Alvin Chau Splits From Wife Heidi Chan, Holds Mandy Lieu’s Hand

All paparazzi cameras were focused on Macau casino tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華) when his wife Heidi Chan (陳慧玲) and lover Mandy Lieu each gave birth to daughters in May of this year. Various reports have indicated that Heidi had attempted to get a divorce from Alvin, but the Macau businessman repeatedly denied her wish. He wanted to have both Heidi and Mandy.

But the Alvin and Heidi romance seems to be ending for good. Yesterday, Alvin and Mandy were spotted holding hands while leaving a hot pot restaurant in Kowloon. This “hand holding of the century”, as the Hong Kong reporters liked to call it, indirectly affirms that Alvin and Mandy can now be together publicly. It also indicates that Heidi has finally decided to step down from this saga.

This extramarital scandal has been heavily documented by the Hong Kong paparazzi since last August, when it was discovered that Alvin and Mandy were in a relationship. The affair was definitely a deal breaker for Heidi, but Alvin, who “really loves” Heidi, didn’t want to separate from his wife of thirteen years. His heart remained loyal to Heidi and their kids, and he attempted to maintain both families by keeping Mandy away from Hong Kong.

But Mandy’s arrival in Hong Kong this month has shown that Alvin could no longer convince Heidi to stay. Heidi told Alvin that even if he refused to sign the divorce papers, she will petition.

In a phone interview, Heidi admitted that she has filed for divorce from Alvin. She calmly said, “Yes. It’s true. Because I’ve left the matter for my lawyers to handle, it is not convenient for me to say anything more. Thank you for your concerns.” Sources say their divorce will be finalized in February, and that she has requested full custody of their children.

Heidi’s close friend, producer Tiffany Chen (陳嵐) said, “If it was me I would not have let go and hand over my husband so easily! We are all couples who have started from scratch in the business, and made it this far together. Hopefully [he] will cherish the ones in front of him.”

Angela Leong (梁安琪), Stanley Ho’s (何鴻燊) fourth wife, said, “That’s not good news. They’ve been married for so many years, and they have children too. I hope they will talk. But it’s hard to comment on other family’s business. When I see Alvin I will ask him what’s going on.”

Meanwhile, Mandy Lieu’s agency has refused to answer more questions in regards to Alvin. They stated, “Mandy returned to Hong Kong for personal reasons. We are not clear of her schedule, so we will not answer any personal questions about Mandy. We will also not intervene with our artists’ personal lives. Thank you for the concerns.”

Source: IHKTV

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  1. this husband is having a good life with 2 families…it must be hard for his wife to deal with it and difficult to accept.
    even if he marries his mistress one day, he will still stray. this kind of man is not worth keeping.

  2. If Heidi had wanted the divorce, she sure fooled the world when she made claims to her husband’s errr title? Or perseverance of the marriage? But if she had been the one who requested the divorce from Alvin, I totally support her. Who are these gossip and stupid advice mongers to call that a shame? You know who should be ashamed? Alvin!

  3. Didn’t mandy use to date Bolin Chen? Man I would choose him over this rich Alvin guy… Once a cheater always a cheater.

  4. Ok Angela Leong is the FOURTH “wife” so obviously she doesn’t think a man cheating is a bad thing. I’m actually quite surprised to hear about the divorce since it seemed both women were unwilling to back down. No one really wins in the end. Affairs just hurt everyone. Obviously the guy here thinks he has the last laugh. It’s always the children that suffer.

    As for Mandy. It’s her personal choice but I must say when I first heard about this news last year I was surprised since it seemed she was a smart girl…

  5. Alvin is quite clearly a crap partner, why the two ladies even fought for him for so long is beyond me. In these situations it’s always the children that suffer the most, I just hope that because Alvin is a crap partner, he isn’t a crap father.. but from what the media reports, it seems like he is a rubbish dad too.

    1. @isay I think Mandy is really pretty, but Heidi is gorgeous too ! I think Manday ‘won’ because the fling is new. Once he thinks the relationship is more settled, he might get bored. He obviously has no respect for Heidi, after all their time together. Why keep the body if you can’t keep his haeart… better save yourself from frustration and leave. Alvin doesn’t seem to want to let go his affair anyway.

  6. Mandy Lieu is definitely a very cheap and low-glass girl. With her youth and beauty why even go after married man when so many eligible bachelors out there. I don’t fancy females going for married men 0 they are vicious, trying to break up people’s family but I believe in karma. Hope a few years down the road, he’ll take another younger woman!

  7. His heart loves her, his loins desires another. What sort of friends will advise a long suffering wife to continue suffering just so the mistress won’t be Mrs so and so? Mrs is such an overrated thing. Like I believe Ivanka Trump said, don’t get mad, get everything. And then find a toyboy who will at least pretend to worship you.

    1. @funnlim agree with you except yr first sentence. Doubt he loves wifey. Loves himself most. Mandy better do a Bobbit on Alvin to prevent him from straying if she ever becomes his missus. Cheating dogs will continue to cheat. Hope she gets her karma.

  8. heidi should get a divorce…this man is not worth keeping, cheating all the time. sue for half his assets and tell mandy she can have alvin if she wants.

  9. Heidi should divorce fast, let half assest for him to raise his new family by himself. It’s better than you work, he uses the money you earn to raise another woman. When he needs to work, he doesn’t have time for his new wife, hahaha. And Mandy also will be happy because she can get a rich man. Divorce makes everyone involved happy, hahaha

  10. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Better this way as he is disgusting… If he’s getting other people pregnant that mean he’s not practicing safe sex and that also mean the chance of STD is high!!! Dumb him to the curb but take 1/2 his money!!!!

    Why they even bother to ask a 4th mistress to comment is ridiculous.

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