2012 Best of TVB Awards: Best Theme Song

Which TVB series deserves the 2012 Best Theme Song Award? Cast your vote!


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Deadline to submit all votes is Friday, December 21, 2012 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. The winner and all results will be announced after the poll ends.

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The “2012 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com include ten awards in the following categories:

1.   Best Series
2.   Best Actor
3.   Best Actress
4.   Best Supporting Actor
5.   Best Supporting Actress
6.   Best Onscreen Couple
7.   Best Villain
8.   Most Improved Artist
9.   Star of Tomorrow
10. Best Theme Song


  1. OMG!!! I LOVE THE THEME SONG OF “KING MAKER” …The song just…HITS ME!! It’s so dramatic and yeah, i think it very much suit the series!

  2. this is really hard >.<
    i can't choose which one i like best.

    1. that cuz both are great singers, but i prefered HAL because the way LF sung it made the song more meaningful and emothional

    2. That is exactly me too. I loved both themes. The piano melody sounds so good and how the singers sung it made the song even more better. Also, those are my 2 most fave singers.

    3. Absolutely agree with you guys! They are my most favourite singers as well.

    1. I had a hard time deciding between LSA and SSSS. But finally chose LSA

      1. Are you kidding me? You actually liked Fiona’s theme song? I thought she sounded horrible in that song and plus that song didn’t sound that great either. How the whole song turned out sounded horrible. My whole family preffered Ron’s sub theme for that drama more than the theme. We all thought Ron sang better than the proffesional singer.

      2. I actually like that song 此时此刻 sang by Fiona. It’s the only song that I like among the songs that I’ve listened by Fiona.

  3. I m with on call 36 lol.. actually i can’t decide which i like better, either last steep or on call.. but becuz On call has KM, so I pick it. 😀

    1. Omg I love KM too. He’s so nice and good looking in person <3

  4. On Call, Greatness of Hero and Bottled Passion *thumbs up*

  5. I really like koo Ming was and power chan but I also think Joel chan deserves some recognition. He was the only reason I finished watching the last steep ascent.

  6. damnn alot of the songs were good this year! like on call, witness insecurity, last steep ascent, highs and lows, anddd so much more :O so hard to decide >.<

  7. Is it just me cuz i freaking loved SSSS themesong by Fiona sit!!

    1. I love it too! I haven’t seen it, but I hear it when my parents watch it

    2. I like when she sings the first part.. I didn’t know she sang that.

    3. actually yes. i love the song very much too. haha but my vote is still with On Call, oh dear~

    4. whaaa? she sang the theme song for ssss? *dumbfounded* didnt know she’s such a good singer!

    5. I’m different, this song sounds too modern and funny although Fiona is a quite good singer. And wonder why they has to use Laputa no hokai song that much in the series? Do they buy the copyright? I wonder.

  8. I think the majority of these songs are by Tang Chi Wei. Just wondering is he the only one that composes for TVB theme songs? But he’s got some absolute beauties.

    1. Totaly agree! I love all the music he composes. All the ones he composed for Raymond Lam sounds sooooo good.

  9. Really enjoyed Joey Yung’s theme song the most. Really great!

    1. both On Call and HAL’s theme song were great! so hard to choose..

  10. I actually like ending song by Wayne and Nancy. I didn’t know she can sing.

    1. Haha I love it too. Unfortunately its not in this or i’ll definetely vote for it.

  11. This is one category I am very sure which one I am voting. Last Steep Ascent. Beautiful song but I think this won’t win.

  12. Tough choice between THC and HAL but it’s gotta be HAL for me….the lyrics and melody itself really puts you in the mood, pretty sad and well performed by LF

  13. 1. Best Series
    Come Home Love (I thoughts the few family was good, but this drama tops it all with comedy, seriousness, and lifestyle pretty much)

    Witness Insecurity (Amazing drama from a mental illness prospective, sad ending but it seem more real)

    Highs and Lows(Ben, Kate, & Michael really makes this drama incredible. Sad that Ben was not voted in the TVB but he deserve it here also 🙂 )

    The Confidant (So far so good, just need to be more evil, seem so nice in here)

    2. Best Actor
    Bosco in WS
    Damian- SSSS
    Kenneth- 36

    3. Best Actress
    Kate -Highs&Lows

    4. Best Supporting Actor
    Ben Wong -H&L
    Michael Tse -L’Escargot

    5. Best Supporting Actress
    Nancy Wu -The Confidant

    6. Best Onscreen Couple

    7. Best Villain
    Kenneth-Tiger Cubs (He definitely needs more villian role, he is so good at it!!!!)

    8. Most Improved Artist
    Mandy Wong
    Oscar Leung
    Vincent in Tiger Cubs

    9. Star of Tomorrow
    Pako Confidant
    Rebecca SSS

    10. Best Theme Song
    Come Home Love “擁抱愛” (Joyce Cheng)
    GJII “沒時間後悔” (Hanjin Tan, Jin Au-yeung)

    ***This was the hardest to pick because some MV/Theme Song was horrible, or too soft or not in harmony. If taken out of context with the picture of the drama and just listen to some music, it’s >>> I could only seem to like these two which was in sync and catchy the most..***

  14. 1. Best Series
    The Hippocratic Crush – love the beautiful & touching story lines so much!

    2. Best Actor
    Veteran Damian in SSSS.

    3. Best Actress
    Tavia Yeung in SSSS. She did a brilliant job in THC too 😀

    4. Best Supporting Actor
    Ram Chiang in WI – this guy has always been impressive.

    5. Best Supporting Actress
    Elena Kong in SSSS.

    6. Best Onscreen Couple
    No other than Kenneth & Tavia!

    7. Best Villain
    Kenneth in Tiger Cubs – he’s very cool there!

    8. Most Improved Artist
    Oscar Leung in Tiger Cubs, Him Law in THC and Mandy Wong generally.

    9. Star of Tomorrow
    The little emperor in The Confidant.

    10. Best Theme Song
    Joey Yung’s THC for sure!

  15. 1. Best Series
    The Hippocratic Crush
    2. Best Actor
    Kenneth Ma- THC
    3. Best Actress
    Tavia Yeung in SSSS and Michelle Yim- TC
    4. Best Supporting Actor
    Koo Ming Wah
    5. Best Supporting Actress
    Elena Kong in SSSS.
    6. Best Onscreen Couple
    Kenneth & Tavia!
    7. Best Villain
    Kenneth in Tiger Cubs
    8. Most Improved Artist
    Oscar Leung in Tiger Cubs.
    9. Star of Tomorrow
    Nathan Ngai -THV
    10. Best Theme Song
    Joey Yung’s THC

  16. King Maker, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, The Confidant, The Greatness of a Hero, The Hippocratic Crush and *Witness Insecurity (The themesong for WI is good unfortunately the singer can barely sing)

  17. Is no one voting for Linda and Ron’s theme for L’escargot? I really liked that song too, just too bad they didn’t sing it together at Chi Wai’s concert!

  18. Also, people are only talking bout HAL theme. What about the Three Kingdoms theme also by Ray? I kinda didn’t like that song as much as Ray’s other songs, but my mom said that he performed that song very well. I was surprised.

  19. *okay, please stop deleting my message*

    Please watch Come Home Good, it’s really good!

  20. I picked Highs and lows, also condsidering I loved Raymond’s theme song and his voice. his song won the award too.

  21. I think rong sing very well at the ending theme song of SSSS. poorly Myolie did´t sang any song for her dramas these year. hope she can has next year. and even released her third music album

    1. Too bad that one’s not on the list cause not a theme, but sub theme. I would totally vote for that one too ontop of the other songs I picked.

  22. I like Kevin Cheng. Gotta support San Francisician.
    “run run fight” lol

  23. silver spoon sterling shackles wad a damn drama.. super sucks drama i ever seen

      1. Dont need to point out names. When u say it sucks it means the whole cast.

    1. most of the cast did a brilliant job in their respective roles. Just that the plot was no-good and too draggy.

      1. that’s right. the whole cast did a brilliant job except for storyline revolved around siu yao. anyway, the series is a bit draggy, the main prob is with the script.

  24. I hope that Raymond Lam will win something, as well as Myolie. They put on their best. I could feel tears and smiles…:D

  25. Best drama- The Confidant (awesome show all along and I really love the ending where the two main characters discuss about what people will say about them in the future)
    Best Actor- Wayne Lai
    Best Actress- Michelle Yim (I thought her potrayal as Ci’xi was legendary and that nobody in TVB would fit the role as good as her. Unfortunately, it seems that not many people vote for her. Guess I have a distinctive taste)
    Best Supporting Actor- Power Chan (really liked his qoute in the confidabt LOL. Again with my distinctive taste, most people did not vote for him)
    Best supporting actress- Nancy Wu (I really like her =))
    Best onscreen couple- On Call 36.
    Best villian- hands down to Edwind Siu. His villian role in both the confidant and last steep ascent is great. Again with my distinctive taste =P
    Most Improved Artist- Mandy Wong. I think most would agree, no?
    Star of tmr- littlenemporer in the confidant. I enjoyed watching hisbfits haha.
    Best theme song- stucked between on call, king maker and last steep ascent. Lastly voted twice with king maker and last steep ascent. However, if the cinfidant sub theme was here, I would undoubtly choose that. Nancy Wu sang so nice.

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