2. I agree with Kidd. It is no wonder that even if you are really rich and famous in China, you still would want to live elsewhere because of all these restrictions. I heard of the no time travel for series, but no ghost stories and no adaption for the 4 classics too?? You must be kidding me… Is Liao Zhai and A Chinese ghost story included?? If so, that is really bad because I enjoy those stories a lot. CHina is already low on creative ideas but with all of these restrictions, what else are they going to do??? You really wonder…

      3. I think there are a lot of restrictions in filming movies and drama series in Mainland China. They don’t allow anything related to ghosts and time travel. Probably that is one of the reasons why TVB hasn’t filmed any dramas related to ghosts.

      4. At least they haven’t reached the state of North Korea. (I say, “at least,” but it’s not much comfort when you look at NK right now…) China’s far too power hungry and don’t want to cut themselves from the rest of the world just yet, otherwise their list of restrictions and censorship would be even more… whoa.

        “They are also making it difficult to produce cop shows that smack too much of the West.”


      5. @Kidd,
        WOW, thanks for the info!! It is so sad that they are having so many more restrictions. They are restricting the classics too??? Goodness!! The next thing you know, they will be having a ban on adapting JY novels. Hm… maybe they are afraid of that so they are trying to milk them for all they are worth as much as possible right now. I wonder if that is why there are sooooo many JY remakes lately???

        I think it is such a bad move by the government and it may hurt their movie/series industry. The next thing you know, the actors, directors,producers will be unemployed due to the lack of ideas and creativity.

      6. Change names?! Redub? Fictional dynasty perhaps?

        “Fala’s role isn’t that big so not sure how it will be a breakthrough role no matter how well she performs.”

        Actually her role may not be big but it is a pivotal villainous role that eventually will impact the empire and our hero and heroine. So it is a rather important role although not big as in how many minutes she is in. A breakthrough role need not be big or long. Look at Anthony Hopkins in Silence Of The Lambs.

      7. “Let your industry grow naturally! Sheesh.”

        I agree but I believe the last straw was Gong. Blame Yu Zheng.

  3. Fala should think of doing something that she is actually good in. Acting is not one of them.

      1. That may include 90% of ALL actors.

        But some of them do improve over time, but I guess Mr. Lee thinks everyone should be Meryl Streep right off or GTFO.

      2. Well, if that were the case, then many of the HK actors must retire because many of them truly cannot act well. I think actresses and actors are lucky that acting is subjective…

      3. @advo

        Clearly Fala hasn’t been improving by too much. She’s not a newcomer by any means.

      4. I’m not surprised if she hasn’t improved much (but she’s far from being the only one). TVB, in recent years, doesn’t strike me as a place for instilling creativity and for honing one’s skills as an actor. They stifle it. Some are really good and will manage to shine, no matter what. Some aren’t and perhaps a change in environment may/will do them good.

      5. @ Jessica

        She’s been in the industry for 8 years? My studies for my career is at least 5+ years. She might not be a newbie but is she supposed to be Meryl Streep after 8 years? Her progress should be measured compared to her peers and IMO, she is not behind.

      6. advo, only you are bringing up Meryl Streep not me.

        There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to OPINIONS on entertainment. It’s very subjective, let’s get something straight – I’m not entertained by Fala’s acting and most likely won’t.

        You may not share my opinions and I’m fine about that.

  4. Very happy for Fala. It is a good decision to leave TVB. She does not have to fight with other top fadans for her status. There are too many favouritisms in TVB. With Fala’s pretty face, she will get tons of opportunities outside, especially if she acts well.

    Fala, work on her acting and show people that you can act well.

    1. It has always been known fact that all you need is a pretty face, connections or a strong idol following to be a movie star in Hong Kong. Case in point – Angelababy, Jennifer Tse, Twins, Sammi Cheng etc. In this respect, yes, Fala Chen has the looks and glamorous image to become a movie star, given the right connections and opportunities.

      In terms of Fala’s acting acclaim possibly surpassing Maggie Cheung, nah….not gonna happen. Maggie won the HKFA best actress award, like what, 5 or 6 times? Maggie was also the first chinese actress to win at the Cannes Film Festival and she also won at the Berlin film festival. Fala has a very marketable image, boosted by the popularity of TITS 2 (I hesitate to call TITS 2 a ‘success’, because to me, it wasn’t a success but just an overhyped and mediocre series…thanks to TVB’s own publicity machine), but to be an internationally acclaimed actress takes a lot more than just ambition and a pretty face. You also need to have a genuine passion for acting and raw talent. Can Fala emulate Maggie’s critical acclaim and achievements? I highly doubt it but we’ll see. I think Eric Tsang is just talking out of his @$$ as usual, hoping he can flatter Fala enough to make her want to sign with him. Maggie Cheung had a much earlier headstart than Fala in the movies and she came up at the right time, along with the HK showbiz boom in the mid 80s and early 90s.

      Bottomline – to be a HK movie star, easy with the right connections and a little bit of luck. To be an internationally acclaim film star? Much, much harder. In my opinion, Fala is not a very talented actress but she has the boldness and ambition to be part of the HK movie industry, where nepotism and connections rule and the movie fraternity is very closed knit and hard to break in if you’re considered an ‘outsider’. Look at Jaycee Chan. He is a movie star in HK and doesn’t need to audition for roles. With Eric’s backing, Fala will get a lot of filming opportunities in HK. On the other hand, talent without opportunity will get you nowhere.

      1. Personally I don’t like Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk’s acting. I think her acting is over-rated.

        However, I agree that “Maggie Cheung had a much earlier headstart than Fala in the movies and she came up at the right time, along with the HK showbiz boom in the mid 80s and early 90s.”

        Eric Tsang always likes to exaggerate in his conversations. I hope he has not misled Fala in making her decisions.

      2. Aren’t many artists over-rated these days?? It is not just Maggie, but I think Maggie’s acting should be good if judged by the majority. She won international awards for some good reasons. It’s not like TVB awards which mean absolutely nothing these days.

        Having a headstart is one thing, but if you just do not have the innate talent to act well then you just don’t. I personally don’t feel that Fala has that innate talent to act well in movies. Series, maybe but not movies. But of course once again, acting is subjective.

      3. @sandcherry:

        You don’t like Carina Lau’s, Dodo Cheng’s and Maggie Cheung’s acting and think they are all overated, yet you like Fala Chen and Charmaine Sheh as actresses? And they’re not overrated to you? Okay, interesting opinion. 🙂

        Yes, acting is subjective – to an extent, but not completely. When Maggie Cheung has won numerous international acting awards, she deserves her status. I wouldn’t call her overrated at all. Clearly, many film critics and judges at film festivals see Maggie Cheung’s acting talent to have given her the best actress award at Cannes. Lol, I’m sure Maggie Cheung is not losing sleep at all over what some opinionated netizens say about her acting. Her achievements speak for themself.

      4. No where in the article does anyone claim Fala is going to be the next Maggie Cheung in terms of critical acclaim. Never mind Fala, how many HK actresses can claim to measure up to Maggie?! Eric isn’t talking out of his @ss because he is clearly talking about monetary value – which you then proceed to agree with. Fala has the face and Eric can provide the connections. Done.

      5. @felicity

        you are absolutely right about Maggie Cheung not loosing sleep over netizen’s opinion. She already receive many accolades for her performances

        I also wonder how many maggie cheung movie or drama these people has watched before giving their opinion. I may be biased as Maggie’s fan, but Maggie can just act without talking. Her facial and body expression is amazing.

      6. I place them in different levels: Fala Chen (Level 2) and Charmaine Sheh (Level 3), and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, Dodo Cheng and Carina Lau (Level 5 or even 6). We should not compare Fala and Charmaine with those veterans who have 25+ years of acting experience.

        Simple ………… My expectations are not the same for artistes at different levels.

        Would you compare the academic ability/knowledge of a Grade 5 kid with someone in university?

      7. I forgot to say that life experience helps a lot in the portrayal of different characters. Fala is only 31, Charmaine is 38, and Maggie Cheung is 48, Dodo Cheng is 56 and Carina Lau is 47.

        Moreover, an artiste is allowed to choose her characters in filming movies, which helps an artiste to broaden her acting skills and experiences. A TVB artiste does not have much choice in selecting her characters, which restricts and hinder her acting skills and experiences. Maggie Cheung, Dodo Cheng and Carina Lau have all switched to film movies for a long time, probably since their late 20s and early 30s.

      8. @advo

        No, even if Eric was talking about monetary value, I disagree with him. He is talking out of his @$$ when he says that Fala “can surpass Maggie’s footsteps”. In what shape or form can Fala surpass Maggie? Whether in terms of international acclaim, or monetary value from being the most sought after A-list HK actress that famous directors and international studios are willing to pay big bucks for, there is a wide gulf between Fala and Maggie. As I said in my earlier comment, Fala might make it as a local HK movie star comparable to the likes of Charlene Choi eventually, if she gets the right breaks, but not as an international film star. It’s a totally different ballpark we’re talking here. Charlene Choi and Sammi Cheng are not in Maggie Cheung’s league either. Their stardom is very much localised, so they can’t command as much money as Maggie Cheung did in her heyday, whether it is filming a soap commercial or a high profile movie. It’s like comparing Laughing Gor’s star power to Tony Leung Chiu Wai. One is a HK star whose popularity is very much localised, and no one outside of HK is remotedly interested in the Laughing Gor saga or even recognises Michael Tse except for some overseas chinese viewers. The other is an internationally acclaimed actor who doesn’t need to show his face in the media all the time to have prestigious directors constantly knocking on his door to invite him to collaborate with them in internationally marketed films. Can’t compare the market value of a local HK star to an internationally acclaimed film actor. Period.


        Yup, and I think the word ‘overrated’ is misused when people simply want to dismiss actors they do not like. I can recognise why some stars are A-list even though I personally do not care for their acting, like Nicole Kidman. There is a reason why she commands the pay she does.

        I am a Maggie fan too. 🙂 Maggie Cheung’s earlier works in TVB were gems – she was very cute as the mongolian princess in Fallen Family (she and Leslie made a beautiful couple) and she was also memorable as the geeky girlfriend of Tony Leung in the first instalment of Police Cadet, a classic TVB series. Her acting was raw then, but Maggie had that indefinable x-factor and she always had great chemistry with her co-stars, even Kwan Lai Kit in Police Cadet.


        No, I am not comparing their years of experience but raw talent. Even in her first movie Stand Behind The Yellow Line, as a 22 year old, Maggie Cheung showed her potential. She has a screen charisma and was a natural on camera, something that Fala lacks. Acting school can teach some technique but not everything can be taught.

      9. I watched Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk’s first TVB drama series 畫出彩虹 “Rainbow Round My Shoulder”. It was a pain to watch her and listen to her dialogues. She was reading her lines with no facial or inner emotions. If we complained about Rebecca Zhu’s acting in “SSSS”, Maggie Cheung was 50+ times worse than Rebecca, except Maggie did not speak Cantonese with accents.

      10. @ sandcherry

        Maggie Cheung was also awful in “The Fallen Family”. When I first watch the series, I have to stop watching because I cannot stand her acting. Only after sometime, I tried to watch it again I was able to finish the series. Her acting was still mediocre on my second watch, but, I learn to bear with it.

        So, people shouldn’t cut Fala off so quickly. Success is still within her reach with the right opportunity and director to guide her.

      11. Maggie Cheung (man yoke) is still awful now. But she was terrible back in TVB. But she was pretty and looked quite unique?

      12. See ……… everyone has different perspectives of good acting.

        I vaguely remembered “The Fallen Family” with Leslie Cheung. Right? It was pretty bad. I don’t think I watched the whole series. I liked Leslie though.

        Personally I don’t like Maggie Cheung’s voice. I think it has something to make me dislike her or her acting. Again, this is my personal choice as I put a lot of emphasis on an artiste’s dialogues.

      13. Kidd:
        I think Eric Tsang just exaggerated in his conversation that “he aimed to have Fala surpass Maggie’s footsteps”. Everyone knows that Maggie Cheung is internationally acclaimed and she has got several Best Actress awards overseas and it is very hard to surpass her, especially nowadays when movies industries are not as good as in 90s.

        However, an artiste’s success is not totally reflected by her acting skills, she needs good luck, good roles and scripts, good management, good promotions, good producers and directors to guide her, as well as acceptance by the audience.

        We don’t know what will happen to Fala Chen in future. There are certainly good opportunities, as well as big risks, for her in the entertainment industries. If she knows how to improve her weaknesses, including acting and interpersonal skills, she will excel in her acting career. I just wish her best of luck.

      14. @sandcherry

        Did I claim that Maggie Cheung acted well in her first few TVB series including Fallen Family? Read my comment again. No, I said Maggie’s acting was raw (obviously, she was a newbie) but she had a screen charisma and natural presence even back then. Indeed, it took Maggie some time to discover her passion for acting (she herself admitted that only began to learn the art of acting in Wong Kar Wai’s ‘When Tears Go By’) but once that spark ignited in her, she was unstoppable, appearing in many of HK’s best movies and winning herself more acting awards than any other chinese actress. This is not just my personal view. To many film critics, Maggie Cheung is, arguably, the best chinese actress of her generation and to claim that she is still ‘awful now’ is plain ignorance (Sorry Funn, you lost your credibility with me right there.), just as it would be to say that Gong Li is a terrible actress. (Now what? Are we going to have another thread with posters agreeing about Gong Li’s bad acting? Lol)

        Everyone can like or dislike an actress, really, it’s no big deal. But I appreciate it when people admit their bias and not act like they’re the most objective viewer ever. It’s hypocritical to use different standards when it comes to evaluating your own favorites against actors who are generally widely acclaimed by MOST people (note that I didn’t say all, because there is always a minority of people with different views). One example would be to complain about Carina Lau’s slight accent when Fala Chen also speaks cantonese with an accent as they’re both from Suzhou. But you go on and on complaining about Carina’s accent in a previous article (as if it’s such a big flaw of hers to justify your not liking her), and say nothing critical about Fala’s accent. Your over defensiveness of Fala against any other actress being compared to her just shows your bias, really.

      15. “To many film critics, Maggie Cheung is, arguably, the best chinese actress of her generation and to claim that she is still ‘awful now’ is plain ignorance ”

        It is not plain ignorance, it is a preference and she did not have 100% universal claim that she is the best chinese actress of her generation which I feel is absolutely untrue unless she is the only chinese actress of her generation. And to compare her to Gong Li is a poor example because Gong Li may not be the best actress of her generation, but she is one of the best there is.

        And film critics can be professional film critics (who love and rave about Wong Kar Wai’s movie which I hate) and the ordinary folks. It is a wide spectrum and we are all free to form our own judgment and opinion and I still say she is an awful terrible actress considering the level she is operating on.

      16. @ Felicity

        The article says he “boldly aims to” i.e. it’s his intention to TRY. Not that he is or whether he can.

        Can’t compare? Of course you can. You just don’t agree. Hell, I don’t agree either but so what? It’s his opinion, period. Free speech and all that.

        Finally, lots of things can happen. You might think Maggie was great in her TVB days but others disagree. Fala might or might not do better in movies. Will she reach the critical acclaim or even half the career that Maggie has/had? Most likely not. Because maybe she doesn’t have that raw talent, the HK showbiz is on a decline, she’s too old, she doesn’t possess the language skills that Maggie have etc. etc. But can you predict the future? Plenty of super stars are not that great actors e.g. Tom Cruise. Or there are critical acclaimed actors who are boxoffice poison e.g. Nicole Kidman. Then you have people who you never thought would be a good actor like Aaron Kwok. And you have idol stars who turn into critical acclaimed actors like Nic Tse. Again, who can predict the future? Especially when we all know the entertainment industry depend on so many other factors than just raw talent to become a big star.

      17. @ Felicity

        Furthermore, while there might not be any Chinese actress who can touch Maggie in terms of critical acclaim, there are other Chinese actresses who are as much, if not more known internationally than she is. Zhang Ziyi is more mainstream, Michelle Yeoh is known among the action crowd, Fan Bingbing is famous in fashion circles etc.

        Sadly, no matter how known Maggie is to critics, she’s far from being in the same league as her international peers. Actresses like Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz are far more known to the mass audience than Maggie is. Which is why I don’t believe big studios are willing to spend big bucks on her. Because frankly speaking, she wouldn’t be worth the money. I could easily believe critical acclaimed directors might really want to work with her – but that’s an entirely separate issue.

        The point is, critical acclaim is one thing but commercial value is another. Fala (and any other HK actress) might not be able to reach Maggie’s level in terms of acclaim but monetary value is different.

      18. felicity:
        I don’t know if you are Cantonese-speaking person or not. I am, and I am very picky about accented Cantonese.

        I used to criticize Fala’s Cantonese in all other drama series until the very last one or two. However, I did not notice much accent in TITS 2 though it was not 100% perfect.

        Fala Chen has only lived in Hong Kong for 8 years while Carina Lau for 30 years. If Fala could learn good Cantonese in 8 years, her Cantonese will be a lot better in 30 years. Personally I think Carina’s Cantonese is still pretty bad despite her 30-year stay in Hong Kong. I can hear her accent in every single sentence.

      19. felicity:
        I am not only Cantonese speaking, but I speak Hongkong Cantonese. If you don’t speak Hongkong Cantonese, you may not notice Fala’s Cantonese (with accents or not) that well.

      20. ^^ Way to go to miscomprehend my comment again. Geez, why compare actresses all the time? Both Gong Li and Maggie Cheung are equally deserving of their status. Both have often been cited as the best actresses of their generation and won similar international acclaim; Gong Li works best under Zhang Yi Mou, Maggie works best with WKW. Whether you like them or not, they are very influential actresses who represent the best from Asia to western film critics.

        It is fine to have our own preference but to claim that a multiple best actress winner is still ‘awful now’ is plain wrong and ignorant, it is not just a matter of taste. If a 5 time HKFA best actress winner is awful, then the judges must all be blind, eh? Well, it speaks more about the posters narrow bias at this website when they rave about TVB starlets and wannabe movie stars and even go so far as to dismiss established veteran actresses like Maggie Cheung and Carina Lau, to try and make their favorites look better. (“You don’t think my favorite will surpass so&so? Well, what’s so great about so&so, I don’t like her voice, blah blah”) Typical. What special snowflakes these posters are.

        On a personal note, this will be my last post on Jaynestars for awhile. Spending too much time here at Jaynestars reading wtf comments from TVB fans makes me realise that I am NOT a TVB fan. I miss visiting my favorite movie message board, where posters are much more knowledgeable and it is so much more enjoyable to read informed and well argued comments from people who are simply fans of movies, even if I don’t always agree with them.

      21. felicity:
        Acting is very subjective, and everyone has different tastes and expectations. I don’t argue with you about Maggie Cheung’s acting. If she won so many awards including some international ones, her acting was surely recognized by most people.

        However, I just don’t agree with you about Fala’s Cantonese vs. Carina’s. Fala’s is not perfect yet, but Carina’s is way worse despite her long stay in Hong Kong.

      22. Btw, my post above about Gong Li vs Maggie Cheung was @ Funn.

        @advo Just read your posts after I posted. I don’t disagree with most of your comments re: no one can predict future for Fala. Anything can happen, as you said. It’s fun to speculate, as what everybody is doing here. I highly doubt that Fala will surpass Maggie but don’t begrudge Fala’s fans for being hopeful. Goodness knows that HK is in dire need of new talents to lead the movie industry, as the 80s generation of stars are all aging and in 10 years most will be too old to act anymore in leading roles.

        I concur too with your other remark that sadly, there is no true chinese actor who has broken through globally on the same scale as Hollywood movie stars. While Maggie Cheung is an internationally acclaimed actress and critics darling at film festivals, she is not a on international movie icon on the same level as a Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Lawrence. ZZY and Michelle Yeoh might be better known by the average american than Cheung, if only for CTHD. Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz had successfully broken through to Hollywood (playing gf roles to the male leads mostly), though they act much better in their native tongues and are wasted in their english speaking movies. Maggie Cheung turned down a lot of offers from Hollywood because she didn’t the role or script appealing enough for her. I think Tony Leung said the same thing when asked whether he wanted to expand his career to Hollywood. He gets offered much more interesting roles in Asia, so what’s the point in moving to Hollywood? Asians do not have a lot of roles written for them in Hollywood role, though recently, a few asian actresses have clinched roles in high profile movies like Rinko Kikuchi and Bae Doona.

        Ok, this is really my last post here. I enjoy reading your posts, advo, as I find your comments often balanced and well reasoned even if you may be a tad too defensive of Fala too. 😉

      23. One last post @sandcherry

        Fair enough if you “used to criticize Fala’s Cantonese in all other drama series until the very last one or two”. I just don’t think than Carina Lau’s accent is much worse than Fala’s, nor does it detract from her acting performance at all, but you may think otherwise. In the real world, not everyone speaks with the same accent too.

        If you grew up in another country speaking one dialect, it is very hard to shake off your accent when you speak Cantonese compared to a native HK speaker, even if you come later to live in HK for many years. Everybody who grew up in HK can speak accentless fluent Cantonese. I am not going to give a HK actress bonus points for being able to speak clear cantonese, just as I am not impressed by those ABC actors like Maggie Q who speak perfect american english. So what? It is expected of them. Overseas born chinese can’t help that their Cantonese isn’t 100% pure accentless. As long as they can be understood clearly, I don’t mind slight accents and commend foreign actresses for their effort in learning Cantonese – and in some cases, it even adds to their charm. Some people adore the way Shu Qi speaks cantonese with her melodious taiwanese accent, while others cannot stand her but seldom because of her accent. People can always find faults with actresses they do not like, and accents are one of the easiest things to nitpick on.

      24. I know some people don’t care about the Cantonese accents, but some people do, especially the people in Hong Kong. I just judged Fala’s vs. Carina’s Cantonese as a Hongkong Cantonese, not as someone from other places.

    2. @felicity: Fala’s not from Suzhou, but she is from Chengdu, Sichuan.

      1. @Moon

        Thanks for the correction, so I got the province wrong (didn’t have time to google). My point remains though. Both Fala and Carina are from China and you can detect their slight accents because they are not native Cantonese speakers. Slight accents don’t bother me though.

  5. Maybe I don’t quite understand how the HK entertainment industry works; but I don’t quite get the assumption that she will automatically become a mega film star just because some agent/management want to sign on as her representative. Don’t they still need to go out and convince filmmakers to offer her some plump roles and that she would have to excel in them?

    1. You should ask yourself why some agent/management are so eager to sign her. It’s because of they believe filmmakers would be interested in her of course. Whether what they believe is consistent with reality is naturally a completely different issue.

    2. I suppose what they are saying is she has movie star appeal and movie star potential. Whether she has that or not is up to you to debate. But many film studios and producers often look for the next breakout movie star which need not be someone who is a veteran or experienced. She may not work well on TV but maybe she works well in movies?

  6. i wish she can…i like her over any of those 1st line actress in TVB…best wishes to her

    1. Me too. She is more versatile than the other current new top fadans in TVB, in looks and in acting.

      1. I do not think Fala’s acting is better than other fadans. In term of looks , i agreed that she is the prettiest among all . Fala still needs a lot of improvement

    1. Of course not yet. Maggie Cheung did not act well when she was with TVB. In fact, she was terrible in her very first drama series.

    2. I have never thought of her being like Maggie in any way and doubt she can ever reach any level close to Maggie. I wonder why people are saying she will be like Maggie. I even wonder if she can be like Michelle Ye, but Maggie?? No way..

      1. @HeTieShou: Neither do I. I don’t see any similarities between Maggie Cheung and Fala Chen at all, whether in their acting styles, image or early career path. It’s such a random comparison by Eric Tsang. Eric could just as well claim that Kate Tsui or Eliza Sum is similar to a young Maggie Cheung, to make us equally bemused while rolling our eyes. But Eric has anointed Fala and not the other TVB fadans as Maggie’s successor because the wily short man is trying to sign her to his company. So obvious. Lol

      2. So far isn’t it only Eric Tsang who made this bold statement? So I would hardly say “people” are saying it. It’s his opinion, you can agree or disagree.

  7. So is free speech not practiced in this forum? My message was deleted.

  8. What a shame. Her accent and acting is terrible. She still needs heaps of improvement to begin with. Her super unnatural acting in TITS2 has proven so.

    1. Agree! I’m surprised so many are praising her acting. I was like, “What acting?”

      1. Acting is a very subjective issue. Everyone is different. Some people like Fala’s acting, some people like Myolie’s acting and some people like Linda Chung’s.

      2. Yup,as I always say, acting is subjective and that is how any average actor/actress survives in this circle. However, I must say that IF you are generally a good actor/actress then most people will like your acting and only a minority will dislike it. FOr example, Tony Leung is definitely a good actor and most people will like his acting but of course there are still a minority that will not like it. Hey, you can’t be liked by everyone…

      3. Exactly! It’s not that I dislike her. In fact I liked her in Can’t Buy Me Love and some other series but definitely not this one. For a matter of fact in some scenes she pretended to be cute, is extremely nauseating. Those scenes where she popped in those “Heyyyyy………” is so unnecessary. She’s just annoying in the entire series. Well towards the end I think she was slightly better.. As long as she don’t put on those funny way of speaking then she’s actually ok.

        Oh well.. I hope she does better in her future work though.

  9. Well she has potential n given time shes gonna make it big on d big screen best wishes Fala Chen!!!!!!!!

  10. Shouldn’t she fix her accent ? I mean it has improved over the years but I feel like it hinders her acting skills. I don’t think her skills are strong enough to carry the title “SECOND MAGGIE CHEUNG”. Also, she speaks funny english.

    1. Yes, I noticed Fala’s accent too. Funny that sandcherry is always so harsh and keeps harping on other actresses accents but she has not criticized Fala’s accent yet. Hmm, it must because sandcherry is a staunch Fala fan.

      1. Please read the posts below. I did criticize Fala’s English with Chinese accents, but I think Fala’ Cantonese is not bad in TITS 2. Of course there is improvement.

      2. If you compare Fala’s Cantonese with any of the Mandarin-speaking actresses, she is obviously the best. She still speaks with some accents at interviews, but she must have worked very hard in practising her dialogues. I did not notice much accent.

      3. Very strange. When she spoke Mandarin I expected like very fluent chinese accented Mandarin but it doesn’t sound like that. It is better Mandarin than most HK stars but not much chinese accented Mandarin. Then I read here that she left for US a long time ago? That may explain her accent or lack of expected accent.

      4. I heard from Hongkong netizens that Fala purposely spoke her Mandarin like a Hongkonger in TITS 2. Her first jobs in TVB were hosts in some shows in TVB8, so I believe that her Mandarin should not be too bad. However, I have never heard her speaking Mandarin so I cannot tell.

  11. i thot she received many negative feedbacks for her acting in TTIS2. But what makes her become so popular out of sudden…just curious.

    1. Because where there is dislike, there is like. Besides what netizens say never really matters, all they do is give more attention to the person they so very hate/dislike. Thats why I think those netizens who consider themselves kings and queens are very laughable. Lol.

    2. because the series got high ratings and all the bad comments from audience were ignored by tvb. if you browse through many forums or even ask you families, lots will say many bad thing about triumph2 and how certain female lead have too much screentime than the other, how supporting casts got too much screentime and how there are so many useless roles!

      1. many people are simply watching because of nostalgia or supporting certain cast and felt disappointed when those casts barely even appearing some times! such as chilam towards the end when too much spotlight given to fala and francis painful to watch relationship

  12. Really Fala? I like her but i don’ think she is a good actress. TIT2 she was ok.

  13. I always loved Fala’s acting, especially in Steps and a Journey called Life when she acted those “spoiled-girl” roles. I really liked her acting in MR as well. D:

    In my opinion, Fala is a versatile actress as well- can pull off most of her roles given. And I do believe “holiday” is one of her most challenged roles as well 🙂

    1. Agree. Personally I think Fala Chen is the most versatile fadan among the top 5. She can act all types of roles and she is pretty, which is to her advantage. There is room for improvement in her acting for sure. I find her good in both modern and ancient drama series (“Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Ghost Writer”). Her Cantonese is pretty okay in TITS 2. She needs to speak proper Cantonese in ancient drama series.

      1. I didn’t watch TITS 2 yet. And I agree that she does have room for improvement! (:

        And I agree that she is good in both modern and ancient drama series.

      2. Bubblez
        Personally I think Fala did okay in TITS 2, but she could have done better if she had stronger acting skills. She needs to put more details to enhance her inner emotions, especially in cry scenes or upset moods. But Fala did very well as a lively, happy, and free-spirited girl who did not have any directions in life.

        It is not fair to Fala if people judged her acting by watching her cry scenes (without tears) after the 3rd episode.

      3. But Fala did very well as a lively, happy, and free-spirited girl who did not have any directions in life.

        It is not fair to Fala if people judged her acting by watching her cry scenes (without tears) after the 3rd episode.

        ^ I agree with that. I only finished the first 10 episodes.

      4. Fala did better in the last 10 episodes than the first 10 episodes in TITS 2.

    2. Fala is always given similar roles, I don’t think she is a versatile actress. She is rarely given those ‘difficult’ roles, she hasn’t acted as a villain before (In Steps? Not really a villain), I never hate her acting, I thought she always did fair enough in all her previous dramas. But her acting in TITS2 really disappoint me a lot. It seems like she never put all her effort in studying the character. I was cringed by her scene with Chilam on the plane where she took a lot of photos. And she may refer to Chilam’s acting in Return of Cuckoo as a mute person, that was a classic.

      1. I will agree that like Linda, Fala is given similar roles. However, when she first started out, she did act in a villain-like role. And in Steps/Journey called life, I would say a ‘spoiled-girl’ type of role, not exactly a villain but not a hero either.

        And as for TITS 2, I didn’t finish watching it. So I won’t comment there 🙂

  14. Wow was I hiding in a cave? I probably was. Fala just suddenly become a top star overnight when her acting is not even that good. I seriously don’t get why she was the main character in TITS 2. It was quite awkward to watch her in it.

  15. fala is an opportunist with high ambitions including to be a hollywood actress and oscar winner. evident by how she quit her studies in the usa when she found that triumph2 is getting high ratings and popularity and comes back to promote herself. so much difference than fala who at the beginning of triumph2 was telling the press repeatedly that she wants to take a break to study and inprove her acting as the reason she quits tvb, but when triumph2 proves to be ratings winner with help of sam tong and captain cool, she’s back like a lightning to grab all the opportunities given to her through popularity of triumph2. fala need to thank tvb who make her the main female lead of triumph2 despite her bad acting, and tvb for promoting the series highly, and chilam and francis for helping triumph2 becomes popular!

    1. Fala is very lucky that she her popularity soars after the airing of TITS 2, despite the bad comments about her acting from audience.

      I believe that if she is offered new jobs by film producers, those producers should know better if Fala’s acting is good or not. They will not cast her in any movies if they know that she can’t act or she is no good.

      1. Yea, she is lucky which is one of the main things that you must have to succeed in this field or any field.

  16. It is a bit strange that the opinion seems to have swung the other way about fala’s acting, especially when she had not long ago sgiwn an unease with her own acting. To me she seems hesitant or uncomfortable in her a lot of her roles. She doesn’t seem to believe the character is her or is invested. She just acts as required.

  17. Fala is a gorgeous girl but Hollywood is not the place for her.

    First of all, Asians are a minority in Hollywood. Rarely do you see an Asian person lead a TV show or a movie, most of them play supporting characters.

    Secondly, Fala’s English isn’t very good at all. No one in Hollywood is going to consider her for a role with a Chinese accented English.

    I applaud her high ambitions but I really doubt I’m going to see her on TV or at my local theatre anytime soon.

    1. I don’t think Fala will make it to Hollywood. Her English is good for a Chinese, but not good enough to play a major character in Hollywood movies, unless she has Jacky Chan’s fame and is good in action movies.

    2. Fala’s English isn’t very good compared to American Asians, but it’s fine for Chinese people. She’s surely at a better starting place than the likes of Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi. However, she does not have the status that they have so you are right in that Hollywood would probably not care for her. But then again, it doesn’t look like she’s pursuing a career in Hollywood right now so the point is rather moot. In the future, if she does manage to establish a big career in the HK movie industry then Hollywood might be interested and then she’s at a better starting point than the before-mentioned examples.

    3. I don’t see the why there is even a debate about her command of the English language. I thought she spoke English well. Of course not those accented English but I didn’t hear any HK English. Her standard is way better than the current crop at Hollywood, I bet better than Queen of red carpet, all the Bing Bings. Whilst I think her acting is not up to par, I am not complaining about her English. I think she has a good command of English.

  18. I personally feel that she has been given enough chances in TVB since her early days already and yet her acting hasn’t been improving… … Let’s just wait and see how “better” marketing and more chances can change people’s perception of her then.

  19. Fala Chen English is excellent. Pls go to the youtube to listen to her talking.

    1. Fala’s English is good, but not as good as an ABC or CBC. She speaks with some accents.

      1. But Fala is ABC though!
        And her English is perfectly fine to me 🙂

      2. Fala Chen is not an ABC.

        As per Wikipedia:

        Fala Chen was born and raised in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, up until the tender age of 14, where she migrated to Atlanta, Georgia, United States with her parents. Graduating from high school with the Top 10 of her cohort, she then went on to pursue a course in Marketing and International Business in Emory University’s Goizueta Business School in Georgia. She graduated from Emory University with a BBA degree in May, 2005.

        After graduating from Emory University in May 2005 with the 1st runner up position in 2005 Miss Chinese International Pageant under her belt, Chen signed a 8 year contract with TVB. She first started out as a host on numerous variety shows on TVB8’s mandarin channel, before making her acting debut in the TVB series Forensic Heroes, where she starred as a murderer.

      3. I have seen some ABCs and CBCs speak really bad English too, so just because you are ABC or CBC does not guarantee that your English will be good.

      4. I really don’t know what’s bad English or bad whatever language. The English language is pretty easy to grasp. One may not rid their native accent but if they can speak in grammatically correct sentences, I believe that is good English.

      5. I haven’t come across any CBCs speaking bad English, but I cannot guarantee that they write good English.

        Well, if a CBC or ABC is brought up in a China town area, his/his family does not speak one word of English, he/she doesn’t go to school after grade 10 and he/she hangs around only with kids of his/her educational and family background, then his/her verbal English may not be good.

      6. Ha ha ……… everyone’s expectation is different. Some people would expect a person to speak English without any accent, good fluency, and good grammar. Some people just don’t care about the accents, they just want to listen to some good and fluent English and would accept it as long as it is understandable.

        I am quite picky. Good English to me means a person has to speak good verbal English with fluency, little or no accent, good grammar, good command of words, as well as having good writing skills. Good language skills should include both verbal and written.

    2. I don’t find her English excellent at all and I’m Canadian (born and raised).

      Her English is very awkward. She speaks very slowly and constantly says “um”. She also speaks with a noticeable accent and bad grammar.

      No Hollywood director would give even a supporting role to Fala when there are other Asian actresses with better English and acting skills. It’s a very saturated market.

      1. I am not a CBC, but I noticed her accented English. Her English is good for Hongkong Chinese, but not good enough as an American raised Chinese.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like Fala.

      2. Yea, her English is not bad but is not that great either. She seems to um and pause quite a bit and if you are fluent in any language, you would not need to do that so often.

      3. Since we are on the subject, out of all these so called CBC’s or ABC’s from TVB. The only ones that can speak well are of course: Daniel Wu + Nicholas Tse + Perv Edison Chen

        For actress = Linda Chung sounds pretty OK to me, she sounds pretty fluent and and natural. Esp when if we compare bet Fala and Kate Tsui, my pick is Linda Chung.

      4. I don’t know about you but her English is good. I’m born and raised in Canada too. I think her English is very good and the main point is your able to understand what she is saying. Everyone has an accent no matter what nationality you are. Just because you have an accent doesn’t mean your bad. There are a lot of my teacher that has accent but they teach English.

      5. In everyday conversation, her English is fine but not good enough if she wants to pursue a career in America.

        When was the last time you saw an Asian leading lady speaking in Chinese accented English?

      6. It could happen if the Asian character was born, raised and educated in Asia, but there wouldn’t be many of this types of characters ………. such as Madam Butterfly, Miss Saigon, etc.

      7. Come on just because she has a Chinese accent she can’t succeed in America? There are Korean, Thailand, japanese, Indian and other countries with accent they can still go into the hollywood scene and succeed. Example Ziyi zhang.

      8. There are Korean, Thailand, japanese, Indian and other countries actress/actor with accent.

      9. There are a lot of my teacher that has accent but they teach English.
        It only happened in the last 30 years not before, and usually not in elementary schools. You must be quite young.

      10. Do you know why people in Hong Kong don’t speak good English (with proper pronunciation)? It is because their teachers don’t speak English with proper pronunciation or “so-called” Hong Kong accents. Students (especially elementary school) learn the English language (verbal and written) from their teachers, and as a result pick up the poor pronunciation and Hongkong accents from their teachers.

      11. As long as it is grammatically correct, accent is just an indication where you’re from. Good example is Tony Leung (Chiu Wai). Or even Damien Lau.

      12. Damien Lau went to a very good English boys’ high school (St. Joseph’s College, Garden Road) in Hong Kong. It is famous for English and academics.

        Don’t know about Tony Leung Chiu-Wai.

      13. I heard that parents in Hong Kong have to line up overnight on the streets to get application forms for their children’s enrollment in Grade 1 (sometimes even in kindergarten) in those top band 1 schools. International schools are not included in this category, but their tuition fees are super expensive; only rich parents can afford it.

    1. haha big joke. I dont like Eric Tsang anyway. Dont take him seriously Larry 3. Maybe 2nd Zhang Yiyi.

  20. pls don’t put Fala and Maggie at the same line. Fala’s acting is still not comparable to Maggie. Even in tvb, Maggie is already an established actress but for Fala, her acting is still “meh” after all the years in tvb

    1. Uh, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk only improved after she left TVB for the movie industry. Her acting was awful to mediocre at best when she was with TVB.

      1. True. Maggie was always considered the flower vase back in her TVB days. Even she has acknowledged that she only “got” what acting was all about after filming Wong Gok Ka Moon (Wong Kar Wai’s first film).

      2. Maggie’s acting was not too bad during her TVB days, but of course with time her acting became a lot better. Acting in movies and series are 2 different worlds.

      3. Maggie Cheung Man Yuk only improved after she left TVB for the movie industry. Her acting was awful to mediocre at best when she was with TVB.
        Agree. As a matter of fact, Maggie Cheung only spent two years, i.e. 1984 and 1985, in TVB, and filmed totally 5 drama series. As per Wikipedia, she has filmed more than 75 movies so far and her first movies was filmed also in 1984. Though I don’t think highly of her acting skills, I have to say that her acting should be a lot better now after filming 75 movies. Most likely she had chances to act at least 50+ different characters to improve her acting skills over the years.

        If she stayed with TVB, her acting skills would not be so rich and broad.

        That is one of the main reasons why Charmaine Sheh and Fala Chen wanted to leave TVB so that they will have chances to co-act with other artistes and producers and portray other types of characters. Most of the artistes in TVB are set to act the same types of roles.

    2. I never really watch anything of Maggie Cheung except that Leon Lai pairing alled ‘ Tian Mi Mi ‘. Acting was ok but movie was kind of interesting. ahhaha… so I cant tell how their actings are in comparison but I have never particularly like Fala Chen’s look or acting in any of her series. Maggie Cheung is no beauty but I like her in that movie. Both Leon n her was so believable hahaa..

  21. She is my least favourite of fadans. Cos her acting doesnt leave any impression. Esp. In tits, even confirmed that her acting is still poor. Maybe she is too tough in real life, smooth sailing life. Her acting Lacks depth. I agreed that her english is good enough for chinese but not as good as ABC for the accent. She will nv be maggie cheung, maybe in her dream. Plus she is too arrogant in real life in my impression. Well, many celebrities are but not all. Pretty is not enough to be successful in film industry.
    Anyway, i guess i guess she juz try for her luck. Since she will just be the same in tvb and her singing career flopped.

  22. She is trying her best to do her best in acting. Not to say, she even went to acting school to improve her acting. Why are you guys hating on her so much? Jealous much? Criticizing her and saying her acting skills are weak and needs improvement should be to a certain point. You guys shouldn’t be saying that she doesn’t deserve to act and tell her to go do something else other than acting. Why are you guys even watching her if you guys dislike her so much?

    She is better than a lot of other actresses and for now, she may not be the best but if someone is trying to improve him/herself then shouldn’t chances be given instead of taking people’s dreams and hard work away?

    You guys ask for 90% or perfection in her when you guys can’t even half of what she does…and she is the actress not you guys.

    1. “Why are you guys hating on her so much? Jealous much?”

      Tiring isn’t it? Criticise = jealous. There are so many we should be jealous of, why unanimously her? Watch the performance people are criticising her. Watch it with harsh eyes of a critic or a seasoned TV drama watcher who has seen better. And perhaps then you can understand what’s the frustration. Jealous? Hardly. Just angry bunch of people.

      “You guys ask for 90% or perfection in her when you guys can’t even half of what she does…and she is the actress not you guys.”

      Of course we can. Those of us who are good at what we do have more than half she has. It isn’t always about looks (there are better looking ones), money (there are always someone richer), body (others better shaped) or talent (in whatever field, always someone better). The problem is she is in the public eye, she offers her work to the public hence any evaluation is in the public eye. Believe me, she gets the hate but she isn’t the worst hit. I’ve read worse stuff, sometimes borderline insulting on other actresses, so it isn’t her alone.

      1. Actually the accusation of people being jealous (perhaps jealous or envy isn’t the correct word to describe the situation) due to spending most of their time criticizing may or may not be used in the right context, but psychologically speaking those who spend, literally, their entire life criticizing others are seen as individuals who are lacking something in their lives. It could be parental love, being an extreme introvert, being socially awkward etc etc. These are the things that make an individual not a ‘whole’ therefore they feel the need to criticize others and make themselves feel better.

        Of course this doesn’t go for every person who criticize but the majority falls under this ‘I need to say this about someone, so it makes me feel better’ And of course when you fall under this category of feeling the need to criticize to satisfy one’s inner needs, there is a mild to extreme form. And some of the extreme form from what I see from my past clients/patients, it can be quite frightening and humorous at the same time.

      2. @ Crystal

        I agree with your comment, but will add that there are also tons of people who just complain about one actor because it’s not their idol.

        I’m in the progress of reading Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” and it’s depressing to read about how much internalised misogyny women continue to perpetuate. And I see that a lot here too.

        That said, I also think there are people who are neutral on Fala and just point out what they see of failings. I just wish people who stop inferring so much when the article is actually pretty straight forward.

      3. Advo:
        You’re right, but if everyone stopped interpreting and inferring whatever they read, the media would not even exist. That’s the problem with humans, we don’t know where the truth lies and we interpret and interpret it until we assume it is the truth.

      4. Jealous might not be the right word to use but what I can add in is…WE ARE HUMANS! ACTORS/ACTRESSES ARE HUMANS AND WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES.

        You can be a good observer/critic because it is what you do…I can’t imagine how many people you criticized or praised but if you yourself try to act you may or may not be perfect. There are lots of competition out there…being a celebrity is not easy.

        Let’s not be so harsh on someone who is trying their best. Criticizing should only be to a certain point.

      5. “but psychologically speaking those who spend, literally, their entire life criticizing others are seen as individuals who are lacking something in their lives.”

        Perhaps but that is because one is never satisfied in life. Some complain, so move forward and is a go getter. But now to claim anyone complaining a lot is psychologically off is akin to those listening to these comments and not replying as sadist (or masochist? those who love to torture themselves?). Point is let’s not use mental or psychological arguments to explain a certain behaviour or trend. Not everything is a disease and not every disease needs medicine. Sometimes a complain, is a complain and sometimes people keep complaining is because no one is listening and sometimes when people are listening they’re doing nothing about it or if they’re doing something about it, it is not enough.

        you can call it perhaps a call for attention or to some a call for correction.

        What about those who sees accusations or criticisms as a form of people actually being jealous or envious? How to explain these people who make such sweeping statements about ones behaviour? There must be something wrong to oversimplify things? Or over complicate things? Or be dismissive about things by using a youthful way of rejecting an argument by saying “Oh you’re just jealous”.

        Maybe, but that doesn’t make the argument or criticism as a less valid opinion than those who perpetually sees sunshine, rainbows and butterflies in their idols, like a halo on top of their head which some may say is a delusional behaviour or perhaps by being encouraging some may be too encouraging to the point of being way too PC and refuse to make a stand about what is obviously lacking?

        Ahhhh everybody has faults and everybody has advantage. Opinions are harsh, I myself have been aimed a few but there are sometimes some criticisms that are good and life changing, and I suppose not everyone wants a yes man sort of cheerleader but one who speaks the truth, again truth here is very very subjective.

        It is in the end about someone’s personality, acting, etc. I have never met Fala so I can’t say I know her personality. Not even a friend. Acting, there you can see it on screen. I know she may have put a lot of effort but sometimes, like many many people and organisations, unfortunately the end results is the ultimate thing for us to form an opinion on. Maybe TVB should release some BTS, as in those major BTS with NGs and maybe a different form of opinion may be formed.

      6. I’m not trying to make this into some behavioral psychology debate. I am just saying that there are research on clinical studies on people who likes to critique. And these are their findings what I vaguely mentioned above about not feeling ‘complete’

        You are absolutely correct that no one has a complete life. However I do believe and have seen that many others in this world choose to do something else, anything but critiquing, to satisfy whatever they are missing within themselves.

        Well of course, I left out the part where critiquing others seems to be hobby or a habit since the society we live in today is generations different from the past.

  23. i like her…i think “Holiday” is not a easy character to act…wish her the best!

  24. I think her acting is good besides that she is so beautiful and attractive so that SHE WILL BE A WELL-KNOWN MOVIES STAR SOON.

  25. I don’t get the deal with Maggie either, an average actress at most but an international star? I don’t see it, she made a lot of poor judgement on some of the productions she’s been involved in. Same view on how I see Tom Cruise, they’re both internationally famous but not for their acting abilities and for what reason I honestly have no idea.

    1. Whether you like it or not, get it or not, Maggie is noted for her acting abilities. I’m not really fond of her myself, but I do think she can be pretty sublime when she’s at the top of her game.

      As for Tom Cruise, it’s not hard to break out as an action star. Look at Jackie Chan. They’re in big blockbusters and do their own stunts. But Tom can be a good actor (the same can’t be said for Jackie…) if only he’d stop doing those feature-length adverts of action man. It’s basically Tom Cruise starring as… Tom Cruise. Bleh.

  26. Fala does indeed look pretty , but her acting skill ? Hmmm in future I don’t know but at this moment , nope I’m not impressed.

    To compared with Maggie Cheung ? Not fair for Fala.Anyway I wish her all the best .

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