Insufficient Evidence Favors Levo Chan in Illegal Gambling Case

It has been more than a year since Ady An’s (安以軒) husband, Levo Chan (陳榮煉), was arrested and charged with running illegal gambling operations and money laundering. Charged with 83 counts of illegal activity and illegally profiting over 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, Levo faces up to 20 years in prison.

His company is connected to another casino figurehead, Alvin Chau (周焯華), who was arrested in 2021 for illegal gambling crimes and ultimately sentenced to 18 years in prison. Levo’s final court hearing will occur on March 8. Due to lack of substantive evidence and witnesses, it is speculated that Levo may be found not guilty.

During the search of Levo’s casinos, there was no evidence of illegal gambling found. Inspectors of the Gaming Supervision Bureau further substantiated that there is no solid evidence incriminating Levo of accepting overseas e-sports gambling bets or any illegal gambling operations.

However, it was suspected that Levo had done a thorough job of destroying any evidence, as the system had been cleaned out. In addition to cleaning out the list of his customers, Levo’s properties in Taiwan have also been transferred to Ady and the couple’s son.

Despite China’s tightening enforcement on Macau’s casino operations, Levo may be more lucky than Alvin Chau and will be spared prison time.

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Alvin Chau is Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison

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  1. I suggest if Levo is able to avoid jail time, Levo must have given China Gov something they want as a trade off. This is China, if they want to keep you in a cell, there is no need to explain to public… But if you can give them what they want, there may be a trade off.

    These money suckers really should be in prison for their crimes. I feel no sympathy for him.

    1. Yep, the A-list celebs and business tycoons lace the government’s corrupted pockets with so much money that when they are involved in criminal activity, they are not given any jail time, minimal jail time, or a slap on the wrist. Levo is a big shot, and his underworld protectors will protect him. Kris Wu had that kind of money to pay off whoever, but he was not a high roller in the evil society, and what he did was considered an embarrassment to China, the hypocrisy of it all, as the powers that be do the same thing themselves.

      1. Yes, Kris case is different…and he is really not powerful enough to buy his way out of jail…

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