Ady An’s Husband, Levo Chan, Faces Trial in December

Earlier this year, Taiwanese actress and singer Ady An’s (安以軒) billionaire husband, Levo Chan (陳榮煉), was arrested on suspicions of running illegal gambling operations and money laundering. His case will be brought to court in December this year.

Levo was the Chief Executive of Tak Chun Group, which is Macau’s second largest casino operator. Initially suspected of at least three crimes, he is now facing 83 charges, totaling an amount of 34.9 billion Chinese yuan. Due to the severity of the trial, Levo is detained until the start of trial.

Of the CNY 34.9 billion, at least CNY 1.5 billion are allegedly from illegal trades. From his illegal gambling operations, Levo faces 1 criminal charge of illegal operation, 39 counts of illegal gambling in a licensed facility, 33 crimes of large monetary fraud and 8 charges of attempted monetary fraud.

Since Levo’s arrest by the Macau police, Ady has been left to care for the couple’s two children alone. She has deleted all photos with her husband on her social media, leaving only three photos left on her account.  Avoiding the public eye since Levo’s arrest, Ady has not responded to any press inquiries.

Source: HK01

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Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for

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  1. I would be very surprised if there’s anything left to his fortune after coughing up that much dough.

    1. I bet he has arranged enough for his wife and kids before it all falls for him. I am just wondering if she will divorce him? or wait for him? It took her so long to find the right guy for her to marry… How much does she really love him? Time will tell.

  2. He took all this risk to be rich and powerful. He should be prepared for this day since Day 1…
    Such a man deserves all these…

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