Mandy Lieu Says Moving to England Was the Correct Decision

Malaysian actress-model Mandy Lieu is doing really well post-breakup. 

After ending things with her billion dollar boyfriend Alvin Chau (周焯華), Mandy received a “break-up fee” of up to $300 million Hong Kong dollars. Mandy and her three children have already emigrated to England, where they have decided to settle down and re-start their lives out of the Hong Kong entertainment spotlight.

According to recent reports, Mandy has recently purchased an 3.7 million square meter estate in Ewhurst, Surrey for 28 million pounds (approximately HK$280 million). According to sources, Mandy has an interest in starting her own agribusiness and an organic farming business.

Currently, Mandy and her three children are living in Hampshire of South East England. She works as a columnist for a magazine. Her main topics include introducing readers to English eating and food culture. Mandy also spends much of her time educating her children about healthy eating, along with the history and culture behind each prepared meal.

Sharing with the HK media about her current life, Mandy said the she was correct in her decision to move to England five years ago. She wants to expand her agribusiness, and to hopefully eventually become a resource of healthy eating to kids all around the world.

Recent pics of Mandy Lieu show the model looking much older, and almost unrecognizable. However, Mandy said she is living a very fulfilling life and would not have it any other way.

Source: TOPick

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Mandy Lieu Becomes a Writer

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  1. I’m surprised they broke it off, just a few months back they were still together, feels more like an on and off relation.

  2. Wow, for someone who has gold-digged a couple hundred million HKD, she sure doesn’t seem to be taking care of herself too well…………How does anyone age so much in such a short period of time?………….Guess Alvin buddy is glad he’s moved on to younger and fresher women.

    1. @yuaida So true…haha Lol I just goggled her age only 35? Oh boy!!!
      Well, she does have 3 kids now and let’s face it, she probably gets alot of $$$$$ like that Isabella something who also had 3 kids out of wedlock? They have so much money out of these kind of relationships that can last a few lifetimes so they don’t need to look good anymore and target another rich pig? lol

  3. She probably let herself go, got what she needed and is done with men for the time being. Although dang spent most of that money on the big home.

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