Levo Chan Gets 14-Years Sentence for Illegal Gambling

After more than a year of investigations, Ady An’s (安以軒) husband and former CEO of Tak Chun Group Levo Chan (陳榮煉), has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for illegal gambling and money laundering

Levo was initially charged with 83 counts of criminal activities and illegally profiting over $1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars. In his first court appearance on December 5 of last year, Levo refused to answer any questions. On December 12th, Levo spoke up for the first time in court and denied all the charges against him.

In February of this year, the media reported that Levo may have his charges dropped over insufficient evidence. However, the court reversed its course on April 21st and found Levo guilty on 34 counts for illegal gambling, fraud, and criminal association to gambling syndicate.

According to Macau Media, the court found evidence of Levo’s illegal activities in Tak Chun Group’s computer. Of the 650,000 gambling records retained, 3,409 records were related to betting that resulted in an illegal profit of over $1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars. The court held that the records were not illegally obtained and were submitted as evidence.

Ady was reportedly not in court when Levo’s verdict was announced. Since Levo’s arrest, Ady had kept a low profile and rumors emerged that the couple was on the verge of a divorce. To date, Ady has yet to respond to the rumors.

Source:  World Journal

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Will she be waiting for him? I wonder…
    14yrs sentence, it is really not very long for his crimes…

    1. I wonder the same. 14 years isn’t too long, but with two kids to look after, it is a very, very long time.

      I was weirdly disappointed to know that Ady deleted her husband’s photos after he was arrested. Like she flaunted her marriage to the public’s face and now, when difficulties loom, she’s quick to dissociate herself.

      But after thinking about it some more, she does have 2 kids. She might not want her criminal husband’s influence to seep into their daily lives, so she needed to cut him off. I can understand that. But symbolically, it’s very sad.

      1. I read about how she deleted all photos of her husband from social media… I was thinking to myself, what a shame. But it will be interesting to see if she will wait for him till his released date…

        But the news that interest me most is his ability to transfer alot of his money to transfer Taiwan without being stopped. He was under investigation and being watched for long time before his arrest. it will be tough to transfer so much money away from Macau/HK.

      2. @Hohliu I know right! But I’m sure there are ways for them to launder money. He is in the business of working with money – shouldn’t be difficult to find contacts who will do the dirty work for him. There’s a great article on prorepublica I think that discusses how China/Mexico launder their money in the U.S. It was a great informative read

      3. @Coralie Oh!!! I love to read that. Will google and read.
        I found a good article in Forbes on the China/Mexico on money laundering and other crimes!

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