Angelababy Shows Off Parents’ Photos to Counter Plastic Rumors

Comparing old photos of Angelababy’s early modeling days with her current self, remarkable differences are apparent. Although regarded by many as the most successful plastic surgery celebrity in the Chinese entertainment industry, Angelababy often denied that she had any surgical procedures done.

Her old photos, which show Angelababy having thick lips, uneven teeth, and bloated cheeks, are widely circulated online, and netizens often compare her before and after photos.

Angelababy plastic surgery

Angelababy and fiancé Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) are reportedly tying the knot later this year, and recent reports speculate that Angelababy may already be pregnant with Xiaoming’s child. Angelababy turned down a few film projects and adjusted her work schedule to accommodate her current situation. Due to these changes, discussion about Angelababy’s plastic surgery rumors returned once again, gaining momentum on many online discussion boards.

The 25-year-old seemed to be bothered by the new gossip. A few days earlier, Angelababy shared some past and current photos of her parents, implying that she genetically inherited her goods looks.

Netizens praised Angelababy’s good-looking parents, including comments such as “Definitely fine genes! So it turns out that dad and mom were also god and goddess!” Another wrote, “Seeing your looks, I believe that you didn’t get plastic surgery.”

A Current Photo of Angelababy’s Parents

Angelababy parents 4


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  1. For every ugly picture of her looking drastically different there are ten of her online looking pretty much the same. so you guys are really jumping to conclusions here. Except for her goddamn evolving chin. Girl, get yourself a decent chin job or stop with those ugly ass fillers. Her chin has been looking more normal lately so my guess is it’ll be pointier soon when she goes for touch ups.

    1. Wow, I see nose job, eye job, chin job, jaw maybe. Nothing extensive. Even if fillers, still plastic surgery. Or botox for that matter.

      1. I doubt she did anything on her features. They look the samefrom when she was 14:

        But she fillered up her chin for sure. And of course it’s still cosmetical enhancement like chemical peeling and laser treatment s, no doubt about that. However, she is not really lying either if she claims that she haven’t had ‘surgery’ which is technically true. Just a loop hole though. She did change her looks. Just not as drastic as you made it out to be. Don’t forget, make up do wonders to your eyes and nose.


        someone posted the link earlier that I thought worth mentioning

        She doesn’t even look that much different, really. She was so adorable as a toddler….just look at that face when she was a kid. I have seen some people who had done PS and they looked sooo much different when comparing the kid photo to adult photo. I know people change when they grow up, but at least it wasn’t like an unrealistic 360 degree change.

        I’d say she only had fillers and some enhancement done (like her teeth for example).

      3. “Don’t forget, make up do wonders to your eyes and nose.”

        Agreed, for eyes but not sure about nose (not much Miss Piggy can do about her nose with makeup). haha 🙂

      4. no her makeup-less eyes look exactly the same as they used to. i don’t see anything different with her nose. I think she only did chin fillers

      5. My comment did not refer to anyone except Miss Piggy (not AB).

      6. With the magic of photo shop these days, it may be possible that the “before” photos were photoshopped to make her “before” and “after” photos more alike so as to debunk the PS rumors.

  2. To be fair to her, good and bad make-up can also go a long way. Most of us can look like a hobo one day and a model the next with proper contouring and make-up. Add some years to cause difference in weight and skin care…and most of us can look entirely different.

    1. That’s true! Check out promise phan on YouTube. She’s crazily good not like some other youtubers

    2. agree,look at liza wang with and without make-up,almost two different face.

      1. Liza is in her 60s so that makes sense,however,it is that way for younger people too so of course it would be that way for someone like Liza’s age.

      2. there are pictures of angelababy without makeup and circle lenses and her eyes doesn’t look that big (still big but like the same as her old pictures) so i don’t think she did her eyes

  3. I was always convinced she did her chin because it looks so pointy sometimes like in the above picture. But now sometimes it looks rounder so it’s probably indeed fillers. I don’t think she did other things tho she looks like her mother especially the small nose and big eyes.

    1. Good point, you can’t do a ‘pig nose’ like that after a nose job! That’s just impossible

    2. I do not think she had a major nose job but she did have some nose enhancements and other minor things done to her nose for sure,

      1. Agree! I think she has those fillers or whatever and they worn off.. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure the picture up there was like from three years ago.
        Jaynestars always use that particular one when discussing about angelababy’s ps.

      2. what is different about her nose exactly? even in her ‘ugly’ pictures it looks the same to me actually but perhaps that’s just me. i think she has chin fillers also that’s way obvious

  4. Its really nothing wrong having plastic srugery AB. As long as you feel happier after the post result. But what really make things worse is .. You denied having it. I have seen some blogger proudly admitted that they had PS done on their face and they even shows pictures of their before and after.

  5. Her father in the first pic and the second pic is the same if you observe both pics carefully. It is her mother that doesn’t look the same in the first pic and the second pic. Maybe the second one is her stepmum?

    Her father doesn’t look eurasian. He looks more like Indian + Chinese but more to chinese appearance.

    1. By the way, since the first pic is in black and white, it is hard to tell whether he is chinese or of mixed race. But he looks a bit like an indian or a sikh to me.

    2. Angelababy’s dad is half German….I just did a search on the internet.

  6. The before photo of the girl, she is ugly, even though she has the Caucasian mixed in her and big mouth. The after PS photo, she looks better.

    1. The big and portruding mouth can easily be caused by braces because her lips before braces looks totally different. It happened to me when I had braces… I felt so ugly in my early teens because of them T_T

      1. emma
        That is the stupidiest thing I ever heard. I used to wear braces and my mouth was big. She was burn with a big mouth okay. Trust me, she has your lips done to help her smiles look prettier, since she has big mouth.

      2. emma
        correcting grammers. I meant to say I used to wear braces and my mouth wasn’t big.

    2. @Sarah:

      Someone posted this before:

      Judge for yourself. As I’ve said, my overbite + braces made MY mouth/lips huge, I can only speak from my experience. Maybe your case wasn’t as severe as mine, that’s possible you know.

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