Coffee Lam and Joey Law’s Intimacy Exposed With Kissing Photos

Coffee Lam’s (林芊妤) notoriety shot up after her public restroom sex scandal with rich heir Will Lam (林知譽) occurred last week. Coffee’s past love life was also exposed, when copies of her kissing photos with TVB actor Joey Law (羅天宇) surfaced.  Asked how these photos leaked out, Coffee said she was betrayed by a friend.

Joey and Coffee on set of 2009’s Love Kickoff <南華夢飛翔>. The two reportedly dated for a few years and later broke up on peaceful terms. Speaking of her current relationship with Joey, Coffee revealed, “We still contact each other and are just like siblings! I have a great relationship with his mother and I call her ‘mother’ too.” When Joey’s mother was asked to comment on Coffee, she expressed, “She is a great girl!”

While Joey and Coffee were dating, the couple loved to take photos together in Joey’s small apartment. Besides the kissing photos, there were also private photos of Joey sleeping and eating on a couch. Another photo showed Coffee wearing Joey’s shorts, depicting the close lifestyle they shared.

Not a Publicity Stunt

From one of the photos, it could clearly be seen that Coffee held the camera. Suspected to have released the photos herself as a publicity stunt, Coffee said, “I’m not that type of person. My friend shared the photos. I’d rather have no news at all. Plus, I’m terrible with computers. In 2009, I just started using an iPhone and don’t know how to back up my photos. One of my friends did everything for me, and now I’m betrayed! My friend thought it was fun and gave the photos to the reporters.”

According to tabloids, Coffee was never single after joining the entertainment industry. Right after breaking up with Joey, she dated former TVB artiste, Dan Poon (潘宗揚), who is now a veterinarian in mainland China. Although reports claim she and Dan never officially broke up, Coffee clarified they already did so half a year ago.

Coffee Lam: “I Never Knew Will is a Rich Heir!”

Popular among many male admirers, Coffee was caught having a tryst with rich heir Will Lam at a mall public restroom. Will is currently working in Hangzhou to avoid the Hong Kong press. Coffee revealed they are still in touch, and that she never knew Will is a rich heir. “We met through friends, and I didn’t even know his Chinese name at first. He told me he has to attend meetings every day, and I never asked him anything further. Even if I knew he is rich, I wouldn’t use him to promote myself. We are still in contact right now, and he is a very caring person.” Coffee added she would not think about dating Will until the incident fades.


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  1. From reading the articles about her, Coffee sounds like a naive brainless bimbo.

    1. i don’t think she qualifies a a bimbo…just brainless….

    2. Many successful people have admitted to making many terrible blunders including the oracle of omaha. She may not be brainy but to me she certainly behaved like a highly sexed young thing and a perfectly normal human being. The one who knows her said she is a great girl. We are all different and have all lived through embarassing moments and blunders; let the clever few throw the stones.

  2. Coffee Lam: “I Never Knew Will is a Rich Heir!”

    Can’t really blame her on this one.

    Consider the fact that they had to use a public toilet for their “gathering”, one would thought he probably was unemployed and homeless.

    1. She didn’t know him we’ll enough to learn he was rich, but she was willing to be with him in a public restroom. She’s either very stupid or she’s doing all of this for publicity.

    2. Yup, can’t blame her on this one, the one before, the one after or another one. It’s not her fault, it’s never her fault. 😀 LOL!

  3. You guys can go read coffee’s facebook postings and judge for yourself whether she’s bimbo or victim.

    1. link to her facebook please 😀 or what did she post on her fb? o_ov

  4. She is the type of girl who craves for attention…emotionally starved…

  5. Did she say she didn’t know his last name during the time of the incident? And she slept with him? Wow.

    1. technically a “gathering” in a public bathroom, so she never “slept” with him before (since he’s too cheap to even get a hotel room).

  6. LOL so BS. Whether the guy is rich or not is the #1 priority that these type of girls look for.

  7. I think Coffee should really lay low after all these things lol

    1. I also agree. I think this is a publicity stunt or either she craves attention. She didn’t have time to go see ms lok but have time to do this and other interviews? What a weirdo. Plus, I thought she said she dated will for six months? Yet she didn’t know his name…

  8. Is she the one in Ultimate Addiction with Oscar Leung?

  9. WTF??? I haven’t been to this site for two weeks, and then I came back here today, and there is still this coffee’s news?

  10. Either she’s a bimbo or she’s just playing dumb.

  11. WTF???? i don’t even know who is these two people from tvb anyways i just don’t really about them both they’re not even famous at all and not even popular! ! ! ~_~

    1. dpn’t really know about them both from tvb i meant
      and plus i’ve seen them in some f the tv films of tvb~_0

  12. she reminds me of a friend…not completely unaware, but still clueless and naive.

  13. Joey looks like a girl lol. Guess that’s how he looks offscreen without any makeup? Prolly needs a more masculine haircut.

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