Alvin Chau Flies Back and Forth for Two Women

Alvin Chau (周焯華) is a busy man and it’s not only because he is a top figure in Macau’s billion-dollar casino junket system.

The man is also notable for his extramarital affair with model Mandy Lieu, with whom he has three children with. Alvin is still married to Heidi Chan (陳慧玲), an entrepreneur, and has two children with her: 16-year-old Virginia (周梓潼) and 4-year-old Damiana (周善潼).

Alvin is practically Stanley Ho (何鴻燊) in the making.

On May 30th, Alvin celebrated his 45th birthday with Damiana, who also shares the same birthday as him. Heidi decided to host a joint birthday party for the two of them, and on social media, Heidi openly showed her affection for two of the most important people in her life.

After Alvin’s extramarital affair with Mandy was exposed back in 2014, Heidi considered divorce. In 2016, she officially submitted divorce papers to court, but Alvin managed to win her trust again. Surprisingly, Alvin still maintains his relationship with Mandy, and had two more children with her after the birth of their first daughter in 2014.

On the early morning of June 7th, netizens spotted Alvin in the Hong Kong International Airport on his way to London, where Mandy and their three children are currently residing. It appears that Alvin is trying to evenly split his time between the two families.

Sources: QQ, Sinchew

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  1. Goodness what the heck is this? 2 women sharing the same d***? At least Heidi is the legitimate wife. Mandy on the other hand is just a spare that only produces offspring for him. What was she even thinking?

    1. @hayden mandy is the spare and the stupid one bearing 3 kids for him. Heidi is smart to hold on to her legal status as his wife. it must be very tough for her to tolerate having to share him with another woman.

    2. @hayden Being the legitimate wife doesn’t say anything about what that pervert Alvin will write in his will. At least, he will leave things for his children. That may not be said about the wife. There had been plenty of wives who got a very small amount in the wills. So, Mandy isnt that stupid. With three kids, they are bound to get many $$$ even if mandy herself gets nothing

      1. @dreamer So true!! That’s why all these women don’t even care for the respect from anyone or title as long as they have a meal ticket for life. Such a shame for this Mandy woman. I remember her from the Super trio show and she seemed so pretty and all and that’s the path she’s taking being the mistress of such an ugly rich dude. Jacqueline Wong can come out of hiding as there are tons more shameless woman like her. haha lol….

    1. @cutie777 I know right? I just remember the first one I read on JStars a while back. I think she is like that Taiwanese Pace Wu. I think she also popped out 3 kids and still unwed. I guess they will pop out some more until there’s ring to their finger.

      1. @wm2017 that’s why I was like since when she became a mom of 3 children? I’m like you I only remember she has one child with him when they first having an affair. For those who’s looking into digging gold I don’t think they mind rather they’re getting married or not as long the man has more gold for them to dig.

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