Ady An’s Baby Boy is Here!

Congratulations to 38-year-old Ady An (安以軒) and her husband, Levo Chan (陳榮煉)! The Taiwanese actress announced on social media today that she successfully gave birth to her son, who is nicknamed “66.” The new mother shared a photo of her baby’s feet carrying both her diamond engagement and wedding ring. It seems like the mother was excited to introduce 66 to the world!

Ady wrote, “After waiting for so long, I finally get to see him in person. I couldn’t help but say, ‘His actual person looks so much better than the [4D sonogram].’”

She thanked everyone for their blessings and allowing her son to come to the world safely and healthily. Of course, she also remembered to thank her husband for taking the initiative to accompany her to the delivery room and easing her nervousness. Ady expressed, “Even though you also lack sleep these days, you still take care of us mother and son.”

The actress continued, “I will always remember the moment you went on one knee to ask me to marry you. The moment we exchanged rings with each other, I told myself that I have to give you a complete family. The arrival of 66 has made his home warmer.”

She ended her post with promises that their family of three will walk together happily from now on.

Source: Oncc

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