Benjamin Yuen Was Extremely Nervous When Proposing to Bowie Cheung

A few days ago, TVB actor Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) announced that he and his girlfriend of three years, Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) are engaged. Benjamin had actually proposed to Bowie one year prior, while the couple were vacationing at Niagara Falls in September 2019.

“I was very nervous,” said Ben, when asked about how he felt during the proposal. “My mind was blank. That morning, I wanted to go for a run and take in the local scenery. I was also very jet lagged. Bowie wanted to come with me, and then I thought, let’s just do it now!”

Ben was planning for the proposal for an entire week. He originally wanted to propose to Bowie in the afternoon, when they were in front of the falls, but he decided that doing it first thing in the morning would be much less stressful. “There weren’t many people around. It was nice and peaceful.”

Bowie cried when Ben kneeled down. Ben said he cried too. “Once you realize that you’re going to step into the next stage in your life, you get really nervous!”

Although it took him a week to plan the proposal, Ben’s decision to propose at Niagara Falls came somewhat spontaneously. “I thought, why not? It would be the perfect excuse for me to do it. Life is really fascinating. Once you think about it, you get the urge to complete.”

Ben shared that he almost exposed his secret proposal idea when passing through customs. “I was randomly selected to get my luggage checked. The officers really looked through everything in my luggage. They stopped searching when they saw my guitar, and realized I was there for work. It was pretty terrifying.”


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  1. I saw the proposal video on her Instagram and it was awkward. During the stretching, out of nowhere he popped the question. Look like she wanted to take the ring, but couldn’t until he finishes his speech. I see comments saying he is lucky because she is a rich and pretty girl, but I find her average looking. And Ben gives a vibe of a fboy.

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