Ady An’s Glamorous Party for 4-Month-Old Son

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Ady An’s Glamorous Party for 4-Month-Old Son

After Taiwanese actress Ady An (安以軒) married Levo Chan (陳榮煉), the CEO of Macau Tak Jun Group, the couple welcomed the arrival of their son this year. In September, Ady held a 100-day celebration for her son “66” in Taiwan. He was given that nickname as his father’s nickname is “65”.

Recently, she threw another lavish party in Macau ensuring that no family or friend would miss the festivities. It was a star studded event and everyone from Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), Cherie Ying (應采兒), Zhang Hanyu (張涵予), Bianca Bai (白歆惠), and Xuan Dong (董璇) were invited.

Ady shared photos of the party on her social media and the venue was very grand with a midnight blue decor. The site was filled with gold and black balloons. It is said that this party was even more lavish than their previous party for their son. Ady booked hotel rooms for guests so that they could party without worry of how to get home afterwards.

Due to her son’s nickname, the venue was decorated with many hexagonal bee hives. Ady also wanted it to symbolize the fact that they consider all of their friends and relatives to be one close knit family like a bee hive. She shared that it is a customary Fujianese tradition that another celebration is held four months after birth. “Thank you for all the well wishes last night and I hope everyone has a smooth sailing future!” (a play on words using her son’s nickname).

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