Alvin Chau’s Wife Accepts His Cheating: “There is Only One Mrs. Chau”

Above: Alvin Chau seen with latest fling, Pan Rouyi, while wife Heidi Chan accepts his flirtatious nature.

Macau casino tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華) has a long legion of lovers. Known for his generosity, Alvin attracted many female celebrities. His pregnant wife, Heidi Chan (陳慧玲), accepts his infidelity and remains confident in her own status as Mrs. Chau. Commenting on Alvin’s latest gossip, Heidi remarked that it is not uncommon for men to cheat.

Mandy Lieu Did Not Suffer Miscarriage

One of Alvin’s most high-profile lovers is model/actress Mandy Lieu, who is currently six months pregnant. Spotted looking much slimmer earlier, Mandy sparked speculations that she had a miscarriage. However, it turns out that Mandy is still pregnant, as she was spotted with a baby bump just last week. Wearing loose-fitting clothes, Mandy immediately held her laptop to cover her belly when reporters confronted her.

Mandy’s complexion was glowing, while the $8 million HKD three-carat pink diamond ring she wore sparkled brilliantly. She also had on a white Audemars Piguet watch valued at $356,000 HKD. It was also reported that Alvin had gifted Mandy with a multi-million dollar home.

According to sources close to Mandy, who has been resting in Singapore, returned to Hong Kong for a business meeting. Asked about Mandy’s pregnancy, her manager said, “We will not respond. Time will prove everything. As her friend, I do not want to comment on her personal matters. I only wish she lives happily.”

Alvin’s Casual Flings

Despite juggling two pregnant women in his life, Alvin’s eyes continue to wander. Mainland singer Pan Rouyi (潘柔伊), uploaded a selfie taken with Alvin on her social media account, sparking speculations that the 25-year-old is Alvin’s new love interest. Rouyi has been reportedly attempting to seduce Alvin in the past few months, however Alvin only sees her as a casual fling due to her average looks. When contacted by the media, Rouyi remarked that she and Alvin are only acquaintances.

Alvin’s colorful love life has always been high profile. He has been romantically linked to TVB actress Kibby Lau (劉俐), model Mango Wong (王秀琳), ATV beauty queen Michelle Feng (馮雪冰), and Ellen Chan (陳雅倫)

Women loved Alvin because he is generous with his money. He reportedly gave money to Mango Wong to open her Japanese restaurant and left Michelle Feng with two multi-million homes after their breakup.

Wife Responds to Alvin Chau’s Love Rumors

Alvin seems to have an open marriage with wife, Heidi Chan, who is an executive at charity Yan Oi Tong. The couple often takes family vacations to exotic locations and continues to appear loving at public events together.

Heidi accepts Alvin’s flirtatious nature, but she is tired of being featured along with his latest escapades in gossip reports. In a 100-word statement in response to Alvin’s love rumors, Heidi wrote, “I do not need to prove anything to anyone. I am his wife.”

She then indirectly admitted that she is aware of Alvin’s numerous love affairs, expressing that seeing men cheat is not uncommon. She wrote, “My husband has looks, money, and education. It’s normal to see many women trying to get close to him. It is not uncommon to see men dallying with others, and in regards to [short-term] lovers, there isn’t only just one. No matter what, there is only one Mrs. Chau. Everything else is typical family matters. The media has exaggerated them.”

Heidi thanked everyone’s concerns and said she will focus on resting to have a healthy pregnancy.


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    1. Yep, big heart for money is greater than her own dignity.

    2. Yep, but women like her have no need for dignity as long as she is first in line for his money.

    3. It’s the number of zeros in his bank account that blinded her and clouded her judgement. As long as she is the legal Mrs Chau, the empire is hers.

      He’s generous and is slowly giving away his empire, soon one day, the legal Mrs Chau will see that and she will act to protect her empire. I hope she do it soon before she’s in the poor house

    4. In North America she could divorce him and take about half his estate and then go find a real partner 😛

    5. should be titled- HORNY rich cheating heirs and faithful wife

    6. should be titled- HORNY rich cheating heirs and so call faithful wifes

  1. A lot of women like her are just helpless. They can’t stop their husband from fooling around. She doesn’t want to divorce him on d other hand so have to tolerate such behaviors. To me this is suffering!

    1. So that means as long as she is still the legal missus, she doesn’t care who her husband sleeps with nor makes his many women pregnant? This is mental suffering.

      1. The same with all the girls that are happy to be with a married man, just because his rich.

    2. Wonder if the philandering playboy of a husband would be as open-minded if the wife also took on lovers?

      1. He would kick her to the curb because he’s no longer in control and not because he’s jealous. As for the wife lol.

        Here are a couple quotes for the boys: “You wanna !@#$uck with me? Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend!”

        “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” LOL 🙂

  2. The Joan Lin strategy to Jackie Chan.
    And the traditional woman = “as long as he knows where is home”

    She probably knows him very well, strengths and weaknesses, as they fought up together to build their empire.

  3. The Joan Lin strategy to Jackie Chan.
    Aka the traditional woman = “as long as he knows where is home”

    She probably knows him very well, strengths and weaknesses, as they fought up together to build their empire.

  4. Or maybe she’s just a gold digger and figures he’ll drop her if she makes too much a fuss.

    1. They build their empire together. Half of what he has she deserves. I’d say divorce him and thake what she deserves but in the end it’s her decision. Twat. Do some research before you say something.

  5. what I find concerning is not that she doesn’t care…but the fact that she is pregnant mean they are still sexually active… so does she not care that her husband may contact some Sexually transmitted disease with the women he sleeps with and pass it to her? Have she not thought of that? How about when she give birth? Does she not care her child will have to deal with such a loser dad? Crazy..

    1. Maybe she is waiting for the day when he makes a big mistake and land himself in the jail for 20 years or worst a psychotic jealous lover from one of his flings kills him.

  6. Life is tough being a rich man’s wife. Well, sounds like she’s smart enough to lead a blind life as long as her husband didn’t bring the girls back to their house.

    And Mandy will soon been another forgotten mistress…

  7. I guest that’s what you get when you marry a rich heir you are bound with this of kind life!!!! They will be true to you only for couple of years and afterwards you get thrown aside like a scrap of meat!!!

    Its either she really loves him or she loves the $$$$ I pity these kind of women smh…….

    1. He was NOT a “rich heir” when he met his wife. If I recall correctly, they met under ordinary work circumstances.

      They got this wealth together.

      Thus “golddigger” doesn’t apply either – she’s maintaining what’s rightfully hers.

      Emperors gave their empresses babies, and sired many other children with their concubines at the same time. The empress was often the one in power behind the curtain, even poisoning the emperor if need be.

      If people maintained that mentality, then you can see why mindsets haven’t really progressed that much since.

  8. The mentality of all these women is baffling. The wife is OK if he cheats as long as she still has the “wife” status. The mistresses are OK being the third person in a marriage as long as he gives them money.

    Don’t all these women have any self-respect? Is money that important, worth more than their self-respect?

    1. In a world where everything needs money, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is indeed very tempting.

      1. When one is young and frivolous, LOVE is everything. When one is old and lonely, MONEY is everything. Don’t say money can’t buy love cos the truth is when you are old and with tons of money, who needs love when you can snap your fingers and everyone will jump to your whims & fancy?

    2. Lidge, i agree with u, i prefer d caucasian way clear cut, some ppl wld say d whites r heartless no more feelings they divorce to me this is better than wanting best of both worlds

    3. If women want self-respect, don’t marry into that society PERIOD. Heck, don’t even date men of that society (where women are treated as 2nd class citizens). Most men (wealthy or not) of that society are the same. And, very suffocating for the women should she catch the attention of the control freaks.

  9. lol are u kidding? He doesn’t have the looks or education, just money to be honest.

    1. I know, only she thinks he’s got looks. Please…all he has is riches, ulgy as hell. haha lol…

  10. the women stay withthe husband because they are loaded. If they are just the average Joe, I doubt they’ll stay. Money talks.

  11. Clearly this woman doesn’t love her husband, she just loves his money. She probably glad he’s out banging all the starlets so she doesn’t have to bang him.

    1. Why would she loves “his” money when they build the empire together. So, rightfully the money is also hers.

    2. Why would she “loves” his money when they build the empire together. So, rightfully the money is also hers.

    3. but MRS CHAU here is pregnant…isn’t she afraid husband will bring back STD or even AIDS?

  12. He looks like a jerk and acts like one! Besides money I don’t know what the gals see in him. Hope one day he will gets infected with STD!

  13. Well thats what you get if you married to rich guy.

  14. Ok…open relationships are becoming more common these days. If the wife and husband are okay with cuckholdry and cheating, then who are we to pass judgment? My only issue is…it doesn’t look like she’s happy when this relationship is so one-sided. But some ppl get off on picturing their spouses with other people. I just hope this is the case. I can’t imagine someone accepting this situation unless there’s some underlying reason – like she’s in disastrous debt, which she’s not.

    1. It’s only fair that the wife get to have sex with other guys too, that’s a truly open relationship. But of course the guy wouldn’t want that. She’s forced into one because she knows she can’t change the husband.

      1. Precisely.

        So she grins and bears it, and probably is smart enough to at least hold onto 50-60% of assets.

        Though it may be an emotionally painful or numbing existence.
        Then again if it’s the accepted norm, it will just be ‘normal’ = join the club.

        As a friend said, after visitng Shanghai for an extended period of time … IF the norm for 8 out of 10 men is to keep mistresses on the side … ‘abnormal’ is actually the 2 who don’t. 😛

      2. @nomad – sigh, maybe when women become scarce will men learn to value women more. Though I would argue that perhaps wealthy men has always been unfaithful towards their spouses. it’s only been in recent history when women demand equality. so i hope this trend will only continue.

  15. I’m happy for them to have such an open and honest relationship. She gets what she wants which is clearly the ‘fu tai’ status and money and he can fling around with different models. I don’t see a problem with this as long it is mutually agreed upon and they are both happy with it.

  16. I find this mindset ridiculous. They built their empire together. Doesn’t he understand his wife is the one that loves HIM and all the mistresses around him love HIS MONEY?

  17. Does anyone else thinks the 2nd pic, the woman looks like angelababy? haha lol….

    1. Looks like elva hsiao too (taiwansinger). These two women are famous for their plastic surgeries, do this wife probably got her looks from ps too

      1. Heidi Chan’s face looks like it’s full of botox (or something).

  18. Open marriage is translated as: as long as you give me all the dough i want, you’re free to sc-rew whoever you want.

  19. I share the same thought as someone here…she may still be legal wife…but if husband sleeps around and brings back sex diseases, the wife will be infected…furthermore, the wife is pregnant now.

  20. Sometimes it isn’t about money or even comfort. Look at those WAGS for sportsmen. Why stick with those cheating b-astards? Simple. If you’re from a huge family it is because of commitments in whatever form. If you’re a nobody, you stick around for the prestige. You gain that prestige through marriage and even if divorced with loads of cash, you are no longer in the inner circle of the privileged and prestige. That’s why they tolerate such husbands; it goes beyond handbags and money and security. It is the fact that by connection to him your existence matters in the social circle that you have immersed yourself in. And sometimes it is hard to pull yourself away from that.

  21. I never heard of this guy, he ain’t good looking but he’s getting all these chic’s. Why? Money, money. When you have money you can get almost anything. The ladies don’t even care if the guy is married, good looking or not, they just want the bling. I thought Mandy was decent when she first popped into the scene. Turns out she’s a money grabbing biatch too. Wish I had his kinda money and women tho. Lol.

  22. dont exactly know how old the wife is, but at a age where you are about to have a baby and shit, the honeymoon and love phase are pretty much over, who cares he LOVES you and be only faith to her or not. marrying a rich guy like him, im pretty sure she knew what she married into. $$. since love doesnt put food on the table, just be big hearted and swallow it. her response of “I am his wife” says a lot, she doesnt need to compete with those hk models or stars, at the end of the day, her husband will know where home is at. divorcing him would only allow him to be generous to these flings who wants money, remaining married would allow her to keep some of his wealth. yup, i would do the same too.

    1. He was not rich when they married. They made their fortune TOGETHER, she struggled and worked for it too. I can see why she wouldn’t let go like that.

    2. Behind every capable man was (officially) an even more capable woman normally who pushed him to achieve more.

      Alvin may be ruthless (should be, to survive in Macau gambling/nightclub industry), but his wife was probably the brains strategizing all moves behind the couple which lead to current level of wealth. Or doing the PR for him behind the scenes.

      This is the very sad reality of the HK/traditional answer to the independent modern woman.

      Unless of course, you’re entirely smart and a class act like Tsui Hark’s Shi Nan-Sun.
      Even Sandra Ng turns a blind eye, and I’d thought her the fiesty decisive type with enough balls to do otherwise in her relationship.

      The side flings are the dependent ones, who need to survive with the jumpstart into money to get houses, businesses.

      Sex and feminine wiles will get them into many willing pants, and able to provide with deep pockets.

      That’s why so many starlets out htere don’t seem be very famous or have many works out. Only seen often at balls or events. But supposedly have investments and businesses.

      It’s another goal for the industry hopefuls … not to be capable in their own right, but to hook up with a dude who will provide all the goods.

      1. @nomad – i thought alvin’s wife was already wealthy from her own inheritance/family means. it’s not through him? i thought it was him who needed her ’cause she’s his sugar mama.

  23. Wife has no choice but to give in otherwise husband will divorce her…Lol

  24. Kind of reminds me of the Nancy-Bosco relationship in UA.

  25. If the missus had struggled with him to build up their fortune, she will not divorce him to let other women have a share…only thing is close 2 eyes and tell his women they are only his playthings while she is the legal wife.

  26. She has the same attitude as women from earlier generations…the good old days. If only modern wives were more like Heidi this world would be a better place. Children would not grow up in broken households. Its all consenting adults, the man, the wife, the girlfriends…who are we to judge?

    1. Or what about the husbands don’t be cheating bastards? It’s not the wives’ fault children grow up in ‘broken households’ if it’s the husband that did wrong.

    2. And you would also be happy if your wife/girlfriend sleeps around with whomever they please? After all, it’s between consenting adults right?

  27. Nothing can talk better than money in this world. It’s that simple.

    1. If she divorces him she can take half (they build their empire TOGETHER, he wasn’t rich when they met). It’s not always about the money you know.

      1. I meant he’s very wealthy. That’s why the ladies will keep coming to him. Even though they know that he’s already married.

  28. It’ll be funny if Mandy Lieu has a son and gives him her last name, Lieu.

  29. I don’t think she is a gold digger. I’m sure her side of the family is also rich. I remember reading this from somewhere.

  30. Why would Heidi divorce him and let his mistresses enjoy the half of the wealth that she built with/for him?

    Pride of being legal Mrs Alvin Chau >>>>>>>>>> husband cheating on her in this case.

    1. Yucks! Husband having sex with other women and wife is pregnant? What if he brings back diseases?

  31. It would be funny if Heidi Chan’s baby doesn’t belong to Alvin Chau. 🙂

  32. What a sad reflection on all the individuals involved. The male, for being a complete douche bag, the wife for accepting it and maintaining the status quo and all the other women for throwing themselves at him. Clearly having money is more valuable than any self worth or dignity for these individuals

    1. In a nutshell – yes.

      Well Said!

      The wife probably makes her own peace justifying this to herself: as “all men are like that” + “if there isn’t Mandy, there will be someone else anyway.”

      Many traditional-minded Chinese women think like that. At the end, when he’s used up all his virility, she thinks he will come home to her anyways.
      No self-worth, no dignity in the picture.

      Even if that happens, I don’t see how anyone can relate to someone as “companion”, after all that disrespect. But then, they don’t see it as disrespect.

      1. so as long as she is LEGAL mrs chau…husband can flirt and have sex with anyone as long as he returns home to his family? what kind of a husband is this? build up the empire with him from scratch only to have his body itching for women?

      2. The mindset is:

        ALL men itch for other women anyway, might as well make the best of it. Grin and bear it.

        Didn’t Jackie Chan say he committed the offence all men did? Same mentality, same wife.

        They behave like the Empresses of before – allow the Emperor his concubine.

    2. You said it all. I wld hv definitely left him as my husband

  33. Mandy Lieu obviously think she is pretty enough to get any rich man she wants. Eeeeerrrrr wrong!!!!

  34. If Alvin Chau was as rich as a church mouse, then not many pretty women would care about him I guess?

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