Joey Law on Working With Venus Wong

In The Line Watchers<把關者們>,Venus Wong (王敏奕) portrays an aloof and serious customs inspector. Her character sets extremely high standards for herself and others. Off screen, Venus is just as professional and does not take advantage of her status as Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) daughter-in-law. Putting in her best efforts, she does not even use a stunt double for action scenes.

Recently, TVB released a clip of Venus filming a scene where she is kidnapped and hit and held down in a water barrel. Venus watched the stunt coordinators demonstrate the stunts attentively before acting out her fighting scenes with full force blocking wooden planks.

While Venus is a hardworking actress, her co-star Joey Law (羅天宇) pointed out her weakness in a humorous clip on social media, where he commented, “As professional actors, we all do our homework before coming to work. But I can definitely tell everyone that Venus’ biggest problem in her acting career is that she can’t hold her laughter.”

The pair were filming a car scene, and Venus burst out laughing multiple times during her lines. Joey elaborated, “We were filming a highway scene where we were chasing a criminal, but the car drove into the tunnel. We couldn’t film anymore, and we had to change the script. So we decided to practice and film ourselves on a phone first. It doesn’t take much to make Venus laugh. I’ve worked with her on three different dramas and once you make her laugh, she can’t stop! Her character is the opposite and is supposed to be very serious, so she’s having a hard time holding it in.”


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  1. now you see her smile (Venus). the whole show she acted cool to the extend it became irritating to watch! You see her in the show you’ll lose your appetite! I’m serious!

    1. That’s like… what her character is supposed to do. It’s called character development. Her character is slowly coming out of the cold, stone-hearted shell.

      I like her as an actor. She was great in Murder Diary, she’s great in this series too. Very pretty, can act, I don’t mind watching more of her in the future.

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