Mandy Lieu Trades Former Lifestyle for Eco Farm Business

Arrested by Macau police in November 2022, gambling kingspin Alvin Chau (周焯华) was sentenced to 18 years in prison on charges of fraud and illegal gambling, while his ex-lover Mandy Lieu (刘碧丽) was said to have mortgaged their luxury “love nest” to pay off debts. Celebrating her 38th birthday last week, the former model is now based in England, and manages an eco farm rearing cattle, horses and pigs!

Starts Eco Farm Business
Documenting her sustainability journey on her self-titled blog, the former model and actress shares smiling photos of herself with young student visitors to the farm on March 22. Dressed casually with her head pulled back in a ponytail, the photos evoked netizen talk that her recent “aged” appearance is a far cry from her glamorous modelling heydays!

Welcoming a team including the Malaysian High Commissioner to London along with 60 elementary school students on a tour of her eco farm to “inspire the next generation to take action for nature”, Mandy is dressed simply in a windbreaker, black pants and track shoes. While she looks rosy-cheeked and in good spirits, her pulled back ponytail revealed a receding hairline, with netizens commenting that she looks markedly different from her previously glamorous look and almost “like a 50-year-old auntie”.

Hosting an eco tour of Ewhurst Farm

Timeline of Events
In November 2014, video clips of a married Alvin sitting on Mandy’s thighs while gambling went viral as the two behaved intimately, with Mandy in a plunging black dress which showed off her bosomy assets.

With the extramarital affair exposed, Alvin’s wife Heidi Chan (陈慧玲) asserted her authority, while Mandy, who was pregnant with Alvin’s child returned to Malaysia. After giving birth, she relocated to London, and Alvin continued splitting his time between Hong Kong, Macau and England. In 2015, a photo of Mandy and Alvin made the headlines with their “hand holding of the century” while leaving a restaurant and Heidi admitted to filing from divorce.

However, Alvin managed to salvage their marriage in an about-turn, while Mandy, who birthed 3 daughters and a son for the tycoon, finally made a clean break to the complicated relationship, receiving HKD$300 million as break-up fees in addition to being handed ownership of 5 of the billionaire’s companies in England. Dabbling in writing for a magazine column and making her move into sustainable farming, Mandy shelled out HKD$200 million for over 3.7 million square meters farmland to build “Ewhurst Manor”, with plans to transform it into a world-class farm producing organic foods. The land is said to be worth $300 million in market value.

Source: Singtao

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  1. I really have no respect for any women who has affair with married men…she even publicly flaunt and shame Heidi. She has no shame. After having 3 kids, she still cannot get the marriage she wants from him. Of course, I equally hate men who has affairs whilst in a relationship. Both are scums. And I am so happy he is jailed now.
    As for Mandy, she ran away fast. And left the Country so her kids will have a more stable childhood.. She did make a good decision. She is opportunist and a smart woman.

    1. Wasn’t Heidi a third wheel? I don’t think she was his first wife.
      After the whole fiasco with her bailing him out, people can tell there she isn’t all about the money. True, being a third wheel is wrong esp if you know about it. It is unforgivable but there are worse ones who are totally in it for $$

      1. Heidi is his second wife…. Mandy did ‘bail’ him out using the property in Hongkong which he bought for her… and some of her 5% shares…. I believe she did love him very much…it may not be all about money. But both are wrong to shame his wife, he should just breakup cleanly before dating a new person. But he is a infamous flirt/playboy…

      2. There were rumors that Jacqueline Wong was going after him. He is just a scum for husband material but I did hear that he’s not exactly a bad person and treats his workers well.

  2. She sell her property to bail him out, so there is some love.
    Neither Mandy nor Heidi were first wive.
    Heidi is not a victim because she is aware of all her husband’s side flings.
    Mandy is not the first Alvin was photographed with….
    Either it is an open marriage, toxic relationship, or just too expensive to get divorced or all 3.
    Let it go peeps

    1. Too expensive to divorce… Oh, that is a possibility.
      Now, it will be to see who will wait till he is released from jail… Very long wait.

      1. Maybe he was trying to be Stanley Ho #2 with multiple spouses but his wife wasn’t willing up to put up with it.
        Some wives seem to “close one eye” to the husband’s affairs as long as they think it’s not that long term and no illegitimate child involved, especially if the husband is wealthy.
        The expensive divorce, the ‘luck’ she brought to him (he started to get really wealthy after marrying her), his whole family was on her side were all speculations why he didn’t divorce her then. Anyway he’s in prison now with no way to be involved with any woman

      2. @BearBear In Stanley’s Generation, I think the old practise of a wealthy man with wife and concubines are still practised…
        Now in jail, he can only think back to his past and wonder if the money he gained is all worth it…

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