Charmaine Sheh Suffers Tragic Fate in “Marry into the Purple”

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Since ending her management contract with TVB, Charmaine Sheh has appeared in one high-profile mainland Chinese project after another.  In the upcoming, Marry to the Purple <嫁入豪門>, Charmaine portrays a tragic character who experiences one turmoil after another after marrying into a wealthy family.

Taiwan’s well-known talented producer, Yang Manli (楊曼麗) spent two years to create Marry into the Purple. Other cast members include Benny Qin (錢泳辰),  Jiang Zuping (江祖平), Lu Yulin (陸昱霖), Kent Tong (湯鎮業) and Yu Xiaofan (俞小凡). With the characters well-fleshed, viewers will be able to identify with their emotional struggles and their moral conflicts. The producer has high hopes that the drama will become the next big tear jerker drama of the  year.


The story takes place in the mid 1920s, in a town controlled by the powerful warlord, Cao Zhen Fang. The Xu family who ran a successful soy sauce business is set up to fail by the ruthless warlord, pushing the family into poverty.

To fullfill a marriage promise to the Xu family, adopted daughter, Shen Yingxiu (Charmaine Sheh), decides to take her elder sister Ying Di’s (Jiang Zuping), place to marry Xu’s only son, Jia Jun. The exposure of Yingxiu’s real identity leads to her father-in-law’s subsequent death due to shock from the deception. Yingxiu’s husband, Jiajun, is shattered by his father’s death and runs away from home. He later joins an army led by Xiaojiu to attack the Cao army for revenge.

Meanwhile, Yingxiu is left behind to deal with the Xu household’s financial problems and a difficult mother-in-law. Furthermore, she and her mother-in-law are held hostage as retaliation to Jiajun’s attack on Cao’s army. In order to protect her mother-in-law, she suffers severe abuse and insults.

Yingdi marries Cao’s son and briefly enjoys the luxurious lifestyle of the warlord family.

Charmaine Plays the Wealthy Version of “Lau Sam Ho”

Charmaine is the most suitable actress to portray tragic character, Yingxiu, which resembles her classic role of Lau Sam Ho in TVB drama, Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計>. Her  character has a very kind heart however she experiences much  turmoil and distress, as her fate is forever altered after marriage.

Charmaine revealed that this is the most tragic character she has ever portrayed. During the 50 days of filming, she spent almost 40 of those days crying.  As for playing the wealthy version of Lau Sam Ho, Charmaine said she has some pressure to play a sad character who fights so hard to win over her own destiny. However, she has confidence that the audience will enjoy her performance in the drama.


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18 comments to Charmaine Sheh Suffers Tragic Fate in “Marry into the Purple”

  1. Funn Lim says:

    I look forward to this. The costumes are lovely although strange.

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    • Little fishy replied:

      Erh, 40 days of crying… Sounds like its just going to be another of those cry talk cry talk, the outlook not so good -.- I don’t think I will be into it -.- also it sound somewhat familiar to other drama, so seem not that interesting (like dance of passion is great, the one where charmaine was a chef)
      Anyway, not much into it

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      • star replied:

        Reminds me of Nicky Wu’s 新白发魔女. I like DOP too. It was sad and hard on the characters (which always makes it hard for me to watch through it), but I like the story.

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      • Little fishy replied:

        Uhm, I don’t mind sad but I think I do mind draggy and soaking wet lol xD I haven’t manage to like charmaine series lately, n the pace of mainland series is quite painful, don’t think I like seeing 40+ constantly, and did you say white hair maiden series? I’m only guessing as I can’t read Chinese lol. Only watch the ending episode, and the cg was bad, and I lol how such a simple scene of the lady holding a baby had to cg into the room >_>

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  2. Lee says:

    Charmaine looks pretty; I’ll be on the lookout for this series.

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  3. cchiki says:

    a rich Lau Sam Ho? ehhh… i don’t like mary sue characters… O_o

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  4. elin says:

    looking forwrd ths

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  5. Daisy says:

    Not on my to watch list seems like a depressing show since Charmaine has to cry that many times. If it ends with a happy ending I might change my mind.

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  6. lingling says:

    i like the sypnosis. not sure about the male lead since he looked too boyish next to Charmaine. Nevertheless, I’m excited about her new series.

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  7. Kidd says:

    Lau Sam Ho is not tragic. Lady Luck was always shining on her. Everyone rush up to help and protect her whenever she faces problem and she was always saved at the nick of time. Nope, not tragic at all.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      Maybe if no lady luck she would have been tragic? I mean her parents died, she is constantly being framed for something, the man she loves goes missing and then forgets about her, she has a child out of wedlock, her best friend turns out to be a nutcase… pretty tragic.

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      • Soggi replied:

        So, in that story Sam Ho is rarely tragic when she have ppl around her helping her. She find a solution out of her scenario.

        Honestly I don’t even know if we are even watching the same show.

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      • lingling replied:

        I agree with Kidd that LSamHo’s character is not tragic at all. Sure there were lots of turmoil surrounding her, but she never truly suffered a great loss. Well, maybe her parents, but her loss is no greater than those maids she grew up with. The King, the Empress Dowager, and almost anyone in high power loved her and went of their way to protect her. The man she loved, loved her. And no, she didn’t have child out of wedlock. They were married with both parents as witness and theirs blessings. And at the end of the day, she got to leave the forbidden city and reunited with her man.

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  8. P. Tan says:

    A melodrama for sure but Charmaine cries very naturally and the storyline may be good, so, worthwhile a try to watch the series.

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  9. Magic says:

    Charmaine is a very good and beautiful crier in my opinion. Her crying is also quite natural so the crying scenes won’t be a problem. The storyline does seem quite interesting, as well.

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  10. Terminator says:

    These may be “high profile” projects due to their PR machination; but they sure look like duds in ratings.

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  11. Hannahh says:

    hmm interesting. Any1 know where i can watch mainland drama with eng sub? i usually have to wait for it to be dub in canto.

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  12. E says:

    hm…I never really sees Charmaine Sheh to act in a sad stories before, will be on the look out for this drama 🙂 Hope I don’t forget, so much drama to watch lately ^^

    But, wow, the costumes and the setting is like modern looking costumes, big budget there. I hope her acting improve more, and can break my heart if she cry that much.

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