Taiwan Artistes Brace for Typhoon Hours after Earthquake

On August 8 at 5:30 a.m, the outskirts of Yilan, Taiwan was hit with an earthquake measuring at a magnitude of 6.4. Over 1,000 families were left with no electricity. Many Taiwanese artistes who were affected by the earthquake quickly reported their safety via social media, including new mothers Ady An (安以軒) and actress Annie Yi (伊能靜).

Ady, who gave birth to her baby boy just last month and is still residing at a postpartum care center, was extremely frightened. With a newborn child and in an unfamiliar setting, Ady was terrified when the earthquake hit. She wrote, “A typhoon warning has just been issued. Earlier, we felt the earth take in on itself! A 6.4 magnitude earthquake! Everything was shaking so severely and for so long! Currently in a postpartum care center in Taiwan, I was definitely scared to the core. Right before I made my way over to the infant room where my son was, the earthquake stopped. After becoming a mother, it is definitely hard to remain calm. Our hearts beat as one. I quickly called the care center management to make sure everything is okay. Hopefully everyone is safe as well!”

Annie shared that she quickly grabbed her daughter and ran outside. After the earthquake ended, Annie went inside the house to find everything in a state of chaos – all the cabinets were open, and the plants and glassware were all broken and jumbled together on the floor. Annie shared on her social media, “I just ran outside on to the streets with my daughter. I ran over to the empty, open-space parking lot. I was worried that a stronger earthquake would follow after. When I got home and opened the door, everything was broken on the floor. This is the most powerful earthquake I have experienced. After I got my daughter to sleep, I realized that my back was aching. Fortunately, we are safe. I hope everyone is safe also. Be careful and be prepared and aware of any aftershocks!”

Hours following the aftermath of the earthquake, Taiwan braced for a strong typhoon that is expected to affect the country’s northern region later in the coming days. Reports have warned about risks of landslides and high seas.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “Right before I made my way over to the infant room where my son was, the earthquake stopped”

    Does Asian also do infant room? I always thought only Americans do that. Not judging Ady but just wondering about the diff. cultures. Americans be putting infants in rooms that can be upstairs while all the adults are down stairs and cannot hear anything.

    For us Asian, I thought we always put infants in no more than 1 wall separating us from them when we busy, and the wall or room must have open doors too. For sleeping, the crib is only in the same bedroom as parents.

    Thank God everyone was safe! Really scary news.

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