Mandy Lieu Ends 5-Year Relationship with Alvin Chau, Receives 300 Million HKD

For the past several years, Macau’s entertainment tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華), 45, has been splitting his time between his wife Heidi Chan (陳慧玲), 38, and mistress Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗), 34. But the latest news suggests Mandy finally ended her five-year relationship with Alvin because he refused to divorce his wife. As a result, he paid Mandy a breakup fee of 300 million HKD.

Alvin and Mandy’s love story began in August of 2014 when the Malaysian-American model and married billionaire were rumored to be dating and in love. Needless to say, the news shocked the Hong Kong entertainment circle.

What was even more surprising was the two were not shy about it. They went to dinner gatherings while holding hands, and in December of 2014, Mandy was reported to be more than four months pregnant with Alvin’s baby. She gave birth to their daughter in London on May 20, 2015.

On December 17, 2015, the couple publicly held hands to officially declare their relationship. Mandy went on to bore a son and a daughter for Alvin in June 2016 and September 2017, respectively.

On the other hand, Alvin and Heidi have two daughters together, and a son from his past marriage. It is known that his son has a good relationship with Heidi. In fact, the whole family supports Heidi. Although she repeatedly asked for a divorce, Alvin refused because he didn’t want to break apart the family. Hence, Mandy, Alvin, and Heidi have been stuck in a love triangle for the past five years.

It is said that Mandy has always been hopeful of Alvin leaving his wife since Mandy gave him three kids. Also, Alvin had promised to give her an official title, which she often pressured him about from time to time. Yet, in the end, she finally gave up and ended their relationship. It is rumored that Alvin gave Mandy 300 million HKD as a breakup fee and as living expenses for the three children.

Mandy is rarely seen in public in recent years. It is reported that she is dedicated to taking care of her children abroad.

This article was revised on October 30, 2019 at 9:22 p.m. to reflect Alvin Chau’s correct age of 45 years old. It was previously reported in the article that he was 30 years old.

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Alvin Chau’s Wife Accepts His Cheating: “There is Only One Mrs. Chau”

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  1. I refuse to believe he is only 30

    “Although she repeatedly asked for a divorce, Alvin refused because he didn’t want to break apart the family” What? He broke the family apart the moment he couldnt ontrol the lower part of his body. Once is a mistake, twice may still be forgivable, but after three children, it’s a miracle that his family is still intact. And why cant Heidi file for divorce? Its been so many years with public flaunting his mistress and she is still with him? I can’t even bear the humiliation of being rejected let alone my husband flaunting his mistress in my face. I truly cant understand her and my sympathy is also gone

    1. @dreamer Because sadly, for rich Chinese billionaires, having mistresses is seen as norm now. Only a minority have never cheated on their wives. Some hide it, fearing their reputation, and some flaunt it such as this case. Majority of the man would never divorce the wives though cause they’re the mother of the children and the lady of the family.

      One billionaire in my country even had eight wives, it’s an open secret, everyone and their dogs know about it. But his business empire is controlled by children from first and only legal wife. The rest of kids only gets money.

    2. @dreamer LOL…I missed that. haha I know right? I always thought he’s 50. Is that a typo? His mugshot however you look at him he is not 30 yo ok. lol…OMG….Anyway, ” And why cant Heidi file for divorce? ” I think alot of women love the $$$ and the trophy wife title they can beautify however they like like ohh I love the guy or I am staying w/the dog due to the kids yaddy yaddy yad but if you asked me it really comes down to money. This single good looking gal Mandy Lieu like she didn’t know the ugly pig is married? popping out 3 kids knowing the pig has a wife and kids of their own? Tell me it’s not about money and it’s all love. Come on lol…Please…These women no self respect or anyone’s opinion all they see are $$$$$ signs and that includes the wife who hangs on to her title.

      1. @wm2017 Heidi is not a trophy wife. She contributed to building Alvin’s business empire. So she has control over his company as well. She’s a woman with brains. So would you give up a wife who can contribute to your wealth for a woman who only splurged your wealth? She also has her stepson and her in laws favor. So if you’re the husband which one would you give up on? A woman who can help you or a woman who just pulls you down for money?

      2. @annebee

        You are so right about that. He is not a dumb man.

        I know the guy has a lot of money, but i still can never understand why women throw themselves at these rich men. Money is NOT everything. What about self respect? Lifetime happiness & be able to share/build a life with someone you really love?

      3. @annebee Oh wow…My goodness! If she’s not a trophy wife then I really have no words for such stupidity of women. haha lol…I am sorry, if it’s not even about money then it’s about so-called love right? haha Just like how Sammy Cheng sums it up as being religious and that means forgiving. Oh lord!!! I have no words. I remember a distant aunt somewhere in ritzy LA homes same situation like these….. cheater dog, never grows up, oldest son is already 29/30 and he’s at least 60 and he’s still chasing after women his daughter’s age. On paperwork, they are still married. WTF do you stay married? From what we heard, lazy wife but she was not dump either a good nurse so let’s just say LAZY, loves the title & $$$ what else is there? Really love? They were off and on since the kids were about 10 and stretching 20 something and still let it go on like that. I can never understand why women like that don’t divorced and get 1/2 their fortune and some were saying cuz the guy probably hide all his other assets in different swiss account so u will never get the full split assets. Sure whatever ahha….So this one not even about money and yet they stay married. Damn, will never ever get some women seriously. Can all that money make you sleep better at night? haha lol..

  2. 1) yes Heidi was already linked to him, when Alvin Chau was only a waiter. so in part she worked alongside him, as they worked their way up.

    though I don’t understand WHY she doesn’t just dump him and get her share of their fortune that is due to her. what use is holding onto a husband like that?

    2) Mandy Lieu is just a golddigger, hanging on for dear life. So now she has three kids too, and all will be illegitimate. Poor kids.

    BOTH women are stupid to compete with each other, to pop babies. Dump the dude!

    1. @nomad822
      A waiter becoming a self made billionaire? If so then we must all admire the guy irrelevant of all his womanising. Sometime people focus too much on negatives instead of their achievements…

      1. @jimmyszeto He wasn’t just a waiter, it was just a day job. He was a small time loan shark associated with the Macau 14K triad. And then when macau issued the new gambling licenses in the early 2000’s, he supposedly made his first multi-millions by loan sharking and money laundering for the 14K. Then, he went legit “loan sharking” and junket operating under Galaxy Casinos.

  3. There was another article last year or so speculating on his reasons not divorcing his wife:
    1) his father’s support to his wife
    2) his sister openly supporting his wife (and open criticism towards the mistress)
    3) his only legitimate son (from his first marriage) supporting his stepmother and close relationship with his eldest step sister
    4) her shares in his business
    5) superstition of her ability to bring luck to her spouse

    Of course these were just speculations but it was true that his wife has very close relationship with his family and his son. Even when things were strained between the couple, there were photos of her celebrating his father’s birthday.

  4. He may be horny but he is not dumb. The mistress kept popping babies in hope he will marry her …… high risk strategy.

    1. @hohliu Look at Pace Wu & Isabella Leong. Not the first and certainly not the last…lol…These women…sigh…. I can’t believe she popped out 3 babies already? Last time I was on here it was just 1 bb. lol

      1. @wm2017 Me too. I did not expect 3 babies too. I suspect she threw the separation threat and did not expect he really agreed in the end. She must have given him a ultimatum.

      2. @wm2017
        Isabella haha. She only just turned adult when she married. Then after grabbing huge trunks of money, she tries to walk back into the movie industry when her looks are a mess…

    1. its really depends aboard where ……if she resides in NY Canada LA maybe 30mill is not enough only if she spends it wisely using some portion to buy own and rent out properties then she’ll still have some income with 3 kids out there on your own is really hard wonder if she will make him pay for chhild support until there 18

      1. @sherla1019 If the Father is paying for the kids expenditure, education and flights. She is well compensated. I suspect she threw the separation threat and did not expect he really agreed in the end. She must have given him a ultimatum.

  5. Lol. Gold diggers got what they’re wished for. Just like the rest Isabella Leong she’s one of them?

      1. @hetieshou gold diggers need to accept that gold is all they’re going to get. but I do think love was also involved…you can’t spend five years with someone, have their kids and not have feelings for them. I just don’t think that’s possible. But money and love rarely happens together

      2. @coralie well I think not a bad deal for her. Anyway there are no guarantee even with marriage. Atleast she has her kids and the money that set her for life. Not bad considering her broken family background. From a girl who has nothing to what she has now

  6. I always wonder who is the first wife of Alvin Chau aka Pak Ho’s biological mom?

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