Levo Chan Denies Illegal Gambling Charges in Trial Hearing

Taiwanese star Ady An’s (安以軒) husband Levo Chan (陳榮煉) was arrested in February for illegal gambling operations. The former CEO of Tak Chun Group and Macau Legend, is currently on trial for 83 counts of criminal activities including illegal gambling, under-the-table betting, money laundering, fraud, and involvement with triads.

The trial started on December 5 at The Court of First Instance in Macau. Among the eight defendants, Levo was the only one who appeared in court. He remained mostly silent throughout the entire hearing, as he refused to answer any questions besides the ones confirming his identity.

In the second hearing at the court, Levo denied allegations that he was involved in under-the-table betting. Claiming to not have participated in the daily operations of the casino, Levo said he was completely unaware that such illegal activities were taking place.

When questioned by the judge as to his reasons in destroying certain files and data at Tak Chun Group, Levo explained that six major gambling companies had advised to end the contract and close down a casino business in December 2021. At that time, he was asked how to handle the data by the IT department staff. To ensure no staff leaks customer and partner information, Levo  believed it was best to have them burned.

Additionally, Levo also clarified a news report that there was a training document with the included phrase, “Gambling under the table is equivalent to tax evasion,” by claiming that he never saw it before or witnessed any colleague noting it down. He strongly emphasized that Tak Chun Group was never involved in any under-the-table betting.

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Why would he plea guilty? He was try to get away from as many crimes as he can… 83 counts is alot!! I dont think life imprisonment will be enough…

    1. I feel bad even committing one crime… to reach 83 crimes and many of those includes harming other people. Is his heart so black? I really feel people like them really should stay in jail to reflect on their soul..

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