Ady An and Pace Wu’s Partners Embroiled in Gambling Scandal

Arrested and detained for alleged illegal cross border gambling activities in China, news of Macau casino tycoon and junket mogul Alvin Chau‘s (周焯華) latest plight sent shock waves across the industry. The Hong Kong press recently reported that in addition to Suncity Group founded by Chau, Taiwanese actress Ady An’s (安以軒) husband’s Tak Chun Group and Pace Wu’s (吳佩慈) billionaire boyfriend’s Heng Sheng International Group are also being eyed by the authorities!

What’s Known So Far

An arrest warrant issued by Chinese city of Wenzhou had led to the arrests of Chau and ten others in the casino hub on November 28. Following the news, shares of the listed Suncity Group plummeted; the casino later shut its Macau VIP rooms. Chau has since resigned as chairman and executive director of Suncity Group Holdings, which he had founded.

(Pictured left) Actress Pace Wu has four children with her billionaire boyfriend.

According to indictment papers from the Prosecutor-General’s Office, besides Alvin’s Suncity Group’s suspected involvement in illegal gambling activities, several other Macau casinos are also implicated in the high-profile case. They include Guangdong Group, China Gold Group and Heng Sheng International – with one of the cases involving monetary sums of up to $15 billion HKD. Shockingly, among those on the list are Andy An’s husband Levo Chan’s (陳榮煉) Tak Chun Group and Pace Wu’s boyfriend Ji Xiaobo’s (紀曉波) Heng Sheng International.

In one of the indictment papers dated end of 2020, Tak Chun Group allegedly worked with Chinese parties to set up a casino in China with plans to spilt their earnings, and later started an illegal gambling website in China, while Heng Sheng International allegedly provided the online web-betting platform and electronic betting accounts for use. The case also involved casino accounts under Suncity Group.

Actress Ady An with husband Levo Chen, who has a penchant for splurging on gifts.

Sources: ChinaPress, TDM News, Weibo

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  1. All those gambling families and background always make me feel uneasy. There’s always some illegal actions happening behind the scenes that we don’t see. I mean movies display a lot of this, but even more so IRL.

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