2012 Next Magazine Awards: Moses Chan In #1 Spot

Hong Kong’s most sensational magazine awards, the 2012 Next Magazine Awards for the Top Ten Television actors, were revealed yesterday. The faces in the top spots were regular TVB artists who have been on the list for years, with a slight realignment in their respective positions.

#1) Moses Chan (陳豪)

After breaking up with Bernice Liu (廖碧兒 ) last year, Moses was dubbed as a “Diamond Bachelor.” However, he did not remain single for long, as he fell in love with Aimee Chan (陳茵媺). Moses and Aimee have been sweetly in love, both privately and publicly ever since.

#2 Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼)

Although it has been one year since Charmaine ended her management contract with TVB, her past dramas such as My Sister of Eternal Flower <花花世界花家姐>, When Heaven Burns <天與地> and Let It Be Love <4 in Love> have been recently broadcast in TVB, thus local audiences have not been able to truly feel her absence yet.

Charmaine has adjusted well in spending more time filming in mainland China. “It’s true that I am in Hong Kong less now. At first, I thought that will not be able to adjust, but my adaptive skills are very strong. I have grown to enjoy filming in mainland China very much. The work hours are not as long, which offers me more personal time. I feel more relaxed now….”

#3 Myolie Wu (胡杏兒)

Despite winning the TV Queen title, Myolie did not act like a diva and was instead very respectful and enthusiastic when she discovered that she was voted as one of the Top Ten Television Actors in the 2012 Next Magazine Awards. Waking up at 4 AM to have her makeup applied for the photo shoot in Suzhou, Myolie demonstrated her professionalism. Myolie has been spending increasingly more time filming in mainland China recently.

#4 Maggie Cheung (張可頤)

Since Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒 3> was last year’s “ratings king” last year, Maggie easily slipped into the fourth spot in the 2012 Next Magazine Awards. This year will be a new beginning for Maggie as she will partner with new Hong Kong television station, City Telecom (CTI). Leaving behind TVB, a company where she had worked for 17 years was a good change for Maggie, allowing her to broaden her vision.

Maggie said, “I think it is a good thing to have more television stations in Hong Kong. It is normal to change jobs. In a new environment, there are definitely new things to learn. When I filmed in China, I saw how serious the production teams in mainland China were, broadening my vision!” Maggie indicated that she left on good terms with TVB management was not afraid that the company will put her on the “black list” in the future.

#5 Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣)

Linda was known for her superb crying skills, which were able to pierce the audience’s heart, as demonstrated in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿 Sir係阿 Sir> and L’Escargot <缺宅男女>.  Linda stated, “Each time I film crying scenes, those are my real tears. If I cannot move myself emotionally, then I will not be able to move the audience.” Linda indicated that she wished to move away from tragic roles and take on riskier roles such as being a villainess or murderer.

#6 Bosco Wong (黃宗澤)

Among TVB siu sangs, Bosco Wong was considered to have good potential. In Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, he was able to hold his ground alongside “Laughing Gor” Michael Tse (謝天華), while continuing to forge a budding career in Hong Kong movies. Producer Eric Tsang (曾志偉) often cast Bosco in his  movies, while publicly praising him.

Bosco stated, “I never considered myself to be an idol.” Thus he never intentionally covered his love relationship with Myolie Wu, often speaking of her in past interviews before the pair took their relationship above ground at last year’s TVB Anniversary Awards. In fact, Bosco has been referring to Myolie recently as, “My woman at home” indicating their sweet, intimate relationship!

#7 Kenneth Ma (馬國明)

Since the broadcast of The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, Kenneth’s handsome doctor image made the ladies swoon. His popularity shot up significantly and he has been dubbed as a “diamond bachelor.” Not possessing a smoking or drinking habit, the clean-cut Kenneth was eager to deny such a label, stating, “I am still a good distance from being a ‘diamond bachelor.’ Since I am not a property owner, I do not qualify based on financial grounds!”

#8 Tavia Yeung (楊怡)

Among Tavia’s recent professional roles, her favorite was playing doctor in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>. Tavia stated that the role of a doctor was very positive, allowing her to convey the compassionate nature of the profession. Filming for The Hippocratic Crush was especially enjoyable, since Tavia and Him Law’s (羅仲謙) romantic sparks allegedly sprouted on set.

Tavia smiled and said that she met many new friends while filming the drama. Asked if she had chemistry with Him, Tavia replied, “Of course. Aside from him, there was chemistry with every cast member….” With the positive reception of The Hippocratic Crush, perhaps Tavia had an early leading edge in this year’s TV Queen race.

#9 Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎)

Last year was a spectacular year for Kevin, since he appeared in hit dramas, Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> and Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>.  Kevin’s popularity was incredibly high in mainland drama, with his rumored filming fee at $300,000 Yuan per episode, which was similar to Huang Xiao Ming’s (黃曉明) fee.

#10 Fala Chen (陳法拉)

In the last TVB Anniversary Awards, Fala Chen was tagged as Myolie Wu’s strongest competitor for the TV Queen Award. Negative rumors ensued, Fala lost out on the award, and she suffered facial nerve pain. Currently, she was still in rest mode, sleeping a full 8 hours each day. She watched numerous movies and read books to improve her acting perspective during this period.


Source: Next Magazine via ihktv.com

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Jayne: It’s the second year that Raymond Lam has been left off the Next Magazine Awards! Quite impossible, as his popularity is still very high in Hong Kong! Is Next Magazine on strike against Raymond?

And where is Wayne Lai??

Btw, last year’s Next Magazine photo shoot was much nicer, in which the artists wore evening gowns. This year’s photos look quite plain.

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  1. kinda surprised Maggie Cheung made it up so high on the list. Just saying.

    1. Almost as surprising as her pic. Who talked her into that outfit?

      I’m also surprised Kevin is placed so low. And no Laughing?

      1. tired of laughing dying and reborn. Repeat this sequence 1000x

    2. surprised too. I don’t remember her being that talked about last year.

  2. What kind of magazine is “Next Magazine”? A TVB publication? How come almost all the Award winners are TVB management-contract artistes? Though Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung are no longer working for TVB, they were still filming TVB drama series in 2011.

    1. 620 still love Carmaine. She still got per series contract with TVB.

    2. Next is a tabloids owned by Next Corporation, same to Face and Apple Daily. Next award is a TV annual award for Next’s audience (who bought Next will have one vote to vote). Its list contains other ATV artists who also have TV series. Only TV series artists are listed with Next. Txb is still the biggest channel which contributing the most to the rating, so it’s reasonable for their artists to be there as they are more famous than ATV artists. BTW, as Next is one of trashest tabloids and often make fake stories about artists, not everyone like it or buy it. Some boycotted it.

  3. Why HK people put a scumbag with OTT acting in no.1? Why no LF? LF has the most fans

      1. Yes, his stomach looks awful here. It looks girly, he shouldn’t have shown it, unless he has a six pack. And his clothes… his taste is horrible!!

    1. His fans dun buy Next after last year’s scandal :P. The relationship of LF and Next is like fire and water, lol.

    2. Plus LF’s career is heading toward movies/singing and less series. Most of the actors mentioned above are primarily serial actors.

  4. Is that Kevin’s pic?? Where is Kevin besides on the screens??

    1. Guess he didn’t have time for photo shoot.

      Who’s the girl staring at his butt crack?

      1. A model of Next, I guess.

        If the artist denies to do the photoshot with Next/appear in Next award, Next will have to use old pic or something to fill in. And of course, there is no interview included.

    1. Agreed. Maybe tired of too much love activities with aimee chan

      1. Actually, science shows that “love activities” help keep the body young. In fact, people in love are often much healthier than single people / people in a bad relationship 😀

        So.. maybe he and Aimee aren’t having that much fun? 😉

  5. I still like Charmaine Sheh the most. She looks the best among all the other actresses, not too young but mature. Maggie Cheung looks a bit old, while Linda looks very young.

  6. how did moses get number 1? i thought Kevin would. Laughing was talked about heaps as well, he missed out but his partner Bosco, is included. LF doesn’t have that many tv series – maybe that’s why. And Kate Tsui’s the only fadan that’s not there. Would have thought Charmaine would be low due to failure of Sister Fa and 4 in Love and Heaven Burns…. so to remain at #2 is still pretty good – must be all her fans voting. Fala’s outfit doesn’t look that flattering. Kevin not doing a photoshoot and having a random girl there is a bit weird.

    1. Next Magazine, like Apple news, is owned by Jimmy Lai, who is very critical of PRC leadership. Love and Heaven Burns is banned in China due to political reason (TAM incidence), and very likely Jimmy Lai wants to use the award to promote it. Incidentally, Heaven Burns is also the no. 1 show awarded by Next.

      By the way, Kevin did not bother turning up for the event. He is not fond of the magazine. A couple of weeks ago, Kevin told the Next Magazine in his weibo to kiss his ass.

      1. “By the way, Kevin did not bother turning up for the event. He is not fond of the magazine. A couple of weeks ago, Kevin told the Next Magazine in his weibo to kiss his ass.”

        Really? Seriously? Why? That man has personality!!

      2. Oh, now I see why they put the screen cap of his a$$ up.

        But why doesn’t Kevin like Next? something besides them giving him a new rumored gf every week? I think it’s kinda good to be kept in the news.

        And does the Next boss have anything against Laughing?

      3. Kevin don’t like Next for making him look like a playboy with everchanging gf.

      4. But audience is interested in this kind of “news”. And I think it makes him look like a stud. 😀

      5. @josie: Next is the one who said tat Micheal Tse had other women and cheated Tina. In fact in the above list of top 10, most of them dun really have big problem with Next except some.

      6. But I can’t imagine Next is the only magazine to say MT go fool around. He has that look and reputation already.

      7. “But audience is interested in this kind of “news”. And I think it makes him look like a stud”

        I guess KC does not want that playboy image. Anyway, he probably doesn’t want poor Charmaine to face embarassing new gf rumours questions from reporters. Again during the Next award night, Charmaine had to respond to his latest gf rumour.

      8. Next is one of top tabloids and also famous with make fake news, josie. That’s why most ppl dun like it but still buy it, haha. Do you hear about Ray Lui’s incident? Next said he had 2 daughters but actually these girls are his bro’s daughters. In a year, Next is given a lot of lawsuit letter for these fake news.

      9. Fox,

        Are you working for Next? How would they know you read Next or not? They count every votes as long as you put in your HK IC no.

      10. Do you read the terms and conditions of voting? Next announced so. Hehe, remind me of a chart to show that the most used lie is “I already read the terms and conditions before submitting blah blah”

    2. It would be funny if LF appears in the list, like last year. No pic, no interview, pretty similar to KC this year.

      This Next award is “voted” by Next’s buyers, mean if some fanclubs dun buy Next or boycott it, there is no change.

      1. Not only Next reader can vote. I don’t buy Next buy I still can vote online.

      2. But your vote won’t be counted. The online voting will be re-checked to see if you have order on Next mag or not.

  7. I didn’t notice the pictures until now. After some major photoshop, I will say Tavia’s look good but even then maybe it is the picture quality, none of them actually look like those glamour type spreads. Kenneth I can see his tummy! Why can’t they just take james Bond suits pictures for the guys? Why have them looking so.. silly? I like Falas. She knows how to take a good picture. Where is Kevin’s?

    Myolie looks like Gigi Wong on the picture. Terrible picture. Bosco ok but the cloths.. terrible! Terrible!! Charmaine’s boring. I have seen that look so many times. Maggie is scary. I feel the artistes should have a right to ban these pictures themselves.

    Where’s Wayne? Forgotten until big eunuch comes along I suppose.

      1. ROFL she might request for the frontal shot to avoid her side view.

    1. Best way to photoshop Tavia would be to give her back her ORIGINAL nose.

  8. Maggie looks like that Adam family’s wife. What’s her name? She looks old with visible wrinkles sign.

    Linda’s pic looks too fake, we know she doesn’t have such a smooth skin.. (too much of photoshop effect)

    TY looks best so far.

    Moses looks so old but thanks god, like vivien mentioned above, no aimee in the list.

    Love fala’s dress there and the pose..

    Myolie looks er..horrible with that dark lipstick like she got poisoned or something.

    Yeah and why Moses is in the top? Not KC or Laughing.. pity.

    1. TVB version of “The Addams Family” since Maggie is gone TY can replace her with Kevin as Mr Gomez, Laughing as Uncle Fester and Ron as Lurch, LOL.

  9. Ew pic of Moses. Try to look sexy but not sexy at all haha. I can’t think of one thing he could be cat as diamond Bach. One good thing about him is his height only. He look very old for his age. Look more like late 40 than 30’s.

    1. Moses Chan will be 41 in April. He looks older than Kevin Cheng who will be 43 this coming August.

      1. Agreed. Moses look almost 50 but KC dont look a day over 30 LOL

  10. Jayne:

    Do you have the list of drama series (and their positions) for 2012 Next Magazine Awards?

    1. Sandcherry,
      “Do you have the list of drama series (and their positions) for 2012 Next Magazine Awards?”

      I’m not sure regarding the position of the dramas, as the source I looked at did not mention the drama voting, only the Top 10 Actors.

      As some readers have pointed out, Next Magazine appears to be skewed in the fairness of their results.

      1. s3
        Thank you for your link. I know “When Heaven Burns” was ranked No. 1, and “The Other Truth” was No. 4, but did not know the rest.

        Surprised that “WHB” was the top one, while “4 in Love” was the bottom one on the list. They had the same production crew and almost the same cast. Personally I also liked “WHB” a lot more than “4 in Love”.

        Also surprised that “The Other Truth” beat “Lives of Omission” (ranked No. 5 on the list). It was Chan Chin Pang’s lead role in a drama series. Very glad for him. He acted well as Keith Lau. In fact, if “The Other Truth” was airing before “Ghetto Justice”, it might even beat “Ghetto Justice” because the storyline of “TOT” was better and it was a more serious legal drama series.

  11. Charmaine’s pic is so similar to the one she had with Next on 2009.

  12. The Eason clown style looks very ridiculous on MM.

    The photoshop ruined the pic of Myolie. It has nice background but too much photoshop on the fake make the smile looks force.

    Charmaine, like I commented, the same to one she had with Next. Nothing special.

    Moses looks tired like he has a very hard night before the photoshot.

    TY’s pic looks ok but I suggest her to use it for any next villain role. Remind me of Gam Ling very very much.

    Fala has the best pose and background patern, but why her face is a bit odd like this? If she dun look that sad or cooler a bit, will be better.

    Bosco has the same gesture many times, why dun change?

    I don’t understand the concept of Maggie’s picture. Can’t understand at all. Rock chic? Then why this hair cover?

    Linda, is it her photo taken during the photoshot only and not the final production?

    KC, it’s obvious that he boycotted Next and they have to do such thing. Lol, I guess next year KC won’t appear in Next’s list.

    1. Could not agree more. All of the above pics are not very attrative, except for fala.

  13. Moses and Maggie don’t look good in their pictures, they look older than their ages!

    Linda’s pic looks very boring, very plain.

    I dont like the window in charmaine’s pic.

    Love Tavia pic

    kenneth pic would be perfect if there’s no shadow in it.

    okay witch myolie and bosco pic

    I love fala’s dress the most, but her thigh looks rather big.

    who is the girl stares at kevin ‘s screens? i don’t get whats the point in putting a girl in kevin’s pic, it’s suppose to be only kevin, because this is his award number position, he doesn’t share it with that girl!

  14. Fala has the best dress and background, but her face / expression looks soulless. Maggie’s face doesn’t take strong eye make-up well, bad look for her.

    Linda’s is just a beauty shot (head only), nothing special. Bosco’s shot looks like a Korean idol photo (reminds me of BigBang). Kenneth’s is the worst to me.

    Good lord Myolie does look like Gigi Wong. Charmaine does look good, even if her shot is too predictable.

  15. Fala pic look the best and Maggie Cheung the worst. .she look so old.

  16. Maggie Cheung and Myolie picture make me feel shock.The most funniest picture was Kenneth Ma with horrible outfit and post. Fala and Tavia look the best. Linda quite ok but agree she look plain. The rest look so boring.

    1. one more thing , I cant stand with Myolie lips. She look terrible with the color .><

  17. KC’s fee cannot compare to Huang Xiao Ming’s. HXM gets 500,000 for his role in “Yue Fei”

  18. Besides the lips, I don’t think Myolie’s pic ture is that bad.

    Kenneth isn’t suitable for the silly pose and someone earlier mentioned his bare belly peeking. It’s not a pretty sight. A serious picture will do better.

    Linda’s picture is just a plain portrait.

  19. Among the female artistes listed as top 10 for 2012 Next Magazine Awards, I think Charmaine Sheh and Fala Chen have fashion senses, not the others. They always looked good in their outfits (or they always picked the right clothes for their bodies).

  20. Fala and TY look nice in the picture. At least it is more artistic feel. I don’t like Myolie and Linda’s picture because they looks plastic. Kenneth Ma looks very cute with the spanish feel. Moses look old and haggard in the picture… 🙁

    1. I like Fala’s picture as well, although I didn’t like the background, looks industrial lol

  21. I don’t get why Moses Chan got #1, he didn’t have anything quite surprising or big this year…I thought KC or Laughing would?

    1. Well I don’t think the audience generally agrees with the award results anyways so I guess we don’t need to be surprised. We may not think that he deserves it but maybe others do??THat’s just how it is…

  22. what kind of magazine is “Next glossy publication”? A TVB publication? How come nearly all the Award winners are TVB management-contract artistes? Though Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung are no longer working for TVB, they were still filming TVB drama series in 2011.

  23. magazine is a good medium of getting knowledge in any field and this is my hobby to read magazine is free time.

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