Alvin Chau and Mandy Lieu Are Reportedly Back Together

Macau businessman Alvin Chau (周焯華) and model Mandy Lieu started their controversial romance in 2014. Alvin is officially married to entrepreneur Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) for over ten years, and together they have two daughters, aged 17 and 5.

Alvin and Mandy had shared an open illicit relationship. While never officially addressing to the press about their relationship, they never made attempts to hide it. In 2015, they went public for the first time, appearing at a public event together hand-in-hand. Heidi, meanwhile, infamously told the press that “there is only one Mrs. Chau”, affirming her status as Alvin’s only wife.

In May 2015, Mandy gave birth to her first daughter with Alvin in London. They then welcomed a son and a daughter, born 2016 and 2017, respectively.

In November 2019, Hong Kong media reported that Alvin and Mandy had broken up. Mandy reportedly received over 300 million Hong Kong dollars as a breakup fee. Alvin, as reported by paparazzi, was said to have ultimately chosen his wife.

But the separation didn’t last long—according to most recent sightings, Alvin was seen spending time with Mandy in Thailand along with their three children. Reports are saying that Alvin wants Mandy to stay in Thailand in the meantime, for the convenience of travel due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Heidi, however, doesn’t appear to be affected by Alvin and Mandy’s reunion. She continues to share her life happily on social media.


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Alvin Chau Flies Back and Forth for Two Women

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  1. How can Heidi still stay with a cheater? She could have divorced him move on find someone better I don’t know what she’s thinking yes she’s got kids with him but it’s not like she’s alone out there.

    1. @cutie777 If you break it down logically, a marriage is really just another form of a contract between two people. Heidi knows what she has to give up financially and socially if she were to break that contract, so she chose to continue the marriage. She probably expected her husband to continue to cheat, so she has accepted it. Meh, some people don’t look at marriage as important as others.

  2. for someone like heidi to suck up all this foolishness, there just got to be another reason and i think it’s probably business/finance related. she’s probably relieve that he’s gone back to his mistress so she could find a little fresh meat to fill her time.

  3. I feel like Heidi is staying not because of the money but she truly loves him. They’ve been together since his beginning when he wasn’t rich. Some women love their husbands so much that they force themselves to look past their cheating ways. I see a lot of physical chemistry between them in photos and I’m sure their emotional bond is deep too since they go way back. But the unfortunate thing is he can’t stop his cheating ways. And I think she understands that it doesn’t change his love for her or her status, but that’s just how he’s gonna be. I think that if it was for the money, she would have a pretty good share already so I really think she is staying out of love. Dumb? Yes. In my book it is. But plenty of women do dumb things for love. And that’s why they say love is blind. To each their own. And she’s right. There will only be one Mrs. Chau. That Mandy Lieu homewrecker can’t replace her nor will Alvin even try to.

    1. @gnomageddon
      i think you’re just romanticizing it. quite stupid and damned to love someone that way. it’s a tortured love, i can understand that type of love if the person deserves it but this dude is far from that.

      1. @m0m0 lol trust me I am far from the romantic type. This is just what I am observing. I also said it was dumb of her in my original comment. I don’t agree with it and it wouldn’t work for me. But the truth is, no matter how stupid we think these women are to stay with these cheating dogs, there are still many women that stay, out of love. Like it or not, that’s reality. Are they stupid? Yes. In our books. Are these men worthy of them staying? Hell no. To us. But it doesn’t change he fact that many women don’t think like us.

    2. @gnomageddon I do think heidi stayed for love because if it is money, she could get half now and it is more secure for the future. In the future, Alvin may like Mandy’s children more and let them inherit more than his children with Heidi. Love is very fickle with Alvin and he may find a younger one in the future. If they don’t have any papers or so signed, I do think she stayed because she love him and because of the stigma of a divorced women in asia.

      On a site note, I don’t understand why Alvin would have children with Mandy. Does he love her? The first child could be a mistake, but 3? Why would you have children with someone who is just a side piece? No women can force a man to get her pregnant three times if he wasn’t willing himself. Or does he consider her as second wife? If so, he will certainly leave something for her in the will.

    3. @gnomageddon I also agree. It’s not all about just money at this point. But she’s definitely silly for sticking around someone who’s unfaithful.

  4. What I don’t get why people bash Mandy Lieu while Stanley Ho’s women are just called 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wife? Is it cheating when Wife # 1 is totally aware of it and enables it? Hint hint: you enable it if you don’t walk away and take him back multiple times. Mandy ain’t no saint and Heidi ain’t no victim. Alvin is the real scum here, but somehow it’s a win-win for him.

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