Mandy Lieu Gave Birth to Alvin Chau’s Youngest Daughter After Breakup Last Year

The forbidden romance between Macau casino giant Alvin Chau (周焯華) and former Malaysian American model Mandy Lieu made for good soap opera headlines from 2014 to 2017. Alvin, who has been married to entrepreneur Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) for many years, publicly and openly dated Mandy in front of his wife’s eyes. 

In 2015—a year after paparazzi confirmed Alvin and Mandy’s relationship—Heidi gave birth to their second daughter. At this point in time, Mandy herself had already given birth to her first daughter with Alvin. She also left Hong Kong for England, where she could quietly raise her kids out of Heidi’s influence.

It was like watching a dramatic television series unfolding in reality.

But in 2019, after five years of dating, Mandy confirmed that she and Alvin had broken up. Heidi had won, and Mandy didn’t want things to get more complicated. She would rather stay permanently in England, where she could comfortably raise her kids.

At the time of their split, Alvin had sired children kids with Mandy—two boys, and one girl. But new developments are reporting that Mandy had actually secretly given birth to a fourth child—a daughter—after splitting with Alvin. According to new reports, Mandy discovered that she was pregnant after the breakup. She decided to keep the baby, and their daughter was born in October 2019.

Although no longer together, Mandy maintains a friendly relationship with Alvin for the sake of their children. She said she would always consider Alvin as part of her family. Dubbed as the “millionaire model” by media, Mandy currently owns a large organic farm in Hampshire, England and works as a magazine columnist.

In addition to having four children with Mandy, Alvin also has three more children—a son with his ex-wife, and two daughters with Heidi.


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    1. @hohliu indeed she is and I don’t blame her. She has a tough childhood. Abandoned by her father and brought up by a single mother. Quit school and left home at 17 to work so I guess she really knows what she wants and goes all out to get it materialised though she hurts ppl along the way. I guess she is doing what she is doing now for her children giving them what she never had as a child who was forced to grow up beyond her years.

      1. @nigel I find it very hard to have empathy towards a women who deliberately breakup another person’s marriage. And openinly slapping the wife’s face in public repeatedly. Of course the man is a scumbag too….

  1. Seems like history is repeating itself. Many is now a single mother just like her own mother…….but with means.

    1. @afan202 yes and no I guess. Coz she has the means to make sure her kids have good education and won’t need to do what she did growing up and throughout her adulthood.

  2. Don’t know much about her but from the article she definitely reached successes in her life and seems to be independent, clever and strong willed enough to leave a sugar daddy and bring her children up all by herself. For that I applaud her and for not sticking to her man like a tape.

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