Ady An’s Husband Gifts Her 4 Luxurious Villas

Taiwanese actress Ady An (安以軒) relocated to Macau after she married Levo Chan (陳榮煉), the CEO of Macau Tak Jun Group, in 2017. She greatly reduced her workload, especially when she gave birth to her son this July at the age of 38. To reward Ady for her sacrifices, Levo reportedly bought four independent villas at “Oscar Crescent” in Macau after he profited 600 million HKD.

It is said that the properties overlook the Macau Jockey Club, making them at a prime location – the price of a single villa is 150 million HKD. One building  has more than 6,700-sq-ft of space, a private elevator, four floors and a rooftop, three to five rooms on each floor, and each floor has a terrace that would be equivalent to the size of the bedrooms in Hong Kong public housing. There is also a private garage that could fit five cars and a 1,000-sq-ft garden.

Actually, this isn’t the first time Levo showered Ady with expensive gifts. For her 38th birthday last year, he got her a diamond necklace that is estimated to be valued at 15 million HKD. Moreover, when she was pregnant, Ady revealed that Levo would rub oil on her belly every day, as well as, help her cut and paint her nails.

Perhaps he dotes on her so much because she brings him fortune and luck. Not only did his business run more smoothly after they got married, but when she got pregnant, 10 female employees at his company also got pregnant.

Source: Hk01

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    How much I love thee? 4 luxurious villas to count the way… and 4 more I never told you for self use.

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