Angelababy Willing to Undergo Medical Exam to Disprove Plastic Surgery Rumors

Angelababy (楊穎) insists that her beauty is all-natural and not the result of plastic surgery. The 25-year-old actress is suing a Mainland plastic surgery center, who claimed that Angelababy had gone under the knife. Angelababy is seeking an apology and 500,000 RMB for compensation.

Angelababy’s photos as a teenager frequently circulate on the Internet and generate debate over the disparity in her looks over the last decade. Bothered by the gossip, Angelababy shared photos of her parents when they were young, indicating that her good looks were genetically inherited. However, her recent appearance in Mainland variety show Running Man <奔跑吧, 兄弟> caused viewers to question if her “unnaturally pointy chin” was real or the product of plastic surgery. Angelababy’s manager, Kim, said the claims were defamatory and threatened to follow up with legal action.

Although Angelababy is known to be sensitive over plastic surgery claims, this did not stop a Mainland plastic surgery center from using her image on social networks to promote their business. Angelababy felt that the content was misleadingly portrayed as factual, which damaged her public image and reputation.

After contacting the plastic surgery center without success and unable to stop the spread of the rumors on social networks, Angelababy filed her case at Beijing’s Chaoyang Court. Angelababy is willing to undergo a medical examination at a court-appointed facility to prove that aside from an orthodontic treatment, she has not received plastic surgery on her chin or other parts of her face.


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  1. lmfao this idiot thinks she can hide the fact that she underwent plastic surgery. Unreal how idiotic she is haha

      1. you gotta be delusional to think she hasn’t gone under ANY form of surgery to enhance her looks. LOL

    1. Totally agree how idiotic and stupid can she be? She will never stop lying through her teeth will she? She can easily pay for fake medical exams which prove nothing. I wonder when one day when the doctors that performed PS on her will come out to prove that she has had major work done. That is when she will cry her eyes out since her bubble will be burst. Does she think the public is blind and stupid? She is not lying to anyone but herself.

      1. I guess she has probably gone to Korea to do PS. That’s why she not afraid of her PS being exposed by her PS surgeon.

      2. The thing is, I’m sure the doctor signed a confidential agreement and if he/she exposed her, she can easily sue him/her.

      1. No one is jealous of her artificial beauty but are just tired of her pathological lying.

      2. Agree with HTS.
        By the way, in the photo above I think she looks like Karena Ng!

  2. Oh please, with money you can get away with lots of things…including fake medical exam results…time will tell when she has kids.

  3. regardless she went under the knife or not.. she looks good now and we like to see people that look good on our tv! 0=)

  4. it’s so pathetic for her to keep trying to prove she didn’t get it…. it’s been such a long time already.

    1. ikr! this is old news, so why does she keep bringing up these ps rumours? what, to popularize herself with MORE scandals??

      1. well, apparently she doesn’t like being labeled as a plastic girl. i really doubt that she didn’t go under the knife just b/c she keeps on bringing this up and make it a seem like a big deal.

  5. Give it up Baby. What’s the big deal to just come clean about it? 99% of all celebs have had something done. You’re not special.

  6. What reputation is she protecting again? Let’s just hope she goes and does this “check-up” to prove that more people have worked on her face than it took to build the pyramids so that she can then get out of the news, she’s not newsworthy material.

  7. LOL i guess this woman has natural bone shifting magic, must learn some kind of ancient martial art to transform herself! No one is jealous here, no one said she is ugly.

  8. Stop lying, you idiot! Save your money and people’s time. China is well known for its corruption. She will probably bribe the doctors to fake her medical exam. No wonder if the result is her being natural beauty. We are not stupid.

  9. Haters are going to hate. If not plastic surgery then it will be something else.

  10. That chin’s way too pointy to be real. She and Karena probably share the same PS cos they look like twins in the above pic.

  11. How can you guys say something like that? How can you be sure that she’s lying? You were there when she did her operation? She told you herself that she did it? No? Then stop saying that she’s lying, because there are still some % that she’s telling the trust. People’s look changes, don’t you know about that? Your look might not have changed that much, but some other people’s look can change much more. Remember that she used to have braces? It can be the biggest reason to why her look changed so much. I feel sorry for her, cause what if she saying the trust? Everyone would have been so sad if someone think they are doing plastic surgery when they haven’t. I’m not saying that I’m 100% sure that she hasn’t, but I rather believe in her than believing in what other people think.

    1. If you honestly do not notice or can see the obvious changes on her face then you are either a big fan that is in denial or is just delusional.

      1. It’s almost endearing that you think that only surgery can change someone’s look drastically.

        If she just had junk injected into her then she is not lying. Just like Tavia Yeung.

  12. Hope she really went through with the medical examination and prove her words.

    I kinda half believe her after her manager said she as orthodontic treatment. orthodontic treatment can change the look of one’s mouth and jaw and thus changing the overall appearance of her face.

    1. @kidd
      Are u serious?.. Orthodontics only change your smile not the entire face. Her manager is moron and you believe her? I’m American and I had braces when I was younger, it makes me a nicer smile and straighten teeth that’s all.

      1. Just curious. What is the relevance of you being American on this topic?

      2. If your teeth are just uneven or something similarly minor, then braces will just give you a nicer smile. Angelababy had horrible protruding upper and lower front teeth that really affected her entire lower face area. I definitely believe that the orthodontics corrections changed her face radically. However, her chin really is quite pointy – not sure that can be attributed to either the orthodontics or weight loss. She has more (pronounced) cheekbones now than before, but that could be attributed to weight loss, I think. However, her eyes also seem very different, and I don’t know any natural way of changing that.

    2. Actually when I had braces it actually changed my whole face.. Into something uglier xD
      But it really does change your face sometimes

  13. who gives a flying crap if she went other the knife?
    if she wants to enhance her appearance, then let her be.
    i used to have a really round face and small eyes when i was a kid. i’m now 20 and my eyes gotten bigger and my chin is more pointy because i got braces and that altered my face. get over it.

    maybe she should actually just get her damn face checked up live on tv so there’s no lies or something

    1. Honestly,people do not give a crap that she went under the knife,but I think many are just annoyed that she first of all does not have the guts to admit it and continues to lie through her teeth. In addition to all that,she is nke threatening to sue others for saying she got plastic surgery and is now trying to get fake medical exams that mean nothing and that try to prove nothing. That is truly pathetic. If she has the guts to get plastic surgery then why not have the courage to admit it? If she is do ashamed of getting plastic surgery then why get it in the first place?

      1. im not annoyed that she denied it,i think its understandable that a star would deny such accusation. have you ever heard an actress admited they have done plastic surgery? maybe she is lying but she do nobody harm with her lie but only herself, if it is true.its her own more annoyed with ppl who accused other ppl for things they can not 100% proof the truth.

      2. @kolo
        Yes, Zheng Shuang. She admitted to plastic surgery when asked in an event, and people accepted her honesty and left her alone. Now that is courage and admirable.

      3. Yup Zheng Shuang did admit it as well as some Korean artists and people all moved on and left them alone. When you lie about anything, it will catch up to you and you will have to keep on making up lies to cover up all of the previous lies. When will she ever have the courage to admit it? Or will she wait until her face deforms or when she has kids? That is when the truth will uncover automatically.

    2. “who gives a flying crap if she went other the knife?”

      It’s her business but she’s a public figure so it’s everyone’s business lol. Everyone lies from time to time but Angelabebe is a compulsive liar. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      1. BTW, the surgeon did a very good job on her. Wait a few years, the plastic doesn’t grow old the same way as the skin does lol. It’s addictive, she might as well tattoo the surgeon’s number on her body lol. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    1. Mingly, wow this is her proof right here. Lmao she is making a fool out of herself trying to proof them wrong.

    2. Omg her chin looks freaken scary! She’s stupid to keep denying her obvious PS. She’ll probably get more respect by admitting to it rather than lying over and over again. If she’s natural, she won’t constantly get hit with PS news!

    3. Thanks for the links! That is proof right there! Oh my gosh,her chin looks like it will fall off soon…

    4. omg!Her chin looks like it was stuck on and is threatening to detach from her face!

    5. OMG!!! The chin looks scary. Looks like the PS is about to expire. Thanks for sharing!!!

    6. Lol watching the gif over and over again is really scaring the living hell out of me! She shouldn’t be putting too much pressure on that chin of hers, it looks like it’s going to fall off any time.

    7. Yes, her chin seem fake. I’ve never seen a chin bulging like that before. I think she got orthodontics, eyelid, and slimmed jaw/chin surgery.

    8. Hahaha, good find! That’s some scary UNNATURAL chin she got right there :0!!!

    9. Thank you for sharing. Lower part of her face look so unnatural.

  14. Fan bing bing did the same medical exam and doc said she is all natural. Haha. Just go to the my fair princess video with Vicki zhao and watch her there. U wouldn’t give two glances at here. Eyes were slanting upwards. Now she has the most beautiful eyes. Angela is trying to do the same by getting doc certification.

    The ps can’t expose her probably due to confidentiality. He can lose all his business and future.

    1. I remember FBB doing the same thing. But to me, I feel FBB still looks a like her old self. However,she has had minor enhancements as we can see. She is able to hide it better since her work is minor compared to Angelababy.

    2. totally agree with you wiht FBB lol she was pretty not good looking like she is now. and yeah, they could easily pay the doctor to have a medical fake report lol

  15. That’s why I can never watch Fan bing bing ever in any movies. Big liar. It’s ok to admit it and move on. People probably will appreciate the enchanted beauty. Now everyone just hates them due to lying not due to PS. Dumb bimbos.

  16. Lmao I saw a comment about orthodontics treatment that can change the appearance on a person’s face. The only thing this treatment can change a person’s face is giving her a nicer smile and straighten teeth. I agree with Kelly…her manager is a moron and some people actually believe in it. Lmao!!!

  17. I dont understand why she has to keep denying these claims. we’ve all seen the photos and know she went under the knife. if she wants to keep this hidden, she should shut her mouth and just ignore the comments and hate. it’s asia and pretty much that entire industry is created around fake beauty

    1. fake beauty isn’t limited to Asia. Venezuela is infamous for plastic surgery being the national obsession. And Hollywood is no exception. Renee Zellweger didn’t admit to plastic surgery for her entirely new face, but attributed it to a ‘healthy rest.’ LOL!

      1. Of course it is not limited to just Asia,but the big difference is America people are open and honest about it unlike in Asia where most lie so much that it becomes pathetic. I think Korea is the only country where they are starting to become more open and honest about it due to it being so prevalent.

  18. Her face is not the result of a one time fix, if you look at all her pics it’s actually a gradual process. She might not have put any plastic pieces in her face, but for sure she had some stuff nipped off (just look at her old lips they were huge…braces don’t make your lips shrink lol) AND for sure she had a whole lot of fillers or some sort of injections.

  19. Speaking of the results of plastic surgery, you guys should check out this page of a Vietnamese actress back in the days when she was pretty,but sadly her face is now ruined due to the numerous plastic surgeries and Botox that she has used. Her name is Tham Thuy Hang. I have always heard that her face is really messed up now due to PS and Botox so was curious about who she was. Therefore, I googled her out of curiously and got freaked out. Her face is so scary now.

    1. That’s so sad, she was such a beauty before she messed with her face.

    2. Sorry could not lpaste the address of the page on this iPad.

  20. I think the fact that she makes such a big deal of this makes her seem shady . I mean if she was really natural, why does she care what other people think… Instead she’s persistent about her being “natural” which shows that this is something she finds important which makes me personally find it easier to believe that she would be someone who gets plastic surgery and deny it later. I don’t care about natural or plastic beauty, but I don’t have any respect for hypocrites and liars.

  21. if she was a natural beauty, i can understand why she feels so indignant about the rumours. but it’s quite clear she has, and honestly, it’s not a big deal. the end result is stunning, and not everyone who has PS can achieve it. so it means she had good groundwork to begin. why both to even address these rumours? just do it the tavia way (thanks for the compliments!!) and it will eventually die down, or people get bored.

  22. Is her chin really that pointy? Am I the only that thinks it’s not that pointy ?? And btw I don’t think she’s that pretty either, especially without makeup.
    Well, I might need to get my eyes check as well.

  23. What difference would it make, point proven or not. Speculations still circulate and rumors continue to spread.

    What if she had surgery to enhanced her look? What is a big deal with these celebs insisting they are natural beauty. Natural or surgically enhanced, they won’t break or help her career or damaging to her reputation (in a bad socially unacceptable way) … unless she’s been accused of … let say born a male, surgery to become a woman, by all means fight it, but nose job, facelift, blah blah … some fries. Let it go.

  24. she can just use $$$ to buy doctor certificate to prove that she didn’t have plastic surgery haha

  25. To all you women out there, if you’ve ever put on makeup or wore high heels or used a padded bra, please stop hating on Baby. Plastic surgery is the same illusion used to fake out other hypocritical women and to entice men into doing stupid things like cheat on their wives or spend all their money on useless, expensive handbags…

  26. This girl has chin implant, breast implant and some other work to her face…her breasts are so fake!!

  27. Why denying? It is pretty obvious when looking at her before and after photos on the internet. She sure has something done to her face, chin implant, her lips are different, her jaw, her nose seems a little different from before and after photos. And I’m sure she’s also has. Breasts implant as well.

  28. I used to believe that people’s features couldn’t change drastically over a short period of time, barring the effects of puberty. However, over the course of my relatively short life, I have seen people’s features change drastically, some for the better (like Angelababy), over a matter of months. Furthermore, Angelababy has the benefit of make-up, which could make all the difference in the world. I understand why people may think she has has cosmetic surgery, but she has a right to be frustrated over slander if she really did not have any.

  29. Oh gee.. gotta stop putting this person in the news!!!!.. she’s lying through her teeth if she say she didn’t get PS!!!

  30. The only delusional people here are the ones who think that she’d waste money on this lawsuit and lie in court.

    She definitely didn’t have any ‘surgery’.

    Botox? Maybe. Non-permanent chin fillers? Definitely.

    PS: my uncle is a plastic surgeon.

  31. Also, she’d be better off if she actually went in have a chin surgery because fillers really ***** up your face.

    But then again she wouldn’t be able to claim she didn’t have any ‘surgeries’… which I believe… because she never denied having botox or fillers.

    Verdict: CHIN FILLERS!

  32. Her chin looks so incredibly unnatural. I’ve never seen any of my friends and family have that kind of look. Guess what, we all can’t afford the look.

  33. Seriously, real or fake one is none of anyone’s business. There is no need to answer to anyone at all. If don’t like, just go away.. Stop being a pest.

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