Chantel Yiu Flies to New Zealand After Video Controversy

Following a controversy of intimate video and photos allegedly featuring her and her boyfriend surfacing online, 15-year-old artiste Chantel Yiu (姚焯菲) called off her commercial appearance on July 2, and has flown to New Zealand for a vacation with her family.

Rumored to be Furthering Studies in Australia

Around 6pm evening, the popular Stars Academy <聲夢傳奇> alumnus arrived at the airport with her parents and younger sister and they were seen checking in at Cathay Pacific Airline counters. Donning a grey athleisure suit, Chantel appeared to be in good spirits as she played on her phone as though practising a dance routine with her fingers. She had revealed on social media to fans that it was her first trip overseas in three years.

Although she told reporters that the company prohibited her from doing interviews, she replied that she was in an okay mood, and nodded to acknowledge that her New Zealand trip was a vacation break. Chantel muttered a long-draw-out sigh when asked if she would also be checking out schools in Australia on the trip, where it was rumored that she would be furthering her studies.

While waiting during the check-in process, Chantel posed for photos smilingly with her father, since she noticed that most of the shops were closed at that hour. Asked if she had anything to say to her fans “dumbos” (named after the animated film classic), she replied, “Huge thanks for all your continuous support all this while, we can meet up again after I’m back from New Zealand”.

Chantel’s father has since filed for a civil lawsuit in the Hong Kong high court regarding the matter. TVB also revealed this in an official statement made on its corporate website, which stated it would not make further comment as legal proceedings have been initiated. 

Source: HK01

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  1. She can pretty much kiss her entertainment career good-bye…………A 15 year old with an intimate video surfacing online, and now she’s running off?………….And with her old man filing some sort of lawsuit?………..All the signs of admitting to being in the vid clips, and not the image any entertainment company would want to promote…………..Even for a company as low as TVB………….LOL!

    1. Please do your research before commenting. She’s not “running off.” This was a planned summer vacation with her family, which she has mentioned before the “scandal.” Her career is fine, she just released a new song.

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