Benjamin Yuen Denies He Has a Girlfriend

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Unlike many newcomers, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) did not attempt to leave a good impression on the media. When asked to smile and pose for a photograph, the 32-year-old insisted that he preferred posing with a stern look. When the photographers asked him to look like a “big guy,” Benjamin ignored the request and posed freely on his own.

Benjamin has a strong character. Born with the looks of a fighter, he rarely smiles or laughs while at work. Interested in a singing career, Benjamin signed up for TVB’s singing competition Star’s Legend <星夢傳奇>, but although his deep voice has attracted a few listeners, he was ultimately eliminated from the show. Nonetheless, the TVB star did manage to earn some fame – going overseas to earn some stage money should be no problem.

It was a miserable feeling for Benjamin when the Star’s Legend judges criticized his performance, but good medicine tastes bitter. He assured, “The judges were putting money in my pockets. I will definitely make the changes and improve. After, I’ll find the opportunity to perform again.”

Benjamin understands that the program is for entertainment purposes and participants must put down his ego and pride in order to humbly accept criticism. Benjamin lost once when he was eliminated from the Mr. Hong Kong finals in 2007, but a simple “resurrection” segment ultimately brought Benjamin his Mr. Hong Kong crown.

Indeed, the Mr. Hong Kong winner has been through several life-threatening experiences before. Benjamin has a large scar on his back, which was a token of childhood rowdiness – he crashed onto a glass door, and a piece of glass stabbed into the right side of his spine. “My family really thought that if I didn’t die from that, I’ll definitely be paralyzed. But luckily, none of that happened.” After that incident, his family changed all glass doors in the house to plastic doors.

When it comes to the entertainment industry, some of these crashes cannot be avoided. Benjamin, who turned 32 years old in May, is still struggling to climb to the top. But Benjamin expressed that he has no fear of being late – just a fear of women slowing him down and undermining his future.

Caught on a shopping date with a mysterious woman, Benjamin was also rumored to be getting married next year. Benjamin immediately shook his head, “I never said I was in a relationship!” Asked if he would have to notify his girlfriend beforehand about his passionate kissing scenes with Joey Meng (萬綺雯) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, Benjamin said, “If I do, then she isn’t the right one for me.”

When recalling his first kissing scene with Joey, Benjamin expressed that he was not very familiar with Joey at the time and it was awkward. “I thought I was nervous, but she was shaking more than me.”

Benjamin also expressed that he wishes to open his own production studio, admitting that he does not wish to act forever. In his free time, Benjamin likes to spend time with the production and gain insight on behind-the-scenes work.


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12 comments to Benjamin Yuen Denies He Has a Girlfriend

  1. Jaci says:

    “Asked if he would have to notify his girlfriend beforehand…Benjamin said, “If I do, then she isn’t the right one for me.”

    Wow… Isn’t it respectful to tell your other half beforehand if you need to film intimate scenes..
    Filming those scenes are unavoidable, but I’m pretty sure the person would prefer to be notified by their gf/bf, rather than by media and others…

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    • Hope replied:

      Nope…I’ve got to agree with Benjamin Yuen here. Shooting intimate scenes is all part of the job. There should be no need to explain this to significant others. If a partner is so insecure that they need to be told about such things beforehand, then that partner should probably look for a new gf/bf who is not in entertainment. It’s all about trust.

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      • M1RACLE replied:

        I agree.

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      • hg replied:

        i totally agree with you Hope!!!!!

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      • Jaci replied:

        I agree, a relationship should be built trust and it’s precisely that that two people can be open to each other about what’s happening in their lives. If the two are communicating on a regular basis, I’m sure the topic of ‘what’s your next scene about’ or ‘ how’s the filming going’ will come up, and naturally if the actor/actress has an intimate scene they’ll be cool about it and tell the other person.

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    • 939393 replied:

      I agree with you, Jaci. For a relationship to work, trust is important, but respect is important as well. For a businessman, travelling overseas is “all part of the job” but I’m sure they notify their other half before the leave the country. Doesn’t matter if kissing scenes are just for acting, it’s still an action of affection and love. I think that Benjamin should notify his other half prior to filming these scenes outof respect and love, especially if she is not from the entertainment industry.

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      • hg replied:

        93939L: then u either dont trust ur partner or you are very insecure LOL
        it’s part of work….

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      • 939393 replied:

        As I said in my comment, trust and respect goes hand in hand.

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    • yuaida replied:

      Only need to share with other half if he kissed Joey and got hard and horny afterwards………..otherwise, keep it to himself.

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  2. sel_fi_wu says:

    my mom watch change of heart and complain that benjamin has only one same expression on his face no matter whether he’s angry, sad, turned on, happy, in love, afraid and so on. sounds funny. mu mom also said he speaks with one same tone of deep voice in every situation.

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  3. sel_fi_wu says:

    benjamin singing is boring and not good. He wasted his deep voice! maybe he should go and learn some singing skills!

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  4. abc says:

    doesn’t sound like he will respect the person he is in a relationship with, he is just stubborn and self-absorbed.

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