Synopsis of TVB’s “Will Power”

Helmed by returning TVB producer Tsui Ching Hong (徐正康), best known for his acclaimed TVB dramas such as War of the Genders <男親女愛> and the Justice Sung series <狀王宋世傑>, the upcoming TVB legal drama Will Power <法外風雲> is slated to premiere on October 14, 2013.

Produced at 32 episodes, Will Power stars Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Moses Chan (陳豪) as lawyers Yu and Lee respectively, two of the most accomplished solicitors in Hong Kong. Yu and Lee are strong competitors, often stepping over boundaries to defeat each other in court.

After almost losing his life in a risky case, Yu reexamines his own life; his change for the better touches experienced lawyer Lo (Elliot Ngok 岳華). Lo recruits Yu into his chamber and leaves him in charge of an important case. On the surface, the case appears to be a simple inheritance battle of a wealthy family. After much investigation, Yu discovers that his own pupil, Ching (Jason Chan 陳智燊), is involved.

On the other hand Lee, who is heavy in debt, has no choice but to return to work for his pupil-master’s (Chung King Fai 鍾景輝) chamber after losing his own business. Lee partners up with his pupil-master’s daughter trainee Shum (Fala Chen 陳法拉) to solve cases.

Shum is in a longtime relationship with Sung (Vincent Wong王浩信), a rich second generation. Unlike Shum, Sung is lazy and lacks the incentive to do well in life.

Yu and Lee meet in court again, only to discover that their case’s chief judge is Luk (Christine Ng 伍詠薇), Yu’s ex-wife and Lee’s ex-girlfriend. A dramatic legal battle ensues.


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  1. Sounds very dry, so tired of moses and wayne. Married actors and actresses are so boring especially those who won’t even do any kissing scenes.

    1. I don’t want to see Moses kiss. He kisses like he is blowing into the girl’s mouth.

    2. moses looks really old! he must be working 24 hrs/day to earn milk money.

  2. What a small world! I am anticipating this but I am not sure if I should eagerly anticipate this. I know the legal cases and law will be rubbish. Hopefully the rivalry whatever will make this series.

    1. The scriptwriters should give a better reason for the unpaid debts run up by Lee (Moses). A top lawyer who’s living month to month?

  3. Sounds recycled, like all TVB series. Hope this gives a breath of fresh air from TITS2’s epic fail.

  4. Oh well not interested don’t watch no need to complain before it airs lucky me I’m from Australia I got so much to choose from to watch

    1. Yeah, and Moses too, he’s in his forties anyway. Wayne looked like he’s wearing a wig.

    2. Filming one drama after another, of course they will be exhausted, and filming at least 20 hours a day is not that easy

  5. awww man this sounds so boring…. not looking forward to it ):

    1. Brother keeper is much boring. This drama is much better and relaxing

      1. Brother keeper has only just started be patient or watch something else

      2. This hasn’t started yet and u think its gonna be relaxing and fun to watch how do u figure that

    2. @ Smart Aleck, It is better if you watch the series first and have comments later.

  6. I am looking for this. Moses and Wayne are old and married but knowing how to act. ait is fun to watch a comedy series.

      1. really? If you said so then I must watch this series to see how bad they are.

  7. wayne is a little too old for that hairstyle. it almost looks like a wig on him

  8. anyway, i will watch this series for 2 TV king Moses and Wayne. Hope the series is good to watch.

    1. @Winnie, It is just your opinion only. I think they are deserved to be TV kings.

  9. Does anyone know why tv king is no longer called best actor is it because it’s no long about being the best actor of the year anymore

    1. rite, the winners themselves know that they’re not necessarily best actors. Calling it Tv king takes away that guilt somewhat, maybe?

    2. The award TV King is given out each year so that he is just a TV King for only in the year he is awarded.

  10. Fala Chen is in Will’s Power? o.o
    Does that mean she’s not going back to her studies…yet..? 😀

  11. @Kit-kat, Moses and Wayne were voted to be TV King by HK viewers, not me.

  12. I will watch both series to see which once is better. The series BK is not bad; Ruco Chan is great actor; hope the rating will be higher in the second week.

  13. What’s the name of the girls in the club in episode 1 ??

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