Alvin Chau’s Wife Goes After Mandy Lieu

With his arrest on suspicion of illegal cross-border gambling activities, the romantic entanglements of Macau gambling tycoon and Suncity Group founder Alvin Chau (周焯華) became the talk of town once again. In 2014, he started an extramarital affair with Malaysian-American model Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗), who eventually bore him four children – three girls and a boy. Despite this, Alvin’s legal wife Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) still reigns as his actual wife.

Mandy Mortgages Off Their “Love Nest”
Since his arrest, Alvin has been rejected bail and detained by Macau authorities. In early November before his arrest, Mandy reportedly signed documents to mortgage the two’s high-rise Mid-levels apartment, their “love nest” worth $120 million, to help with his financial woes. Put out for sale, the unit’s price has fallen to $105 million. The apartment had reportedly been paid off at one go by Alvin back in 2014 as a romantic gift for Mandy, with no bank mortgage taken up. Mandy is now based in England where she relocated with her kids, after receiving a break-up fee of $300 million HKD from the billionaire.

Heidi Seeks Legal Team, Investigates Mandy’s Background

Meanwhile, Heidi has also kept a low-profile on social media since the tycoon’s arrest. Sources has it that Heidi intends to retrieve billion-dollar worth of assets from Mandy, whom she still begrudges for her husband’s affair. Heidi’s close friend revealed that she has hired a team of lawyers to investigate thoroughly into Mandy’s assets in Hong Kong or overseas, to try and uncover any loopholes during transactions made, or to find any trace of evidence about his cash transactions so assets can be proven as his, to enable her litigation efforts.

According to insiders, as early as years back, Heidi had consulted a renowned geomancer in an attempt to thwart her husband’s persistent extramarital affair. The source said, “Heidi is very chummy with the famed geomancer in Hong Kong and Macau, and will consult him about small and big matters of the home or any business challenge,” Besides having hired the geomancy expert to thwart her husband’s “rotten romantic luck” to chase away the third party, many disciples and supporters of the geomancer in areas as far off as Southeast Asia, have reportedly helped to dig up any useful information about Mandy’s background since she is from Malaysia, to uncover more about her parents and even grandparents, all done to help Heidi obtain the information she might need to deal with her.

Source: Eastweek

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  1. Assuming all is said to be true, If she intends to keep her husband (though unable to understand why he is a keeper), it may not be wise to go after Mandy since the latter has mortgaged her apartments to help with his financial problem, an action from Mandy that will likely to score some points from him.

  2. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. You know the wife has just been holding all this in, and couldn’t do anything because the husband was the controlling party. Now that he’s probably going to jail, she’s going to for sure do all she can to make the mistress pay.

    1. And innocent kids he fathered have to pay the price for it…Agree with you statement as well with the woman being scorned…

  3. A wife that tolerates husband’s cheating as long he remains legally married to her, a mistress who went after a man knowing he is not only married but has other mistresses, and a man who cheats in marriage and in mainland law. I am just gonna say it, the least toxic is Mandy but all 3 deserve each other. To their joint 7 children, run far far far away from home when you can.

  4. wow, mandy is actually supporting her ex through action. that’s admirable. i’m sure his wife, heidi, is also helping him with his financial empire, but for someone who’s seen as a gold-digger (Mandy), this is really putting her in a good light.

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