Chantel Yiu Breaks Up with Boyfriend

Billed as “Nation’s First Love”,16-year-old Stars Academy <聲夢> alumnus Chantel Yiu (姚焯菲) has broken with her rumored boyfriend!

Stunning viewers with the song Love Prediction <戀愛預告> on the singing reality show in 2021, Chantel left an impression with her powerful vocals and sweet, goody-two-shoes image.

Claiming that she has no dating experience, the singer was later exposed to be romantically entangled with a boy named Marcus Kwok, with their intimate photos and a romantic video allegedly leaked. Knowing sources said the two would often head out as a couple, wearing matching couple brackets, and would visit Disneyland together. As one of the photos showed a one-year anniversary celebration, it is believed that they have been secretly dating for as long.

Underground Dating for 1 Year

As the intimate photos and video footage set tongues wagging and provoked avid netizen discussions, TVB took action by issuing a notice stating that the romantic videos online constituted slander. Protective of her daughter, Chantel’s father, Raman You (姚輝文) quickly secured a court injunction at the high courts to prevent further disclosure of the videos. It is understood that he serves as the Chief Financial Officer of an investment firm; with the injunction, he successfully prevented the rumors from spreading further.

According to her friends, Chantel was back in Hong Kong earlier, and took the opportunity to visit her favorite Disneyland, where she coincidentally bumped into Marcus. Spotting him with another girl, she was devastated, and captured by paparazzi looking forlorn in Tsim Sha Tsui, but later cheered up when she spotted her MV being played.

Source: Eastweek

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