2012 Best of TVB Awards: Best Actress

Which TVB artist deserves the 2012 Best Actress Award? Cast your vote!


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2. Each person will only be allowed to vote once every 24 hours.

Deadline to submit all votes is Friday, December 21, 2012 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. The winner and all results will be announced after the poll ends.

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NOTEBottled Passion and When Heaven Burns were already included in our “2011 Best of TVB Awards” poll last year, so they were not included in our 2012 poll. Since Sergeant Tabloid has not been aired in Hong Kong yet, the series was not included in our 2012 poll.

The “2012 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com include ten awards in the following categories:

1.   Best Series
2.   Best Actor
3.   Best Actress
4.   Best Supporting Actor
5.   Best Suporting Actress
6.   Best Onscreen Couple
7.   Best Villain
8.   Most Improved Artist
9.   Star of Tomorrow
10. Best Theme Song


  1. TY has been consistent in all the roles given to her. Hope she will win in the coming tvb award. TY all the way!

  2. Tavia & Tavia & Tavia & Tavia
    Others Sucks especially Kate and Linda

  3. Tavia n Kate performance for dis yr overrated in terms of production value n artistes merit imo! Myolie predictable acting as always but surprisingly was amazing for 耀舞長安(should be nominated). D dancing n interaction for d entire cast were awesome, somewat refreshing!

    Michelle, an exception coz I quit watching TC, u know it’s producer n scriptwriter stripped out everything dat was of historic value when it was supposed to be an epic, mann! Misleading title n fabrication of historical characters! I suppose I won’t be so pi$$ed if it had an impressive n decent storyline, TVB! Charmaine n others a total blur.

    I’d go with Linda, all her series dis yr though nothing grand but still convey a feeling of reality, best of luck Linda for both Jaynestar n d TVB best actress awards!!!

  4. Tavia I support you all the way. I love how she is one of the few people who actually was part of tvb acting class rather than those who jumped ahead and parptipate in miss hk or miss Chinese international

  5. Linda I know very hard Kate and Tavia are the hardest competitiveness, but Linda Chung is on my mind that I think she will going to win. If not, she will have a chance next time. Best of Luck to Linda Chung.

  6. Tavia the BEST
    Tavia Tavia Tavia Tavia Tavia Tavia Tavia Tavia Tavia Tavia Tavia Tavia

  7. kate actually REALLY deserves it so much more this year. THIS IS THE YEAR FOR KATE. tavia can get it next year or something.

  8. I will vote to MYOLIE WU for best actress and KEVIN CHENG or KENNTH MA for best actor. but badly I cannot vote in hong kong because I´m not a hong hong person. dammm

  9. I dun understand why nobody voted much for Michelle Yim. Her acting is so good.

    1. fans will alwiz be fans. but don’t worry, there are silent readers who will vote for the deserving ones…

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