Ady An’s Husband Faces 20 Years in Prison

Taiwanese actress and singer Ady An’s (安以軒) billionaire husband, Levo Chan (陳榮煉), was arrested on suspicions of running illegal gambling operations and money laundering last week. Suspected of at least three crimes, he faces up to 20 years in prison if charged.

On January 30, the Macau police announced the arrest of two suspects, which they identified by their surnames as and ages as: 49-year-old Chen and 34-year-old Cai. The duo are currently held in custody at the Correctional Services Bureau’s prison facility at Coloane in Macau.

Levo is CEO of Tak Chun Group and casino services Macau Legend Development Ltd. His companies are connected to another casino figurehead, Alvin Chau (周焯華), who was arrested in November for running illegal cross-border gambling operations in China. Since Alvin’s arrest, authorities have been eyeing Levo’s operations closely. After attempting to clean up his gambling operations, Levo was hiding in a hotel in China when he was arrested.

It is said that Ady has been having a difficult time handling her husband’s arrest, and is crying all the time. At their 2017 wedding in Hawaii, the couple had exchanged heartfelt vows and Levo promised to make her a happy wife and protect her for the rest of her life.

Known for their extravagant lifestyles, and Levo loved spoiling Ady with gifts. After Ady gave birth to their children, Levo rewarded her with four luxury villas in Macau valued at $600 million Hong Kong dollars. The couple loves to throw lavish parties for family birthdays and their wedding anniversary.

With Levo now facing a lengthy imprisonment, Ady is left to take care of her husband’s businesses and their two children alone.  Ironically, Ada’s New Year’s message was, “To this year, please treat us a little better,” which seemed to forebode the family’s upcoming misfortunes.

Sources: World Journal, Hype, GGrasia

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  1. The problem with marrying wealthy esp to ppl who have shady businesses (also looking at you, Charlene), is that there’s always a day when the money will dry up. It’s okay though, Ady had a great career as an actress, worse comes to worst, she can come back to act.

  2. If her husband left her with all those assets she will likely be just fine, it’s still more than what the average person has.

  3. I really have no sympathy for Levo if he is found guilty of these crimes…he deserves to face justice. But I doubt he will be sentenced to 20ys jail… as for Ady and kids… They will be well provided for… I bet he had made all arrangement prior to Alvin being arrested. And we know these tycoons alway keep their main assets in overseas with low taxes levy.
    She will just have to be wait till he is released. She knows what her husband does for a living…her choice to marry him. I am sure she will continue to support him.

    1. @Hohliu Alvin’s in a tough spot himself – didn’t Mandy just sell one of her properties to gather the funds to bail him out or something? Or maybe to help pay for his legal fees? Dunno. But they certainly sound like they’re in some financial hot water. I imagine Levo is the same.

      1. @Coralie They did remortgage one of the properties.. Mandy was given a parting one-off breakup fee and properties… I think she is still fine in UK. But no news from Heidi Chan.
        But Alvin may not have enough time to sort out his finances as he was the first to be arrested. That did buy Levo some time…
        What really interest me: both men if found guilty and jailed. Which of their loved ones will still be around for them to they are released from jail?

  4. Misfortunes? Nah. I agree with the comments here. This isn’t a case for sympathy or bad luck. The guy acquired immense wealth for his family through illegal means, so now he reaps the consequences. They’re still swimming in money. No news of them being fined yet and the 20 years is just speculation.

  5. If I remember correctly, she used to be called black triad princess. maybe her father can help in situations like this lol. They’re both so rich, I don’t think money is going to be an issue for the family.

  6. Maybe she will get lucky and he will only have to spend 18 years behind bars instead of 20……………LOL!

  7. Well, who knows. I wasn’t sympathizing with them, but with such a large lawsuit, it’s very likely their assets will be frozen. Just like that actress Zhang Ting (Empress of China) who was recently alleged to have ran some ponzi/MLM scheme and all their assets are frozen. Money still might not be an issue, but I’m just saying if it does become a prob, she can come back out to act

    1. @Coralie To be honest Ady have always loved acting… it will not surprise me if she does return to screen. She has options in life.. you are correct.

  8. she’s still pretty well off. I think her family got $$ so she’s not destitute or anything. Like others said, her husband must have made arrangements to take care of his family since he was found in a hotel so he knew something was coming. 20 years is a long time, if he does have to serve as long, i would feel bad for him as a person but he very well deserve what’s coming for him for breaking the law.

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